Blue Chair Bay Winner & Life Along The Apalachicola River

Winner winner, chicken dinner!  Actually, just rum.  No chicken.  Or dinner.  Unless you’re on a liquid diet!

Jim McClellan, you won! 

Please email me your address and phone number and Blue Chair Bay will ship you a bottle of rum!

I am so happy that Jim won this giveaway because he definitely deserves a celebratory drink. His brand new book, Life Along The Apalachicola River, just hit shelves!  You can order it on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, pick it up at Blountstown Drugs, or soon, at Maiden South!

Life Along The Apalachicola River is based on the short stories and memories that Jim shares on his blog, Outdoors Down South.  Jim is a fantastic writer, and truly captures what it means to be from the Northwest Florida Panhandle (also known as “Lower Alabama” to some and “home” to me).  Take a moment to read through his blog and perhaps order his book.  I know that it will be a good read (and a great Christmas present!).

Jim McClellan's Life Along The Apalachicola River | Oysters & Pearls

Congratulations, Jim!!  And thanks for being one of my most loyal readers!

 Until Next Time

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One thought on “Blue Chair Bay Winner & Life Along The Apalachicola River

  1. Jim McClellan

    Woohoo!! (Happy dancing around the desk; coworkers asking for transfers!)

    Thank you so much for the rum and especially the shout out for the book. If people enjoy it half as much as they do Oysters & Pearls, I’ll be very pleased.

    Thank you again, Natalie!!


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