BBQ Chicken Salad

Today’s post is a short and sweet one, folks!

This is a post that I’ve been saving for a rainy day.  Or a sunny one.  But I threw this BBQ chicken salad together with a chicken that Wheat smoked a couple weeks ago, and it was absolutely delicious.

Smoked Chicken Chicken Salad Recipe | Oysters & Pearls

BBQ Chicken Salad Recipe


– 1 whole smoked chicken, meat picked from bones (can substitute a rotisserie chicken)
– enough mayo to get things moving
– 2 or 3 stalks celery, chopped
– 1 carrot, chopped finely
– 2 tablespoons or so whole grain mustard
– 2 tablespoons or so of Ole Ray’s Blackberry Wine BBQ and Cooking Sauce
– salt and pepper to taste


Mix everything together and taste as you go, adjusting measurements as necessary.  Refrigerate for at least two hours prior to serving to allow flavors to marry.

Ole Ray's Blackberry Wine Barbeque & Cooking Sauce | Oysters & Pearls

If you’ve never had Ole Ray’s Blackberry Wine BBQ and Cooking Sauce, you are missing out, my friends.  This stuff is the jam on BBQ (obvi), ribs, burgers, sausage, eggs, sandwiches, as a meat marinade, and as an addition to chicken salad.  Bainbridge locals can purchase it at Jones’ Meats in Climax; everyone else can find it on Amazon.  My family officially purchases it by the gallon now.

Smoked Chicken Salad | Oysters & Pearls

I like to eat this chunky BBQ chicken salad with a fork, on a sandwich, or with some carrot and celery sticks to feel a little lighter.  It’s totally different than my favorite Spring Break Chicken Salad (which I’m getting a hankering for now that it’s warming up), but a nice, smoky change indeed.

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