Monday Garden Pictures

Today’s post will be light on words and heavy on pretty pictures from the garden.  Wheat and I are recovering from a quick trip to Mississippi at the end of last week, in addition to the weekend on this Monday morning.


Honey Bees at Work | Oysters & PearlsHoney bees at work on squash blossoms.

Lavender | Oysters & PearlsLavender blooming.

Wildflowers | Oysters & PearlsWildflowers

Purple Zinnias | Oysters & Pearls Pink Zinnia | Oysters & PearlsPurple and Pink Zinnias

And a very, very happy birthday to my dear sweet friend Sara (aka Miss F)!  Sending you these virtual flowers and wishing you a wonderful day that is filled with plenty of sweet treats! :)


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