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Tailgate supplies are packed, cake is baked, dips are mixed, and game day attire is ready to go.  I can’t wait to be in Gainesville!

I thought for today, since I’m all cooked out, I’d share some things I’m loving lately.

Seche Base and Top Coat and Essie’s “Carry On”

Essie Carry On & Seche Vite | Oysters & Pearls

My friend Courtney told me I absolutely had to get this top coat, and that it was life changing.  I scoffed, but I ordered some on Amazon anyway.  IT IS LIFE CHANGING.

I paint my nails like a kindergartener, and usually end up with polish all over my fingers and smudged nails.  The worst is when you try to paint them before bed, think they’re dry, then wake up to some lovely sheet marks all over them. #firstworldprobz

I also tend to be really hard on my nails, and between all the cooking and projects and gardening, my nails usually just tend to stay plain Jane, unless I decide to rock the chippy look.

Seche vite top coat dries almost instantly, and is thick and glossy and looks like you just stepped out of the salon.  It makes any polish you have look like a professional gel coat.  And it makes your polish last for a week or so!  Like Courtney said, life changing.

Also, Carry On is my new favorite nail color.  The perfect emo-ish oxblood for Fall.

Walmart Fall Table Runner and Homegrown Pomegranates

Walmart Fall Table Runner & Homegrown Pomegranates | Oysters & Pearls

I know it’s nothing real special, but I picked this little table runner up at Wally World last week, and it’s the perfect touch of Fall decor on our dining room table.  I like that it’s not a full runner, so it doesn’t get in the way, but makes the wood bowl full of fruit and veggies so much prettier.  Wheat’s aunt Marlene gave us those poms, and they are delicious!  We had some on a spinach salad last night for supper, I like them in yogurt and on toast with almond butter, and Wheat likes to eat them by the handful.  Yum.  I couldn’t find the runner on, but when I was looking for it, I was shocked at all the table linens they had!  I don’t like to spend a fortune on something you eat off of, but I do like to have them.  Walmart really does have a great selection!  Walmart didn’t sponsor this at all.  I just have nowhere else to shop here in Bainbridge!

St. Germain + White Wine

St. Germain & Antique Decanters | Oysters & Pearls

St. Germain is a French liqueur made from Elder flowers.  It’s light and syrupy sweet and   I honestly am not sure what you would do with St. Germain alone, but it makes for some really delicious cocktails.  I like to add it to a glass of bubbly, or a glass of white wine (especially sauvignon blanc).  It makes you feel real fancy.  Especially when you sit it next to your antique decanters you got from your Grandmother.

Here’s a whole bunch of ideas for St. Germain cocktails.  Go forth and booze.  Like a boss.  A classy boss.

Pinkies out, y’all.

The Local Palate Magazine

Palate Magazine | Oysters & Pearls

A month or so ago my friend Rachel tagged me in a photo on Instagram.  That photo was of the latest issue of The Local Palate, telling me how this was right up my alley.  The cover was about hot sauce.  So there’s that obvious reason.  But I am loving this magazine lately for so many more reasons.  Local.  Southern.  Food. Beer.  Hot Sauce.  Travel.  Did I mention food?

Like I have time to read magazines.  Ha.

More Fall Decorations

Fall Cotton & Burlap Wreath | Oysters & Pearls

I have one large grapevine wreath that I just repurpose every season.  I have the burlap ribbon tucked in on the back, and where the bow is I more recently had yellow and white fake peonies.  For Fall, I tied a burlap bow on it and tucked some cotton from Wheat’s family’s farm (where my pumpkin patch is) into the other side.  Perfectly Southern and simple.  Can you tell I’m ready for Fall???

Danny Wuerffel as Mr. Two Bits

Danny Wuerffel

Northwest Florida (NoWeFla?) hometown hero, Danny Wuerffel, is playing Mr. Two Bits this weekend.  The one game this season I will be in Gainesville.  Coincidence?  I think not.

You see, Mr. Wuerffel was my elementary school crush.  You heard me.  I even made my parents let me hang a picture of him on our fridge.  I mean, between his Heisman trophy and boyish good looks, how could I resist?

My claim to fame when I got to college in Gainesville (when Facebook had first come out) is that in my “interests,” I listed Danny Wuerffel.  And what do you know?  Danny himself friended me on Facebook wayyyyy back when.  I had to immediately tell my Grandfather, Poppie.  It was big news round these parts.

So howwww weird is it that he chose the Tennessee game to be Mr. Two Bits?  I’ll let you be the judge of what’s really going on here.

(Sorry Wheat.)

Sparkly Gator Gear

J.Crew Gator Necklace & Vintage Kenneth Jay Lane Gator Brooch | Oysters & Pearls

And finally, I cannot wait to break out my Gator jewelry this weekend!  I snagged the little rhinestone Gator necklace at J.Crew last year, and I wear him year round.  The funky Gator is a vintage Kenneth Jay Lane brooch my sister gave me a few years ago.  I love him!  Can’t wait to be decked out in orange and blue and sparkly Gators.

Jorts not included.

Happy Game Day, and in the words of Corinne Brown, GO GATA!

And if you don’t get it, {click here}.


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  1. Rachel

    I thoughtless the only one that wakes up with sheet marks on a fresh manicure! I’ll def need to try these polishes! Also, that st Germaine bottle is gorgeous! Buying that this weekend! LOVE this post!

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