Low-key Saturday Night

This past Saturday night, my mom came up to check on our resident miracle puppy. Harold was happy to see her! For those of you who have sent well wishes, we really appreciate them – thanks for the cards, Sara & Chris, and the Parramore chihuahuas! :) Hal is feeling MUCH better the past couple of days. It could be the R&R, or it could be the extreme lengths I have been going to in order to spoil him. Here is a picture of him lounging, courtesy of the Husband.


Since she was up to visit, we decided to put together a simple meal that turned out delicious! The menu consisted of bacon wrapped quail and a fresh salad. This story begins here:


Y’all. If you have not had the pleasure of sampling some of the delicacies that come from this fine establishment, I suggest you hightail it to Climax, Georgia ASAP. Jones Country Meats has the most amazing smoked porkchop (or as they are called ’round these parts, “smoke chops”) you have ever had – don’t forget the blackberry wine BBQ sauce – and the freshest hand cut steaks you can find. But a favorite in our little family is the BACON.


They slice it for you while you wait (skin on or off – up to you). The Husband and Harold love to cook it for Sunday morning breakfast, but I thought it would make some really great grilled quail, too. Don’t worry, I got enough for breakfast Sunday, too! The Husband salt & peppered these little guys to start.


Then, he wrapped a piece of bacon around each bird and used a toothpick to secure it. If you’re following along, make sure to push the toothpick on in so that just a small portion is sticking out. ┬áThat way it is less likely to burn on the grill.


That’s it! Grill them on medium heat for 8-10 minutes on each side. They turned out so tender and tasty!


We kept it simple with just a salad. The Husband’s family makes this salad for every family meal, and I vary it depending on what we have in the house. It basically consists of lettuce: butter, if you’re buying in the store, but we grew our own! So this particular bowl includes homegrown butter lettuce and rainbow swiss chard. Healthy and pretty.


Add some chopped cucumber and tomato, top with dried basil and oregano, and toss with a vinegar and olive oil. This go round, however, we were out of vinegar, so I used some fresh squeezed meyer lemon juice instead. It’s easy, healthy, and delicious, and goes with everything!

We ended the night the same way we end a lot of our nights here in Bainbridge – by the fire!


Do you have a simple go-to recipe, for salad or otherwise? Share it or link up in the comments!

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  1. Mary Miller

    My friend Randall Jones needs this on his website(if he has one)..Yummy meal,and the finale around that fire tops it off!!! Love that fancy syrup kettle–great gift!!!!


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