Flint River Rats

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (which I hope you do!) you probably already know that Wheat and I spent some time on the beautiful Flint River this weekend with some good friends.  It’s like if we force ourselves into swimsuits and a boat, the warm weather is sure to follow… right?  I am getting a little better about taking my little point and shoot camera out and about with me, so I thought I’d share some shots from the weekend with you.  Hope y’all had as good of a time as we did!

Flint River springs

Checking out the entrance to a spring on the river… see the difference between the river water and the spring water?

Banks on the Flint

Banks, our fearless Captain.  You can purchase these official River Rat Oakleys at his store, Southern Trading Company… ;)Wheat on the FlintWheat on the Flint.

Josh on the River

Josh on the Flint… if you’re into wakeboarding/wake surfing?/basically all outdoor sports, Josh is really social media savvy.  He took a video with Vine Saturday, and here’s his Twitter, and Instagram.  He’d probably love it if you followed his adventures.IMG_5543

Beautiful spring on the Flint.Captain Banks on the Flint

Rocks in the Flint

Flint River

Flint River Boat Basin

And that’s a wrap for Saturday afternoon, which was GORGEOUS.  We tried to go again on Sunday, but it was NOT gorgeous.  Cold, windy, and wet!  The boys did get some fishing in before the rain ran us in.  Rest assured, no fish were harmed in the making of this blog post. ;)


Wheat Fishing

Banks Fishing

IMG_5575Wheat and I made some homemade salsa… that I didn’t get a picture of before it basically disappeared.  Recipe: one bunch of cilantro, one small white onion, two jalepenos (but it could have used more), two large homegrown tomatoes, salt and pepper, and lemon juice (ours was from my grandmother’s Meyer lemon tree) to get things juicy.  Dice them all up as small or as large as you’d like and mix together.  It’s so fresh and tasty!

That’s pretty much it on the homefront for the weekend, but I did have time (after we got run off the river by the rain) to bake up a batch of AMAZING strawberry cupcakes… that recipe is coming at you tomorrow!  Happy Monday, y’all!


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