I’m Back! With Hobo Meals.

I’m back! But not to talk about that exam. The most exciting part of Tuesday was the fact that we had padded metal folding chairs (Florida Board of Bar Examiners, take note), and Chickfila was available to provide warm-ish chicken sandwiches at a premium. That, and a solid six hours of mind boggling legal atrocities. But I digress.

We got back from Atlanta around lunchtime, and after treating ourselves to an amazing dinner at Two Urban Licks Tuesday night (and let’s be real, it was the very end of the pay period y’all), Wheat suggested we have hobo meals for supper. So that’s what we did!


I got a $4.00 package of ground beef, which made four hobo packets. Cheap! I chopped up a Vidalia onion, a head of broccoli, and a few new potatoes.


Then I pattied out four hamburger steaks. Get yourself out four decent sized sheets of aluminum foil, and slap those suckers on the foil. Pile your veggies on top of each patty.


Then to make the hobo packets, you have to pinch the corners up to make sort of a bowl.


Then I added a couple tablespoons of Dale’s, a splash or two of Worcestershire, and a tablespoon or so of white vinegar. Dale’s is local-ish, but any meat marinade that’s similar will work!

Wrap it up, and it sort of looks like a hobo pack that you’d tie on a stick… Hence the name, I guess?


I let them marinate like that until we were ready to cook them. Bake, on a baking sheet for ease of handling, at 375 for an hour. These were delicious! They are great to make ahead of time, and are super easy to cook, eat, and clean up! It was a nice simple (and cheap!) meal to come home to yesterday!


And thanks for all the kind words and thoughts about the exam! Hopefully, I’ll never need to go through it again!


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