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Happy Monday, y’all!  I hope your weekends treated you well.

I recently found out I’ll be spending a good deal of time working from home, which I’m ecstatic about!  And as most of you know, in the past year I have taken the Florida and Georgia bar exams, so I already had an “office” at home, where I spent a great deal of time studying.  However, it was just my desk facing a wall in a less than put together room.  Not very efficient (my printer was stashed in a closet) and definitely not a space I wanted to spend a whole lot of time in.  I decided last weekend that it was time to turn that room into an actual home office!  I will preface this post by saying that nothing I did cost me a dime!  Just shopping my own house and some elbow grease!

My parents gave me a yellow-ish oak filing cabinet years ago, and I took it knowing I would eventually repaint it.  It’s been an eyesore for about… 4 years now?  I had purchased the paint ages ago, and it was finally time to just do the dern thing.  So I did.  Here’s the before:

file cabinet 1

Not real pretty, but I love the heavy brass handles and label plates.  I removed all the hardware, sanded it down with fine grit sandpaper, and got to painting it a pretty clean white (white latex in semi gloss).  It took four coats to cover all that wood grain up!  But the key to painting is to do it in thin coats that dry quickly – I got the entire project done in one afternoon.

file cabinet 2

file cabinet 3

I left it outside to dry for a while, then we brought it inside to finish drying overnight.  I’ll just show you the (somewhat) finished office, and I’ll start rambling about everything in there that way.

home office 1The giant bulletin board was being thrown away during some spring cleaning at my old office, and naturally, I could not let that happen.  I spray painted the wood frame gold last year.  Dare I call it my “inspiration board?”  Or are the kids these days even using bulletin boards anymore?  Or is that soooooo 2010?  Totally a pre-pinterest thing, I suppose.

The desk is a very old library table from New Jersey, and is a family heirloom.  It’s perfect for spreading out and studying/working!  It’s one of my favorite pieces of furniture we have.  The little piece of furniture the printer sits on is a Target find from undergrad.  It’s actually from the bathroom section and is meant to hold towels and such, but I’ve always used it by my desk.  You can sort of see the white file cabinet on the other side of my desk, too.  It turned out really well!  The trash can used to be one of those gross black mesh metal trash cans.  I went crazy approximately a year ago and spray painted all the office stuff I could get my hands on (that we already had) with gold paint.  Hence, the gold bulletin board, trash can, and all sorts of random other office accessories.  I’ll get to the framed bugs on the floor in a minute.  Oh, and of course, Harold loves hanging out with me in the office!  It’s an opportunity to people watch the neighbors that he really appreciates.

home office 2On the other side of the room is the lounging (?) area.  The day bed is mine from high school and is from Pottery Barn Teen.  They no longer make this exact one, but it’s a seriously great day bed, so here is a similar one.  The day bed bedding is from Penney’s, and the firm square pillows in the back are too.  It makes it more like a couch than a bed, which is nice.  The purple pillows are old, from Target, and the beige pillow cover is old from Etsy, but I can’t remember the shop!  The chair was my grandmother’s, and I plan to one day have it reupholstered… but for now, it’s just fine.  The bookshelf is salvaged from the Wakulla County School System.  My uncle works there and knew I was looking for furniture when I moved to Tallahassee for law school, so he grabbed it for me before they threw it out.  Sweet!  The vintage letterpress drawer is from The Other Side Vintage Store in Tallahassee, and holds some meaningful seashells and some pottery and flint pieces, along with a couple arrowheads that Wheat has found recently.  Just random nature-y knick knacks.

home office 6 home office 5I told you I would get to the bugs.  I’ve always loved dragonflies, and these are some I caught and “preserved.”  These shadow boxes were just plain old wood ones from Michael’s, but when I went on the aforementioned gold spray painting spree, I taped off the corners and spray painted them gold.  I think they came out SO well, and they are one of my favorite things in our house now.  Very Anthropologie-esque, no?

home office 4On the other side of the bed, on a really neat piece of very old office furniture that Wheat had already (with handles that match the filing cabinet!) I have this rando post-it note framed.  One day back in law school, I was sitting at my desk at work, and no joke this post-it note fell out of the sky.  I have NO idea where it came from, or where it even could have come from.  Like, chill bumps all over, really freaked me out type situation.  I guess I figure that sometimes, when God really wants to get his point across, he may just leave you a post-it note.  Especially if He knows you are a grammar nerd.  Sometimes we all need a little reminder.

The whole cockle shell is one I collected from St. Joe Beach.  The brass lamp is a Goodwill find I mentioned here.

home office 3

And just below that post-it sits Harold’s bed.  He is super pumped about me being at home more!  Besides, what better subject to test out a camera on than one adorable, miraculous puppy?!  And yes, that’s a Brookestone pillow in his bed.  He’s not spoiled… much.  This room obviously isn’t finished, but I love the direction it’s heading, and I enjoy spending time in there so much more now.  I suppose I should start thinking about hanging some more things on the walls, and perhaps curtains?  I’d love to hear your suggestions!


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  1. Michael S. Knight

    You need a “I Love Me” wall. You could hang your RFM diploma, your UF diploma, and your FSU law school diploma, as well as info on passing the Florida Bar and soon the Georgia Bar. Go Bobcats!!!


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