Friday Finds: Shut the Front Door

Shut the front door… my friend Karri made this door hanger for me! Get it? Ha. But seriously, check it out.

Our Little Touch Door Decor, via Oysters & Pearls

She is so creative and talented. She cuts each letter out of wood herself, sands them down, paints them (this one has three different colors/layers of paint) and then she sands and distresses them. She also makes pretty killer bows. :)

Our Little Touch Door Decor, via Oysters & Pearls 2

Here’s a shot of it from a distance. Obvi, I had to blur my house number out. I don’t want any creepers.

And yes, I realize that the command hook and the hardware aren’t the same color. And I definitely need some ferns or something. Quit judging and focus on that big K.

Our Little Touch Door Decor, Oysters & Pearls (4)

Harold is relishing this rare moment in the front yard. He isn’t allowed out the front door anymore since the incident. You’ll also recognize his collar that he got at Proper Paws!

If you want some door decor of your very own, Karri’ is working on creating an Etsy shop, but in the meantime, you can email her at I’ll come back and update this post when she gets her shop up and running!

This post was not sponsored in any way by Karri. I just wanted to share how talented and creative another one of my girlfriends is!



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2 thoughts on “Friday Finds: Shut the Front Door

  1. Karri

    Yay, I made your blog! Thank you for the shout out. The command hook was the first thing I noticed, lol. Your bow isn’t as full as I usually do them because I was running out of ribbon. I’ve got more now so we will add to it. I also have a burlap and white chevron that would look great if you want to swap it out:)

    1. oystersandpearls Post author

      haha, yes, I need a command hook that matches! And I did finally get some ferns… Maybe I’ll just add a fancy new bow and ferns and and swap these pictures out over the weekend…? The chevron bow sounds fab! Thanks for my door hanger, love!


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