Sweet Heat Shrimp

A couple weekends ago, our friends Zach and Michelle came up from Mexico Beach/St. Joe for a party and stayed with us.  As a hostess gift, they brought SHRIMP!  The best kind of gift = fresh, locally caught shrimp.  Thanks, friends!

Fresh Gulf Shrimp from Port St. Joe, Florida | Oysters & Pearls

I decided that I wanted to use honey on them some how, so I came up with an impulse recipe that turned out great.  Wheat dubbed it “sweet heat shrimp,” so that’s what I’m going with.  It’s a pretty accurate title.

Sweet Heat Shrimp Recipe | Oysters & Pearls

I love juxtapositions of strong flavors – sweet and salty, sweet and sour, sweet and spicy, etc. etc.  So putting sriracha with honey made perfect sense to me.  Putting Sriracha on it always makes sense, though.

Sweet Heat Shrimp Recipe with Honey and Sriracha | Oysters & Pearls

I paired it with New York Times-Meets-SoWeGa Kale Salad so that there was something green on the plate.  Plus, we’re hooked on it!

New York Times Kale Salad | Oysters & Pearls

Sweet Heat Shrimp Recipe


– 1 pound shrimp, peeled and uncooked
– 2 tablespoons olive oil
– 2 tablespoons Sriracha hot sauce
– 3 tablespoons honey
– 2 cups white rice, cooked according to package directions


Heat oil in a deep skillet over medium heat.  Once hot, sauté shrimp until just cooked – about 5 minutes.  In the meantime (or ahead of time) whisk together honey and Sriracha.  Pour honey hot sauce mixture over cooked shrimp and serve immediately over rice.  Garnish with a lemon or lime wedge for squeezing.

Sweet Heat Shrimp | Oysters & Pearls

I wasn’t even sure I was going to photograph this because it was so simple and last minute, but Wheat deemed it “blog-worthy,” so there ya go.  ;)  That’s his stamp of approval, folks!

As this post goes live, I’m arriving in Charleston for the Southern C Summit, which begins today.

The Southern C Summit - Charleston

I am so very excited to learn from and get to know a whole host of talented people, and there’s even going to be a spotlight on Thomasville!  Follow along with me over on InstagramTwitter, and follow @thesoutherncsummit on Instagram.  I’ll be sure to do a full run-down when I get back home!

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