DIY Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

Happy Good Friday!!

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I hope everyone has wonderful plans for this Easter weekend.  This is our first Easter with a niece!  I’m pretty excited about that. :)  I also love this phone background from the She Reads Truth Lent Study.  Feel free to snag it!  And check out to join in.

Easter was my Grannie Peacock’s favorite holiday.  I think.  She really liked a lot of holidays.  She just plain liked parties, I think. :) She always had a birthday party for my Grandpa on St. Patrick’s Day (it really was his birthday), and not long after, she hosted Easter for our entire huge, crazy family.  Some of my fondest memories EVER are of eating breakfast at her house and then spending the day hunting for Easter eggs.  Consequently, Easter is probably my very favorite holiday.  As an adult, it now signifies a lot more than just hunting eggs (ahem, see above), but it still is the official start to spring for me.  Also, bunnies are my favorite, too.

Each year, I treat myself to something from Williams Sonoma’s Easter entertaining collection, even though no one comes to our house for Easter.  (One day!)  Got to build my collection somehow, right?  Side note: I’m still kicking myself for not treating myself to the bunny cake stand last year. Anyway, this year, while perusing Walmart’s Easter section for kicks, I made a fateful discovery: dyeable, ping pong ball-like Easter eggs that you can decorate and keep forever!  They were 97 cents for a dozen possibilities, so naturally I grabbed four dozen.

DIY Golden Eggs - Oysters & Pearls

As one does, I decided to paint them gold.  I had seen and loved this extremely complicated DIY tutorial via Pinterest before – and let’s be honest, they’re gorgeous, but that’s just a Pinterest-fail waiting to happen – and y’all… this gal ain’t got time for gold leaf.  So, I just used Liquid Gold (also purchased at Walmart; this Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding is the same thing) and a cheap paint brush to create this dough bowl full of impressionistic gilded goodness.  I painted a couple of the eggs solid gold, and the rest I just dabbed gold on here and there for an artsy look that wasn’t too gaudy.

You could also dye these eggs like regular eggs, THEN paint gold brush strokes over them.  Or paint designs!  Or stencil your kid’s cameo on in gold!  Or write your Easter guests’ names on them and use them as place cards/favors!  OR WHATEVER OTHER IDEAS YOU CAN DREAM UP!

And as if those possibilities weren’t overwhelming enough, THEY ALSO COME IN CHALKBOARD FLAVOR.

Just FYI: I can’t find them on! :(

DIY Gold Reusable Easter Eggs | Oysters & Pearls

I’m afraid I don’t have a table full of place settings just waiting for a family decked in Easter finery to sit down to pastel plates full of deviled eggs to show you.  I have a super simple centerpiece that brightens my days leading up to Easter without a lot of bright colors.  I plan to enjoy them for years to come, too!  Maybe when I build up that collection (and a family to sit around it) I’ll have more to show you.

DIY Gold Reusable Easter Eggs | Oysters & Pearls

But until then, it’ll do, pig.  It’ll do.

 (Babe the Pig reference anyone?)

Until Next Time

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