Straw And Gold

Straw and Gold

A couple of weeks ago, I got lucky yet again and won this gorgeous pair of earrings in an Instagram giveaway by the brand spanking new shop, Straw & Gold.

Ouroboros Earrings by Spark and Pepper, via Straw and Gold | Oysters & Pearls


The earrings I won are made by San Francisco jewelry designer Spark and Pepper.  From Straw and Gold’s website:

Simple, graceful, intimate  designer Meredith Peck imbues her creations with the essence of elegance. She was born in Korea, raised in New Jersey, and studied art at the Corcoran School of Art and Design before moving to San Francisco. Meredith’s skill in finding beauty in line and form comes almost second-nature after her career in art direction and graphic design. S+P is the continuation of her lifelong love of design, showcasing an intuitive sense of style and fervent dedication to craftsmanship. In pursuit of the timeless beauty found in simplicity, Spark and Pepper crafts each piece by hand. Designed for everyday wear, they are a unique accent to add a little bit of luxury to each day.

These Ouroboros Earrings are simple enough to wear with a necklace, but bold enough to stand alone.  And to boot, Meredith makes them by lost wax casting from recycled brass.  I have always wanted to get into lost wax casting, and these earrings are adding fuel to the fire.

Ouroboros Earrings by Spark and Pepper, via Straw and Gold | Oysters & PearlsTHE STORY

Straw and Gold is currently an online shop, with plans for pop-up shops in Brooklyn this summer and plans for a brick and mortar store down the line.  The name came from the fabled children’s story, Rumpelstiltskin, who spun straw into gold.  All of the artists and makers on Straw and Gold spin every day elements into works of art, which is what Straw and Gold seeks to showcase.

The brain child behind Straw and Gold, Lauren Musacchio curates the website. She chooses artists and makers that she feels meet the aesthetic of what Straw and Gold stands for. “It’s natural. It’s fresh.”  Lauren herself is an musician, lending her a keen understanding of the artists’ and makers’ situation.  A singer/songwriter, Lauren recently left her job at Rolling Stone to run Straw and Gold full-time while also recording an EP.

All the products on the website are handcrafted and handmade.  Straw and Gold looks for products that are heirloom pieces – items that are built to last.  Lauren is constantly on the search for new artist and makers. S&G is all about discovering, yet also supporting the livelihoods of artists.  Lauren says of Straw and Gold, “I wanted Straw and Gold to be a space for artists to come together, maybe collaborate, maybe become friends.  It’s not easy for an artist to put their work out, so I wanted to be that liaison between the public and the artists.  All that, and the fact that I just love it!  That’s really why I wanted to kick it off.”

Ouroboros Earrings by Spark and Pepper, via Straw and Gold | Oysters & Pearls


I absolutely love the focus on the makers that Straw and Gold has, and reading the Meet the Makers section is my favorite part about the website – besides shopping, that is!  (The women’s jewelry section is particular fantastic.)

I’ve been wearing my Spark and Pepper Ouroboros Earrings non-stop since they came in the mail.  I know my readers appreciate the high quality, handmade items that Straw and Gold promotes, but I also realize that next Sunday is Father’s Day, so I thought I’d round up a few of my favorite picks for the men in your life.

Straw And Gold Father's Day Gift Guide | Oysters & Pearls

rugged coffee mug / walnut cutting board / bird call necklace
leather snappable key carry / life vest painting (on sale!) / what to pack cards
wooden business card holders / leather belt

Shop small.  Support makers.

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