Ribs and Rainbows on the Fourth

If you were anywhere from Tennessee south for the 4th, you know that it rained nonstop for like a week (has it even stopped yet?).  So, our trip to the beach was a bust, as far as actually spending time on the beach was concerned.  In fact, it was a bust in a couple of ways.  When we got to the beach, we all quickly realized that one of the air conditioners had gone out in the house, making literally half the house unbearable.  Luckily, two bedrooms and the kitchen remained air conditioned thanks to a second unit, but cancelling half the attendees of the weekend really put a damper on things.  We missed y’all!

Since it was essentially a tropical storm outside all day long, Wheat and I decided that cooking, eating, and drinking all day was the most American thing we could possibly do, so that’s what we did.  Gluttony is one of America’s favorite pastimes, right?

Wheat decided to make ribs for supper that would cook ALL day.  I made salsa and cut up carrots to dip in ranch, and prepped a breakfast casserole for the next morning.

Wheat's Beer & Butt Ribs | Oysters & Pearls

Wheat’s Beer & Butt Ribs

– whole rack of ribs
– one can of beer (any kind works)
–  Bad Byron’s Butt Rub

Rub down all of the ribs liberally with Butt Rub.  Put the rack in a tin, and pour one can (or bottle) of beer into the pan.  Place in the oven on 175 degrees for 4 or 5 hours.  When you’re ready to really cook them, sear them on the grill over high heat, then finish cooking on medium.

Beer & Butt Ribs | Oysters & Pearls

 These were fall apart tender and oh so delicious.  So thankful my husband is a grill master!  :)

Babe, Harold, and our friend BryAnne’s pup, Willie, were really hoping for some morsels to fall to the floor.

Begging Pups | Oysters & Pearls

While the ribs were in the oven all day, I threw together a breakfast casserole.  My mom actually rarely makes a traditional casserole.  She makes an awesome one with grits in it that is amazing, but I just sort of had a hankering for an old fashioned one with bread in it.  That recipe will go up tomorrow.  It was a long weekend, so I’ve got to split it up into a couple of posts so as not to overwhelm any of you.

Much to our surprise, late in the evening the rain slacked off for a little while, and a whole, double rainbow came out!

4th of July Rainbow | Oysters & Pearls

Unfortunately, despite the rainbow’s location, there are no pots of gold in our house, or in Wheat’s hand. ;)

Making Rainbows | Oysters & Pearls

We ended the day with a gorgeous sunset.  Well, it wasn’t quite a sunset, seeing as the sun went behind the clouds again before it actually hit the water, but it was gorgeous, nonetheless.

St. Joe Beach Sunset | Oysters & Pearls

It’s nearly impossible to beat a view like that!


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2 thoughts on “Ribs and Rainbows on the Fourth

  1. Lisa Jo

    The ribs were delicious! Thanks Wheat! And thank you Nat for preparing all the other scrumptious food items that kept us going through the long rainy weekend! :))

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