Pizza, Pizza

In an effort to use our leftover tomato sauce from the night before, I decided to put it to use as pizza sauce!  So I bought some fresh pre-made dough from Publix (sorry – no homemade dough recipe here today!), some fresh mozzarella, and some prosciutto, chopped up a tiny Vidalia onion, and went by his mom’s house to pick some fresh basil.  Ours isn’t big enough yet to pick any – starting everything from seed requires some serious patience!  Also, if you don’t have leftover tomato sauce, a quick, cheap and tasty trick I like to use is dumping one tiny jar of tomato paste in a bowl and adding water (a tablespoon at a time) until the texture resembles sauce, rather than paste.  Then just salt it to taste.  Get the best tomato paste you can buy – it’s still oodles cheaper and less wasteful than buying a whole jar of sauce.  I get an Italian brand of tomato paste, with no icky ingredients, for a whopping 79 cents at Winn Dixie.


My grandfather made this little cutting board.  And Nancy’s basil is lookin’ good. :)


Fresh mozz, on a cutting board my Daddy made me from a heart pine board from our house (which was also my grandparents’ house).


Italian colors and Italian ingredients.  :)  I mostly was just playing with my new camera, let’s be real.


Fresh mozz and prosciutto.  #nom

Pre-baked pizza.



Post-baked pizza.


Served with a side of rainbow chard salad, dressed simply in fresh lemon juice, olive oil, and S&P.  Ya know, to compensate for the pizza half of the plate. IMG_0079 IMG_0088

And for a Wallace update… he got a bath.  And he did not like it.


I hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!  Might I suggest pizza this weekend? ;)

Amidst all the excitement of the long weekend, I hope you’ll take a moment to thank a Veteran for their selfless service to our country, and to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, so that we might all enjoy this long weekend in the sunshine.  I’m grateful to all the veterans who have served and will serve, and most especially for the many veterans in my own life.   Thank you!


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