Hello, Whole30

Hi friends!  After a bit of radio silence, I’m back.  As you’ve probably noticed from my posts in 2015, I’ve been working hard since January 1 to get fit, healthy, and happy.  I’m proud to say that for the first time in my adult life, I’ve actually stuck with an exercise routine.  I have lost a little weight, and (thanks to lots of walking and yoga) I’ve gained a lot of strength, flexibility, and self-confidence.  However, I still have a few pounds left that I’ve never, ever been able to lose.  I’ve been “apple-shaped” since I can remember, and unfortunately, this is the most dangerous type of body shape because belly fat is the most dangerous and unhealthy type of fat.   So, on top of wanting to lose that stubborn last 10 pounds or so, I also want to be the healthiest person I can possibly be… so I’ve decided to kickstart that process by doing the Whole30 program during the month of June.

For those of you who don’t feel like clicking over and reading about it, basically the Whole30 can be summarized as this: for 30 days, you give up added sugar, alcohol, gluten, legumes, dairy, and processed foods.

When I’ve told those around me what I (and Wheat!) are doing, they say, “Well then, what can you eat?”

So I decided I would blog about the entire Whole30 month and what we are eating.  Please chime in down in the comments section with any tips and tricks for us!

We actually started a few days early… so here’s a lunch from last Thursday: a perfect hard boiled egg, shaved cucumber and carrot salad topped with habanero honey vinegar (from Smashing Olive in Tallahassee) and olive oil, and freshly cut up pineapple.  To make the shaved salad, I just use my OXO Y Peeler to shave the cukes and carrots into ribbons.

Whole30 Lunch Ideas: Oysters & Pearls

And here’s what we ate May 31st… or as I’m now calling it, Day Zero: Breakfast was leftover steak from the night before, with leftover potatoes roasted with coconut oil, salt & pepper, and scrambled eggs.  And hot sauce!  Gloriously, Crystal hot sauce is approved during the Whole30.

For lunch, we had another shaved carrot and cucumber salad, topped with heirloom tomato I picked up from Mountain Shadow Farm at the Bainbridge Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning, along with blueberry balsamic vinegar (from Smashing Olive) and basil olive oil, s&p, plus a side of avocado egg salad (which I made by mixing a Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie pack with one chopped hard boiled egg and a little pepper). And a lime La Croix.  Delicious!

Whole30 Lunch Ideas: Oysters & Pearls

For snacks, we purchased so. many. eggs. for boiling.  We also purchased some natural raisins, Luna bars, apples, Naked Juice, plus some raw almonds and cashews that we mixed with some dried cherries Wheat’s aunt Lillian brought us a couple weeks ago for some homemade, Whole30 trail mix. It’s so good!

Whole30 Snack Ideas: Oysters & Pearls

For dinner on Day Zero, we had fresh summer squash noodles I made with my new spiralizer (aka SQUOODLES!!!!).  To cook, I heated a couple tablespoons of ghee in a pan with a teaspoon of chopped pickled garlic.  When it was hot, I added the squoodles, a handful of halved juliet tomatoes (also from Mountain Shadow Farm via the Bainbridge Farmers’ Market). and a few spoonfuls of pickled capers.  Side note: are capers Whole30 compliant?!?! Cook until “noodles” are somewhat soft and the tomatoes are blistered. I added some torn basil leaves from my herb garden just before tossing and serving.  While I was doing this, Wheat grilled some chicken tenders I seasoned with dried basil, s&p, and we topped the squoodles with that.  We loved this meal!


 The Spiralizeris my new BFF.  I ordered this iPerfect Kitchen Envy Spiral Slicer on Amazon, but I’m sure they’re all about the same.  The only thing I’ve discovered is that your veggies have to be big enough to actually spiralize, but not so big they won’t fit in the opening.  I.e. skinny carrots don’t work.

On to Day One.  For breakfast I scrambled an egg in the microwave to save time and dishes.  Luckily, my mom taught me that easy trick at a very early age!  Just crack an egg or two into a glass measuring cup, add some salt & pepper, and a dash of some sort of fat (I used to use milk… this morning it was a 1/2 teaspoon of ghee) and whisk with a fork.  Microwave for a few seconds, until it starts to fluff up, take it out, whisk it with a fork again, and microwave for a few seconds again.  I added some leftover sauteed mushrooms from dinner two nights ago halfway through, and had some fresh strawberries on the side.


I failed to mention I’ve been adding coconut oil to my coffee for the past week and a half or so.  It adds fat, so the mouthfeel is a lot like having cream in your coffee, but there are all sorts of reported benefits I’ve read about you’ll gain when adding it.  I actually really like it this way now and don’t think I’ll be going back to my old splash of milk when this is over… but we’ll see.

Lunch today was deli turkey with a swipe of Wholly Guacamole and three strips of orange and yellow bell peppers rolled up, with more shaved cucumber and carrot salad, which is hidden below the mountain of heirloom tomato from (yet again) Mountain Shadow Farm.  So good.

We are traveling most of the week this week, so I won’t lie – going forward, this is going to be difficult.  We are going to do our very best by packing lots of snacks and being mindful at restaurants… But we are also going to give ourselves a little grace. 

My thoughts on Whole30 so far:

The healthiest I’ve ever been in my entire life was my senior year of high school.  I was walking 6.5 miles every day and working at a health food store after school.  I was eating constantly, but only drinking tons of water and eating all of the new-to-me healthy, gluten-free, vegan-ish foods I was being introduced to at the health food store.  I went to college weighing a whopping 114 pounds, which is the lightest I have ever been and ever will be.  I say all this not to brag (because I went to college right after this and promptly destroyed all my healthy habits for the next 4 to 6 years!) but to say that that’s what I feel like now.  I love that you can eat all you want while doing Whole30, as long as it is compliant.  It basically forces you to break your addictions to dairy, sugar, and gluten, while breaking your reliance on processed foods.  You’re never hungry or starving yourself.  It’s definitely not something I think that we will do perfectly over the next month.  I’m not going to get super obsessive about it – if I order grilled nuggets at Chick Fil A, that’s a win in my book – I’m not going to question the oil they were cooked in!  But I think it will be a good way to get my butt back in the kitchen prepping and cooking really healthy meals while simultaneously breaking my addiction to gluten and dairy (and Wheat’s to sugar) and helping us lose some weight.

If you have thoughts, tips, tricks, or questions on Whole30, I’d love to hear them.   I’m feeling good here on Day One, but I know Day 20 may be a completely different story!


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4 thoughts on “Hello, Whole30

  1. Michael DeVuyst

    I look forward to reading about your Whole30 journey this month. It might lead to the motivation I need to start eating healthier. The few recipes shared already seem simple enough. Thanks for sharing.

    1. oystersandpearls Post author

      Hey Michael!! It really isn’t rocket science, ya know? We just tend to make thing s complicated, being human and all. ;) Plus, pizza is REALLY good! But I needed a kick in the butt, so I’m hoping Whole30 does it. So far, so good! I’ll keep ya posted. :)

  2. Jim McClellan

    Good on you and Wheat both! My experience has been that sugar is insidious. You really have to work to keep it out of your diet because they sneak it into everything. The upside for me is that I do feel much better when I’m eating healthy.


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