Heartwood Forge Giveaway

I have exciting news… Will over at Heartwood Forge is giving away one of his gorgeous knives!

Small Batch Petty Knife Giveaway from Heartwood Forge | Oysters & Pearls

This beautiful 5.5 inch small batch petty knife with a walnut handle is up for grabs for one lucky, lucky winner.  If you aren’t familiar with Heartwood Forge, please click over to this post I wrote in my Southern Makers Series: Heartwood Forge for his whole story.

Heartwood Forge Knife Giveaway | Oysters & Pearls Heartwood Forge Knife Giveaway | Oysters & Pearls Heartwood Forge Knife Giveaway | Oysters & Pearls Will hand crafts each knife from reclaimed steel and salvaged wood in his workshop just north of Athens, Georgia.  They are high quality works of functional art, made by a fantastic guy.  I’m proud to say that Will is a good friend, and I stand behind these knives 100%.  (And so does he!) With proper care, a Heartwood Forge knife will last a lifetime and then some.

As an aside: anyone notice that Southern Restoration Furniture cutting board? ;)

Heartwood Forge Knife Giveaway | Oysters & Pearls

The best part is, a Heartwood Forge knife only gets better with age – unlike so many consumer goods these days.  Will’s attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship mean that although this knife was made from discarded materials, it will out-work and out-last the other knives in your drawers.  This is as important to Will as it is to me.  Buy once – use forever.

Small Batch Petty Knife Giveaway from Heartwood Forge | Oysters & Pearls

So in the spirit of summer and all the garden-fresh veggies to be chopped, Will is giving away one of these beauties!!

And in the spirit of our appreciation of high-quality handmade goods and turning reclaimed materials into the sharpest (I love a good pun) knives around, I want to know:

How do you reduce/reuse/recycle?

It can be as simple as the fact that you compost your veggie scraps, but we would love to hear your most creative ideas!  For one entry in the giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling us one way you reduce/reuse/recycle. Will and I hope that this will turn into a plethora of ideas for everyone to learn from.  And one of you will get a free knife!

hwf giveaway 4

Official Rules: 

To enter, look up Heartwood Forge on Instagram and repost the official giveaway image.  Don’t forget to use the hashtag #HWFgiveaway and tag @heartwoodforge!  Please be sure to turn your posts to public by July 1st in order for your entry to be counted.
For a second chance to win, like the
Heartwood Forge Facebook page and share the Giveaway photo. You can earn an extra entry by commenting on the Oysters & Pearls Heartwood Forge Giveaway post.
Winner will be randomly selected on July 1st.

Until Next Time

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40 thoughts on “Heartwood Forge Giveaway

    1. oystersandpearls Post author

      Yes they are! To be counted as an entry, please comment again and tell us one way you reduce/reuse/recycle – the more creative the better! Thanks for reading!

  1. stephen

    W. Manning has been a family friend for years. I bought a knife from hime last year for my father in law’s 65th birthday. the knife holds a pristine quality with versatile functionality. simply incredible craftsmanship. Pumped to see you guys advertising his work.


    1. oystersandpearls Post author

      Will is such a great guy, and his knives are equally as awesome. I’m glad to have gotten to know him and I’m so glad to be able to help share his work! Thank you so much for stopping by to share your thoughts, Stephen!

  2. Katie

    We compost. We made our compost bin out of recycled palettes. We also use rain barrels to water our gardens. We grow a supplementary garden of veggies, and herbs. We also plant flowers to help the bees! We have a thermostat control on our house that adjust our temperatures based on use, so we aren’t blasting our ac unnecessarily. Each member of the fam has a nalgene bottle to use so we don’t have to use disposable water bottles.

    These knives are so beautiful!!

  3. Melissa Angel

    I found out about Oysters and Pearls from Anhaica Bag Works. I found out about Heartwood Forge from Oysters and Pearls. Love it.

    Aside from actually recycling, I try to not let any food go to waste. If a veggie is turning, I make a sauce out of it, or a soup. Might not taste as good as fresh veggie sauce or soup, but it’s one way I can make sure a farmers hard work isn’t going to waste. And all veggies deserve to be enjoyed.

  4. Cathy Stevens

    We recycle at school, home, and church. We recycle aluminum, glass, 1s & 2s, and paper. And printer cartridges. And batteries. Trying to take care of the earth God has given us.

    And the knife there looks like one that would be a keepsake – and one to be treasured and used in our kitchen.

  5. Helen

    What a beautiful knife. I certainly need a good one! We do the recycling thing by taking stuff to the bins. Not much else. I should be doing more! Thanks for reminding us!! Helen

  6. Lauren

    I recycle by throwing stuff in the bins, and I try to reuse my juice pulp from the juicer to make veggies crackers. I’d love to do more so definitely looking forward to reading the ideas!

  7. Matt Stevens

    I’ve been an admirer of Will’s knives for the past year. So glad to find this site and see this on here!

  8. robyn

    Stephen Shingler introduced me to these beautiful knives! Would love to be able to treat my man to one!

  9. Jess D.

    I love this style of giveaway! Personally, I practice green cleaning techniques, commute by bicycle, and buy my veggies at my neighborhood urban farm. Professionally, I work for a farm to table restaurant and am part owner of a business that only uses recycled materials.

    I really love your coverage of southern makers! The South doesn’t get enough credit for its style.

    1. oystersandpearls Post author

      Jess! Thank you so much. I agree – not enough coverage of those doing awesome things around these parts. Shoot me an email sometime! ;) I so wish I could commute by bicycle, too. But thank you for all the green things you do! And for reading. :)

  10. Mike

    I dream about owning on wif these beauties. At the restaurant I work at, we have a plot in a community garden. I built the compost buns from recycled ht pallets and we compost all of our non usable vegetable waste as well as a few other things. We save all of our wax boxes and give them to an urban farm in Chicago to haul their harves to restaurants. . I also use the styrofoam boxes I get my fish in for fishing coolers. They’ll keep trout and beer cold.

  11. Cody Cook

    Yes, plz! I will use the knives to help recycle scraps and excess products to create new and exciting menu items while cutting doen food costs!

  12. Todd

    My wife and I have a few knives from Will and they are absolutely beautiful, balanced and exceptionally crafted. Most importantly they are made of recycled saw mill blades and reclaimed timber. The reduce/reuse/recycle principal is one that we use in our home from basic paper/plastic recycle to the paper products made from recycled pulp that we use. To reduce our impact on mass consumption we are members of a farm share in our community for organically raised and harvested veggies and meats. That’s just a scratch of the surface concerning ways in which we reduce/reuse/recycle and we always look for more that we can do. Will’s work is a prime example of this principal and we are extremely happy to promote and possess a few of his works.

  13. Cecelia Bailey

    I’ve only recently begun to collect professional grade knives and other kitchen tools to “up” my cooking game. This would be an awesome addition to my culinary collection. BTW- LOVE your website and look forward to posts on FB. : )

  14. Will Manning

    Hey everyone! This giveaway has been a learning experience for me. Unexpectedly, there’s a been an awesome turn out and I am personally touched by the support you all are showing Heartwood Forge! Keep the comments coming and be sure to check out the rest of Oysters & Pearls! If you haven’t yet, take the time to snoop around on this website. Natalie does a great job in ever aspect of her life and this website is NO exception.

  15. Charity

    We save our plastic grocery bags and donate them to the local food bank. They reuse them with their customers. We also recycle our cans and bottles. I save the tabs from soda cans and donate them to Hands On Thomas County. They give them to the Ronald McDonald House. Just a few little ways, but I’m enjoying reading all the comments of other ways. Also love the knives. I drool over them each time you picture one!

  16. Matt

    These knives look amazing. I just got one for my wife for our 11th anniversary (steel is the traditional gift). Now I’m worried she won’t let me use it so I’ll need one for myself! We have a place in Pittsburgh called Construction Junction that salvages wood/steel, etc. from old factories and schools that we have turned into some pretty neat furniture. A favorite is Reclaimed Things that does similar work. At home we compost, recycle everything from glass, plastic and paper to rainwater.

    1. oystersandpearls Post author

      Matt, that’s awesome! And what a great gift. I could get down with steel being the traditional gift every year! :) Thanks for sharing how you reduce/reuse/recycle. Good luck!

  17. Matt Propst

    I’ve only recently come across heartwood forge blades and am completely blown away by the quality and amazing style of Will’s work. It’s time to start saving up for a new quality knife!

  18. Asher Kuny

    A few months ago I asked Will for some advice on getting started in knife making and his response encouraged me to take the leap and get into developing a new skill that I love. That is what makes someone a true master of their craft.

  19. Sarah woodcock

    Me and my roommate started composting recently! We never even have to put out trash to the street except once a month now because we are barely creating any trash that is not compost able or recyclable :)


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