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Pearls of Wisdom: the Grace of Providence

I ran across this little pearl of wisdom while perusing some of my favorite blogs (that I used to have time to read all the time) over the weekend.  As I was catching up on Tammy at Wing and a Prayer Farm‘s lamb and goat shearing, and lambing, and exciting farm news (one day I WILL HAVE GOATS AND LAMBS AND CHICKENS), I stopped in my tracks at this poetic gem in the midst of the farm news, and I knew that I just had to share it.

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“…the grace of providence, how much more beautiful life is when you’re open to working with the blowing wind instead of being consumed with how to build a shelter against it.”
– Tammy, Wing and a Prayer Farm

Isn’t that the truth?  I’m reminded every. single. day. that God instructs us to pray for our daily bread.  Not to be be consumed with collecting enough bread to stockpile for days ahead, but to trust Him to provide for us each and every day.  And I’m reminded so often that when we do trust him, when we work with the blowing wind, and only worry about our daily bread, we are gifted the most divine solutions to our problems, and everything always works out as it should.  As I get ready to embark on the greatest adventure of all time in a couple of weeks, this is a prayer I intend to repeat daily and a sentiment I’ll keep close to my heart.

“Then the LORD said to Moses, ‘Look, I’m going to rain down food from heaven for you. Each day the people can go out and pick up as much food as they need for that day. I will test them in this to see whether or not they will follow my instructions.’”Exodus 16:4 (NLT)

2 weeks until Baby Kirbo’s arrival! Unless he or she decides to make an appearance sooner. :)

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Weekend Update

I have to say, I don’t have all that much of an update for this weekend. I do want to share some pictures from my baby “luncheon” at work last week. It was amazing! Even though it wasn’t on a weekend. :) There were bunnies galore and we dined on Barbaritos. What wasn’t to love? 

Anddddd I forgot to take my glasses off my head. #pregnancybrain I’m so grateful to have such an amazing group of co-workers who are so kind and generous and excited about this little babe!

As for the actual weekend, it was pretty low key, for the most part.  Lots of work on Friday, dinner with good friends Friday night, and a busy Saturday at Maiden South on Saturday!

We had a HUGE sale as part of the Downtown Bainbridge Sidewalk Sale (except we put our sale next door in our Crafty Class room).  And the good news is… It ain’t over! I won’t be there, but all the sale items remaining will be back out this coming Saturday, too! Some insanely good deals here, peeps. Get a jump on Mother’s Day or treat yo self. Just sayin’. 

I won’t be there because this next weekend, baby K is getting showered with love yet again – this time hostessed by my good girlfriends from high school, Sarah and Jessica, and their sweet Mama (the originator of the best chicken salad ever that I posted about way back when)! I cannot WAIT! 

The rest of the weekend I knitted a wee bit, gardened a wee bit (replaced pansies with summer and full-sun friendly dianthus and lantana, plus a couple of impatiens), did some laundry, hung a couple pictures, and more mundane things of the domestic/nesting persuasion. I have to brag on Wheat though – he hung shelves in the baby’s closet this weekend AND cooked all our meals. He is becoming quite the grill master on his new grill and this girl is NOT complaining!

The shelves aren’t fancy, but neither were the other wire ones that came with the place. ;) And the fabric bins (of which I need a few more) are yet another Dollar General score. This is true life – closet edition right here. It’s a whole lot less cute than the nursery itself! But I was really excited about the shelves.

I will have to get Wheat to share the recipe for these chicken thighs – they were amazing! I do know that he seared them in a Hugh Jass cast iron skillet right on the grill, and then carmelized the onions and lemons in there with them. DELICIOUS. The veggies were leftovers that he grilled Saturday evening. Can’t go wrong with grilled squash. 


The only other excitement in my weekend was that my brother-in-law delivered my baby cradle today! My parents had it made for me when I was a baby, then of course my sister slept in it, then my niece Elah slept in it, and now our baby will get to sleep in it too. It’s now in our bedroom and awaiting the UPS man to deliver a new mattress. Until then, I’m obsessed with this sweet cotton blanket with woodland critters woven into it that a dear co-worker sent us. It’s precious – thank you so much Cindy! 

That’s about all the excitement I can handle at the moment, folks. The countdown is truly on… Just 2.5 weeks or so until we meet baby Kirbo! 


Weekend Update

It’s hard to believe that this weekend marked one month to go until our due date! It was almost the busiest week that ever was, and still was a pretty crazy week.

Monday night we had Knit Night at Maiden South, as we do the first Monday of every month. If you’re a knitter or crocheter, be sure to join us! Although the first Monday of May is TBD. ;)


Tuesday, as I’ve already written about, I went to see Liz Gilbert speak in Tallahassee, which was amazing.

Thursday night we had a hand lettering #CraftyClass at the shop, and class nights are always really fun! And I think the ladies who took Kristen’s class enjoyed it too. :)

I worked at the shop the rest of the weekend while my girl Gracie celebrated her birthday in Tennessee. It was maybe the most beautiful weekend imaginable in Bainbridge! Andddddd of course I have a couple of 35 week bump date pictures to share.

Crazy town, I tell ya. I’m really lucky to still feel really great even though the weeks and days until we meet this little babe are dwindling! I think staying active and busy has really helped with that. That, and good genes. (Thanks, Mama!)

Saturday after I closed up shop, we met a big group of friends in Tallahassee for the Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires concert at Cascades Park. It was SUCH a good show! Not to mention the most gorgeous afternoon for an outdoor concert.


And because it’s my favorite, I “filmed” the entirety of Jason and Amanda singing/playing Cover Me Up.  Enjoy.

In my downtime this weekend, I also wrapped up some baby knitting projects, but maybe I’ll save those for a separate post since there’s a few. The best part about baby knits is that they are such quick projects! I finished three this weekend – including one I started on Friday afternoon!  I even managed to sneak in a little knitting at the shop.

Sunday was Masters Sunday, and we celebrated by relaxing as much as possible. We were pretty bummed that we had tickets for Friday but just couldn’t swing it (being super pregnant + hours on my feet walking on hills = no bueno, plus aforementioned busy week). We slept in and I never left our house, which was so much needed after such a crazy week. A couple friends had dropped off a surprise package of [non-alcoholic] beer and some Masters koozies for me earlier in the week (they went in our stead last year when Wheat broke his neck and got these for me then), and I enjoyed a “beer” and a la Croix on the patio with my vintage Masters visor on while Wheat smoked a brisket on the Big Green Egg. It was pretty amazing.


Things should slow down a wee bit the next 3 weeks or so (relatively) before this babe arrives, and for that I’m grateful. But not too much – there’s still so much to still look forward to! I have a baby luncheon (I’m told the guys in the office didn’t like calling it a shower!) at work this week that I’m really excited about, and a baby shower thrown by a couple of my best friends from high school and their sweet Mom in a couple weekends that is going to be amazing and wonderful.  Such exciting times and such a grateful heart over here!