How to Perfectly Hard Boil Eggs, Every Time

I started this blog to share recipes and little tid-bits of life, and I really only share the recipes that I try and they turn out really well, or recipes that I’ve had a long-time love affair with.

However, it hit me one morning over the weekend that there are some things that I have practiced at for years, but now take that skill for granted.  Making a perfectly hard boiled egg is one of those skills.

How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs, Every Time | Oysters & Pearls

I love a good hard boiled egg.  I most often eat them for breakfast with some sriracha for dipping (you’re shocked, I’m sure).  I love it because I can make enough for a week on Sundays, and they are a really quick, healthy,  low-fat, high protein option in the mornings that keeps me full until lunch.  They also make a handy snack, and we love to put them on salads at lunch.  Not to mention the possibilities of egg salad.

At the beginning of law school, I really set about trying to learn to cook and cook well.  AKA I didn’t have ADPi to provide all my meals anymore…

Anyway, once I was truly out on my own, I would try to boil eggs for the week, and always ended up with gray, unattractive yolks that were crumbly and dry… or worse, a soft boiled egg!  So I set about teaching myself how to make a really great hard boiled egg.  So seemingly simple.

Boiling Eggs | Oysters & Pearls

Now I’ve got it down to a science (and a routine).  Cover eggs with water in a pot and bring it to a boil.  As soon as it reaches a rolling boil, check the clock or set a timer.

Boil the eggs for exactly 10 minutes!

And don’t start counting minutes until it is at a rolling boil.  This is basically the most important part.

Cooling Boiled Eggs | Oysters & Pearls

After 10 minutes, move the pot full of boiling water to the sink and begin running cold water into it.  Let it run until the eggs are cool enough to handle.

One by one, give each egg bottom a good whack against your sink.

Cracking a Hard Boiled Egg | Oysters & Pearls

Peel the eggs under water.  They will peel much more easily!

Peeling a Hard Boiled Egg | Oysters & Pearls

Pretty soon you’re left with a pot full of egg shells for your compost pile (if you’re into that sort of thing, like we are)…

Egg Shells | Oysters & Pearls

And a bowl full of perfectly hard boiled (and peeled) eggs!

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs | Oysters & Pearls

Then I use an ancient egg slicer kinda like {this one} to slice them up into pretty little slices.

How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs | Oysters & Pearls

Perfectly firm, soft, yellow, delicious yolks!

It took me a while to really get this down pat, and it sounds so silly and simple, but I hope it’s a basic little tip that helps somebody else out in the kitchen.

Of course, the rooster sauce is optional. ;)


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17 thoughts on “How to Perfectly Hard Boil Eggs, Every Time

  1. Kate

    cold water is the key to that pretty center! I love this post and random tidbits. I also love that we learned how to cook in law school. No Tri delt/adpi chefs :( Wahhhhhh

  2. Jim McClellan

    Handy to know! I’ve always avoided hard-boiled eggs because I never could get them right. Normally I just fall back on my old standby, fried hard.

  3. Windy

    1. Curious question – do you store your eggs with the shells off or the shells on?
    2. I have recently been converted to hard-boiling eggs in the oven (I know!). You put the eggs in a mini-muffin tin, bake at 325 for 30 minutes, then place in an ice bath for 10 minutes. They come out perfect, with pretty yolks. It’s a good shortcut if you need a lot of hard-boiled eggs.

    1. oystersandpearls Post author

      Not curious at all! I store them in the fridge, already peeled in an air right container. They keep perfectly! And that’s a great tip for doing a bunch of boiled eggs as once! I’ll have to try it out. Thanks!

  4. whitney

    i’m trying this. i can get a yellow yolk but the damn egg won’t peel.

    if it works. you get a big hug!

    and i miss adpi food. nina…you’re a queen!

    1. oystersandpearls Post author

      I hope it works for you! Peeling them under cold water seems to be the trick for me. Don’t get me wrong, some eggs are just stubborn, I think. But 60% of the time, it works every time.

      I miss Nina so much!

  5. Rachel

    I always joke that I need to learn so much about cooking that I even need instructions on how to boil water properly. So clearly, I LOVE this post. I somehow always end up with grey yolks which grosses me out. I have no excuses anymore. I’ll send all hate emails from my coworkers your way…eggs always get comments in our office (i.e. “WHAT is that smell?!?!?”).

  6. Amity

    I just made hard boiled eggs for the first time (that’s kind of embarrassing to say, considering how much I cook) and used your instructions. They are, indeed, perfect.

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