A Little News

 Well, friends…

Maiden South isn’t the only thing around here expanding!

baby announcement | oysters and pearls

You can read that as our little family or my waistline… either works. ;)

Wheat and I (along with all of our family and friends) are so very, very excited that we are expecting baby Kirbo to arrive in May!   Coincidentally on our 4th anniversary.

celebrate the little things, hand knit baby booties | oysters and pearls

I am already giddy and knitting in anticipation, which has thus far included these adorable (and quick!) knit baby booties. I’ll share the pattern for them soon – it’s a simple, quick knit that is oh-so-much fun.  This pair actually is meant for my sweet friend Maggie’s (at the time, future) baby Owen – who is potentially being born this very day!! – but not before I used them for these pictures.  I picked up this antique baby chair months ago while junking for fixtures for our Maiden South Expansion (our grand (re)opening and one year anniversary party is Friday – eeeep!), and the mini “Celebrate the Little Things” bunting is from Maiden South, too.   When I bought such a cute little chair, I had no idea I would be using it so soon for such a happy announcement!

baby kirbo | oysters and pearls

 I am grateful for this space in which to share this happy news and all that will come along with it with our family and friends (which includes all of you!).  Thank you to everyone for all the well wishes – this baby is already very loved.

More to come!  But for now, I’m spending as much time as possible simply counting my blessings and giving thanks for so much joy in my life right now.  My cup runneth over and over and over again.

Until Next Time - oysters and pearls

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