Friday Favorites: RocksBox Jewelry

  RocksBox Jewelry Subscription Discount Code - oysters and pearls    RocksBox Jewelry Subscription Discount Code - oysters and pearls
The Fruit of the Spirit’s not a… WATERMELON!  Anyone remember that song from Church camp?  This is one of my favorite shirts ever… it brought back the words to that song, as well as serving as a reminder to me of these virtues that I strive to embody.  Key word being strive.  And these tee’s are back in stock (in a new, even prettier color) at Maiden South!

As far as jewelry goes, y’all know I’m obsessed.  I always have been.  So when RocksBox approached me and asked if I’d like to give them a shot, I jumped at the chance.

Basically, RocksBox is a subscription service.  You pay $19 a month, pick out a wishlist from their extensive collection of designer jewelry, and they ship 3 pieces to you: 1 from your wishlist, and two more they think you’ll like.  You can purchase these pieces at a discount, but if you don’t want to, no biggie.  Just ship them back and they’ll send you 3 more pieces… as often as you’d like!  It’s so much fun, and as someone who loves receiving packages in the mail (just ask my husband… or our UPS man…) this little box of sparkly surprises is a day-maker for sure.

The best part?  They’re going to give you a month free!  Just use discount code oystersandpearlsxoxo to receive your free month when you sign up for Rocksbox.  

RocksBox Jewelry Subscription Discount Code - oysters and pearls

Pictured above is the Gorjana Taner Toggle Lariat necklace (the first item from my wishlist).  It was the perfect simple layering necklace.  I wore it constantly while I had it!

Below are the two pieces Rocksbox picked out for me:  the Perry Street Sophia bracelet and the Perry Street Stella earrings, which reminded me of fireflies.  I never would have picked these out for myself, but I ended up absolutely loving them!

RocksBox Jewelry Subscription Discount Code - oysters and pearls

RocksBox Jewelry Subscription Discount Code - oysters and pearls

It’s a little instant gratification without a hint of guilt… who couldn’t use a little bit of that?

Until Next Time - oysters and pearls

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Rocksbox in that I received 3 months of Rocksbox for free.  However, all opinions and thoughts are mine and mine alone.  I rarely post sponsored content, and only do when it’s something I really, really like!

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