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I thought I’d give y’all a little update about our little shop that could today, seeing as I’ll be spending my long Labor Day weekend working very hard to make sure that it can. ;)

I wasn’t joking when I said that Jessica and I have been building our inventory for Maiden South, both literally and figuratively.  We have lots of wonderful orders rolling in, but we are spending every second of our free time making inventory as well.  You see, we love to support makers so much because we are both makers ourselves.

Jessica has been crazy busy doing most of our buying, as well as sewing up a storm, making jewelry, and working on lots of amazing paper goods.  I have been busying myself with making stained glass Christmas ornaments, some cheeky embroidery hoop art, and lots of hand stamped jewelry!

Photography is Fun Ruler | Oysters & Pearls Stained Glass Bits and Bobs for Maiden South | Oysters & Pearls The Makings of Stained Glass Christmas Ornaments for Maiden South | Oysters & Pearls

June is becoming quite the little shop dog with me. :)

June the Shop Dog | Oysters & Pearls

And yes, I wear crocs in the shop.  Not pretty, but they sure make standing on your feet for hours on end much more bearable.  Also, June thinks they’re swell.

Treat Yo Self Cheeky Embroidery Hoop Art for Maiden South | Oysters & Pearls Hand Stamped 229 Area Code Necklace for Maiden South | Oysters & Pearls

Follow Jessica, Oysters & Pearls, and Maiden South on Instagram for more sneak peeks at what we are working on for Maiden South!

As far as the shop itself is concerned, our renovation is coming along.  The plaster is all down, the brick is exposed, the floor is cleaned up, and the little shop that could is slowly transforming into a shop that really can!

Maiden South Renovation | Oysters & Pearls

We are so excited about this little venture, and we hope that you are too.  Follow along with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest and greatest on Maiden South, and sign up for email updates on our website to get alerts on our grand opening!

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Happy Labor Day Weekend, friends!

Until Next Time

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8 thoughts on “Maiden South Makings

  1. Joyce Hilburn

    I am waiting eagerly. The concept of locally made items excites my imagination. My daughter lives in New Hampshire where “New Hampshire Made” is part of the landscape. It’s wonderful to think that our community will have access to quality handmade products. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!

    1. oystersandpearls Post author

      Thank you so much Joyce! We want to encourage everyone to see possibilities, to think, “I can do that!” We want to show everyone the amazing things craftsmen and women are making all over the South and foster a creative environment here in Bainbridge. We are so excited and are so glad you are too!

  2. Jim McClellan

    Congratulations! Looks like your plans are coming along nicely. By the way, I think every shop needs a bird dog. And crocs are the height of fashion . . . says me.

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