Meet June!

And here’s our exciting news of the week… we got a new puppy!  She is a six-week old French Brittany pup and her name is June (or Juin, in French).  She is adorable and spunky and pretty gosh darn feisty, and we are already completely smitten with her!  I’d like to disclaim by making a note that she moves too fast to get a good picture!  Once she got comfortable, she played and played, chased Harold and Wallace and our feet, and then retired to her new crate.

Six Week Old French Brittany Pup | Oysters & Pearls Juin, French Brittany Pup | Oysters & Pearls Wheat and Juin the French Brittany, At Six Weeks Old | Oysters & Pearls Juin the French Britt | Oysters & Pearls Juin, French Brittany Pup | Oysters & Pearls Juin, French Brittany Pup | Oysters & Pearls Juin the French Brittany's First Collar | Oysters & PearlsAnd because there is absolutely nothing cuter in this world than puppy hops, here you go:

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14 thoughts on “Meet June!

  1. Karine

    She is absolutely adorable! I will welcome a little fur baby myself in november, a brittany as well and I had a quick question for you! The cage you bought for June, what are its dimensions? I want one as well and want to make sure I don’t buy one that is too small or too big! Cheers ;)

    1. oystersandpearls Post author

      Congratulations!! June has definitely stolen our hearts! I actually have no idea of the size, as the crate is one we already had for our rat terrier/toy poodle mix. At 14 weeks, June is teetering on needing a bigger one soon. I would measure it, but I’m on vacation. Email me at and I’ll measure it when I get home and email you back!

      1. Karine

        Ah you’re so kind! It won’t be necessary to take the measurement then, if you need a bigger one, it means it will be too small for me too. I’ll have to ask my breeder if he recommends a size so that it can accomodate a full size brittany. Its just that I’ve been bombarding him so I thought I could’ve avoided that one hehe. Thanks anyways though ;) and I look forward to see how June will grow! Cheers!

        1. oystersandpearls Post author

          Well you’ll probably want a smaller one starting out. I think it’s best to have the crate grow with them, but definitely more economical to just buy one! :) all our Brittany’s are different sizes, too. We are thinking Juin will only be about 30 pounds though. Please share a photo of your pup when you get him/her!

          1. Karine

            Thanks for the tip :) I will most defenitely share a picture when I get her in November… I can’t wait !!

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