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DIY Wooden Gold Monogram | Oysters & Pearls

Yesterday I showed you my DIY wood monogram on our console table.  Here’s a refresher:

Christmas Console Table with DIY Monogram Canvas | Oysters & Pearls

I just love how it turned out!

For starters, I ordered an unfinished 8 inch monogram from TheLaserShop on Etsy.  However, it doesn’t look like that Etsy shop exists anymore, so here’s the only other 8″ unfinished wooden monogram I could find on Etsy, from AlphabetBoutique123.

I purchased the cream colored burlap from Wal-mart for under $3.00 for an entire yard (I had plenty of leftovers, too).

Here’s all the other stuff I used:

DIY Monogram Canvas Supplies | Oysters & Pearls – Elmer’s Glue-All
– Scissors
– Regular Stapler
– 12×16″ canvas panel (purchased at Wal-mart)
– half a yard of burlap, doubled over
– 8″ unfinished wood monogram
– liquid gold leaf

Step One: Paint the wooden monogram.  I gold leafed it using liquid gold leaf and an artist’s paint brush from Wal-mart.  It’s perfectly shiny and gorgeous and I want to gold leaf all the things in my house.  All of them!

Once it’s dry, proceed.

Double the burlap to prevent it from being see-through.  Lay the fabric flat on the floor, then lay the canvas face down on top.  Begin by stapling one side of the fabric to the back of the canvas using a regular ole office stapler.

Stapling Cream Burlap to a Canvas for DIY Monogram Display | Oysters & Pearls Stapling Burlap to a Flat Canvas for DIY Monogram Display | Oysters & Pearls

Do the opposite side next so that you can pull the fabric tight across the canvas.  Then to the remaining two sides, being sure to pull them taut, as well.

Using Elmer’s Glue-All (which I recommend for projects big and small), go over the back of the wooden monogram with it, making sure not to put it on so heavily that it would squeeze out from underneath so as to be visible.

Use Elmer's Glue All to Attach Wooden Monogram to Burlap Covered Canvas | Oysters & Pearls

Using your eye balls to center it (or if you’re like, professional, get out a measuring tape or whatever), stick that sucker on your canvas!

Using Elmer's Glue-All to Attach Wooden Monogram to Burlap Covered Canvas | Oysters & Pearls

To ensure that the wood really stuck, I laid the entire thing flat and left it overnight with a heavy book on top.

How to Make a DIY Gold Wooden Monogram Canvas to Display on an Easel | Oysters & Pearls

On a related note, that’s a lovely and most wonderful coffee table book: Chicks with Guns (<– affiliate link!).  As evidenced by my Thanksgiving Quail Hunt post, I am indeed a chick with a gun, and this is one of my favorites.

After a night of weighting (I am soooo punny), it’s complete!  Place it in an easel and admire it from up close and from afar.

Console Table, Christmas 2013 | Oysters & Pearls

I love seeing it’s shiny happy letters when I walk in the front door!  It would also be pretty on a larger canvas and framed and hung on the wall.  I’ve slacked on my projects for a while now, so I was glad to get this one done.  Hopefully I will finish a few others on my list here before too long.  Have you done any fab DIY projects lately?

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  1. Windy Taylor

    I am so relieved! I thought you were going to start with, “So you take a sheet of plywood and a jigsaw….” which is a little TOO advanced for me. Thanks for keeping it simple! The project looks great!

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