Pearls of Wisdom: People’s Judgments

People’s Judgments

I’m deep, deep into Liz Gilbert’s newest book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, and she is so freaking quote-able.

PS: We don’t currently have this title in Maiden South, but if folks are interested, we can definitely add it to our next order!  Let us know at if you want us to put you down for one.  Or go straight to The Bookshelf in Thomasville or your local indie bookstore and pick it up for your own self!

Like I said – and if you’ve read her Eat. Pray. Love., you know it’s true – Liz Gilbert is SO quote-able.  I’ve written quite a few things down from this book, including this gem.  I think no matter how confidently we live our lives, we are all susceptible to succumbing to other people’s judgments, or at least, what we think other people’s judgments about us may be.

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“Never delude yourself into believing that you require someone else’s blessing, or even their comprehension, in order to make your own creative work. And always remember that people’s judgments about you are none of your business.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

It’s so, so easy to allow yourself to stress and worry about what others are going to think about what you’re doing.  I stressed and fretted and worried to no end when we were discussing opening Maiden South.  It was crazy and brazen and happened so quickly, and I had pretty much just met Gracie a couple months before.  Although both Wheat and my parents are always my biggest fans, my parents thought I was nuts, and I’m pretty sure Wheat probably also thought I was nuts. All of Bainbridge probably thought we were nuts!  And I (I won’t speak for Gracie!) probably was.  But we didn’t go into debt, we didn’t quit our day jobs, we had a teeny tiny space calling to us, and we had a big dream for that teensy space… and a plan (kind of).  I finally had to just tell myself, “if you do not do this now, you will regret it.  Quit caring so much about what other people’s judgments about you and this are.”  And I absolutely would have regretted it.  It was lots of extra work on top of my regular job, but it’s been beyond rewarding.  There are still many, many days when I second-guess myself, and us, and the shop, and literally all the things.  There are days when I wonder what the HECK I was thinking, and how am I going to juggle all these things with a BABY?!?!

But I am at peace giving those worries to God and letting him figure out the details.  I’m just living this happy, crazy, creative life day by day, sometimes minute by minute and trying to stay present and enjoy each crazy minute.  (And I’m trying to quit glorifying busy!  So I refuse to use that word here.  I’m not busy for the sake of being busy – Often I’m thoughtfully choosing to take a bubble bath, and that’s okay.  But that’s altogether another post for another day.)  On days that letting those worries go is really hard, I’m trying really hard to always remember that people’s judgments about me are none of my damn business.

If you’re up for sharing, let me know how this quote hits you?  How do you deal with criticism or judgments about your creative work?  Or does it just roll off your back?  Spill your guts, if you’re feeling it.

Until Next Time - oysters and pearls

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