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I’ve never been very tempted by Stitch Fix – I like what I like, clothes-wise, I order what I can’t get in Bainbridge and Thomasville online from companies I know and trust (and know my sizes in).  However, being pregnant has REALLY thrown a wrench in clothes shopping, and in having appropriate clothes to wear to work.  Now that I’m 32 weeks, I’m actually REALLY needing maternity clothes, and other than the few basics I have purchased, I’ve been struggling.  A friend told me a while back that she signed up for Stitch Fix during her pregnancy and LOVED it, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Now that I’ve been using it for about 3 months, I can without a doubt say that I LOVE it!  I loved everything in my first “fix,” but actually ended up keeping a pair of garnet skinny maternity jeans and a navy cross back maternity top.  I loved the scarf they sent, but I’d rather knit my own. ;)  And I adored the sweater they sent me too, but just couldn’t keep it all.  The dress in my first shipment was cute, but not for me.  Patterns + pregnancy just ain’t my jam.  After that “Fix,” I shared those exact comments with my stylist, and since then each “fix” has gotten better and better.

It’s been the best source for unique maternity shirts that don’t make me feel like a fuddy duddy, too.  I normally steer clear of bright colors, but I fell in love with this bright fuschia top with another cross-back. (Jeans are J.Crew Maternity, jacket is old from J.Crew Factory (similar), necklace is from Maiden South).

img_4639 img_4635

In my last fix, I got this adorable lace baseball-esque tee that I’ve been wearing with jeans on the weekends and with a blazer in the office.  It’s so comfy, too! Definitely one of my favorites so far.


I’m wearing the lace baseball tee with my FAVORITE Ingrid and Isabel Ponte Skinny Pants – I wear them almost every single day to work… and don’t plan to stop after baby arrives! shhhhh. They’re amazing.  As are their yoga pants.  Can’t recommend them enough, Mamas!

In my last Fix, I had requested a dress for my baby shower this weekend, and it turned out to be PERFECT!  I’ll be wearing it again for Easter Sunday, too.

Stitch Fix for Maternity | oysters and pearls




I can’t recommend Stitch Fix enough for pregnancy, especially for those of us with very little time to shop.  You enter your due date, and they send appropriate sizes based on your pre-pregnancy sizes and your notes to your stylist, as well as the questionnaire you fill out (it’s pretty in-depth! – aka I let them know that I generally don’t like patterns.).  You can choose to receive a fix twice a month, once a month (what I did), or as you feel like getting them (what I’ll switch to after baby arrives).  You pay a $20 styling fee, which counts towards anything you keep.  You ship back anything you don’t want by simply popping it into your mailbox, and then leave your stylist notes based on your thoughts about your fix.  It’s insanely convenient, and I’ve yet to not have a single thing in a fix that I loved.

PS Stitch Fix hasn’t paid me a single thing for this post or to use their service.  In fact, I’ve given them all MY money. :/  But full disclosure: if you do sign up through one of my links on this post, I will receive a small credit if you end up getting your own fix.  I really only share my experience because it has been such a treat during my pregnancy and I genuinely cannot recommend it enough to all you soon-to-be mamas out there!  That being said, I wouldn’t hate it if you used my link to sign up (if you sign up).  Mama needs a new pair of shoes maternity pants.

Treat yo self: Sign up for your own Stitch Fix here.

Until Next Time - oysters and pearls

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