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Remember when Wheat and I went to Athens a few weeks ago?  Not only did we visit Heartwood Forge, but we also made a pit stop to check in with O&P’s newest sponsor, Onward Reserve

Thomasville-native T.J. Callaway, Co-Founder and CEO, was an SAE at UGA and went on to an investment banking career in Atlanta before opening up Onward Reserve in Athens in 2011. Lisa, the store manager in Athens, said of T.J., “I can’t even imagine him as investment banker, knowing him now. He has so much energy!”

All that energy explains the success of the business, which has recently opened a second location in Atlanta.

T.J. Callaway, Onward Reserve Co-Founder, Brookewood Kindergarten Diploma | Oysters & Pearls

I loved that his kindergarten diploma from Brookwood was hanging on the wall – a very nice touch and nod to his hometown.

Also nice? Um, mostly everything.  After all, Onward Reserve has been featured in Garden & Gun already.

FIlson Backpack at Onward Reserve Athens | Oysters & Pearls

Upon entry, you’re greeted by Uga clad in a Georgia visor, along with a rack of “$20 Dolla Make Ya Holla” sunglasses.

Ugga Wearing a State Traditions Visor at Onward Reserve Athens | Oysters & Pearls

College Sunglasses at Onward Reserve Athens | Oysters & Pearls

They also had an impressive selection of koozies to go along with their Yetis.

Five Mile Club and Onward Reserve Koozies in a Yeto at Onward Reserve Athens | Oysters & Pearls

Speaking of koozies… Wheat’s favorite part?  They give you a beer to drink as you shop.  I suppose I didn’t hate it, either.

Red's Outfitters Sunglasses and a Bud Light in Onward Reserve Athens | Oysters & Pearls

I also loved this pair of Red’s Outfitters sunnies.  Debating adding them to my collection for this summer.  I think they’d be perfect for river days on the Flint.

Also featured in store are prints from another Thomasville favorite: William Lamb & Son.

Wm Lamb and Son and Onward Reserve Collaboration | Oysters & Pearls

There’s plenty of gear for guys and gals, including perfectly preppy croakies and classic Barbour gear.

Preppy Croakies at Onward Reserve Athens | Oysters & Pearls

Ladies Barbour Jackets and Vests at Onward Reserve Athens | Oysters & Pearls

Barbour Coats at Onward Reserve Athens | Oysters & Pearls

I loved that they had everything from Filson bags to china.

Bird Dog China in Onward Reserve Athens | Oysters & Pearls

The back of the store feels more like a cigar room than a shop, where a leather couch faces a custom-designed wood wall by T.J. himself.

Wood Wall by T.J. Callway in Onward Reserve Athens | Oysters & Pearls

Another one of my personal favorites?  Last Christmas, Wheat got me the Moonshine Speakeasy perfume from Onward Reserve, and it smells divine.  I’m sure the aftershave lotion is just as fab, if you’re so inclined.

Royall BayRhum Aftershave and Moonshine Speakeasy Perfume at Onward Reserve Athens | Oysters & Pearls

Wheat branched out and picked up some Jack Black Shaving Conditioner, and is a complete convert.  I’m kicking myself now for not grabbing one of these lip balms.

Jack Black Lip Balm at Onward Reserve Athens | Oysters & Pearls

As for me, I fell in love with the Hudson Sutler duffle bags.

Teal Green and Blue Hudson Sutler Weekender at Onward Reserve Athens | Oysters & Pearls

Coral Hudson Sutler Weekender at Onward Reserve Athens | Oysters & Pearls

From Hudson Sutler’s website:

sut·ler   [suht-ler]

noun.    (formerly) A civilian merchant who sells provisions to an army in the field, in camp or in quarters.

An appropriate moniker for these American-made, heavy duty canvas bags.  I love that they’re made right here in the USA (and have a tiny American flag emblem to prove it) out of heavy-duty canvas and marine-grade nickel.  I was a little worried about the white straps, but they’re also conveniently machine washable, too.  They’re the perfect weekend bag, combining durability and function with good looks and charm.

It was a really tough decision, but I ended up bringing home the Savannah Weekender (aka the green one, instead of the coral one).

Hudson Sutler Savannah Weekender | Oysters & Pearls

It’s a welcome addition to my closet, seeing as practically every bag or travel accessory I own was given to me for my high school graduation.  The problem with this?  None of my monograms are accurate anymore. #southerngirlproblems

Hudson Sutler Savannah Weekender + Inquisitive Pup | Oysters & Pearls

Harold likes my Hudson Sutler, too. :)

In the spirit of full disclosure, although all links to Onward Reserve are affiliate links, all purchases were made by me and all opinions are mine and mine alone, and always will be.  I say they’re a sponsor, but here’s the quick and dirty: I wasn’t paid to write this post, but any time a reader clicks on a link to Onward Reserve through my blog, I earn a commission.  It’s a small percentage, but it helps pay for this extremely time-consuming hobby I call Oysters & Pearls, so I hope you’ll understand.  In fact, I hope you’ll fully get behind this company!  I would never, ever promote anyone or anything that I didn’t whole-heartedly endorse.  Onward Reserve is a great company and awesome shop full of friendly people, and I love that.
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