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Baby K: One Last Bumpdate

It’s truly difficult for me to believe we will be meeting this baby this week!  I’m so grateful to everyone who has showered Wheat, Baby K and me with so much love over the past few months.  We cannot wait to meet this little person we made, and we can’t wait to introduce him or her to everyone!

Baby Kirbo's Bee Baby Shower | oysters and pearls

That being said, I’ll be MIA for a while, but I look forward to getting back on my feet and sharing our new life as a family of three in the near future.  Between everything we’ve got going on, 2 crazy dogs and a cat, plus this sweet baby, it’s sure to be chaos around these parts for a while!   Until I’m back on the blog, follow along with this new adventure on Instagram (@oystersandpearls), Twitter (@oystersnpearls), or Snapchat (@nataliekirbo) for updates on how life in the Kirbo casa is going!

Once again, thanks for all the love, friends!

Until Next Time - oysters and pearls

Baby K’s Baby Bee Shower

I’m so, so lucky to be blessed with so many people who love me and love baby K already!  I cannot believe that this baby could literally arrive any day now, and that we’ll meet him or her no matter what in a week!

Two of my best friends from high school/we lived together in Gainesville, who also happen to be sisters, Sarah and Jessica, and their sweet mama Anne (of Spring Break Chicken Salad fame) threw baby K and I the most beautiful shower for this Mama to Bee over the weekend. :)

Baby Kirbo's Bee Baby Shower | oysters and pearls

The hostesses with the mostesses: Jessica, Sarah, and Mrs. Anne.  And of course, Jess’s sweet babies RA and CW. :)  Love these ladies so much!

Baby Kirbo's Bee Baby Shower | oysters and pearls


In Wheat’s own words, these ladies are Master Bakers.  They made all my favorites: Melting Moments cookies with lemon filling, cheese straws (in the shape of flowers), and lemon bars!  I want to go back and eat them all again.  Plus pinwheels and fruit and pepper jelly over cream cheese.  And wine spritzers and lemonade – everything dressed in yellow. :)



Everyone guessed – boy or girl: what will baby K bee?  The guesses were about 50/50, with a slight lean toward girl, by the way. :)


Elah took a wee nap and then woke up to help open the last few presents. I think she may have thought the party was just for her.

Pink or blue flip flops for summer?  We’ll find out in a week or less!



Bee blankies and onesies!

No idea what was so funny, but I had the BEST time opening gifts for baby K!

Baby Kirbo's Bee Baby Shower | oysters and pearls Baby Kirbo's Bee Baby Shower | oysters and pearls

I especially can’t wait to pop this champagne next week to celebrate. ;)

Elah was in LOVE with RA and CW.  They were all three adorable!


My wonderful friend Courtney came all the way from Jacksonville with her sweet Mom to celebrate – I have the very best friends!


After the party was over and the rest of the guests had gone, we went into the backyard to snap some pictures.  All the lighter, brighter, better pictures are by Jessica.  She’s our professional photog.  I’ve really got to up my game to her level now that baby is almost here!

Elah wasn’t really having the photo session though and just wanted to play.


Bristol ladies:


Baby Kirbo's Bee Baby Shower | oysters and pearls

High school bestie Sarah and her baby doll of a niece: Baby Kirbo's Bee Baby Shower | oysters and pearls

Oh my whoa at that bump! Baby Kirbo's Bee Baby Shower | oysters and pearls

Can’t believe Elah is going to have a riding partner so soon!

Baby Kirbo's Bee Baby Shower | oysters and pearls

One week until we meet you, Baby Kirbo!  That is, unless you decide to come sooner… HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???  We are all so excited and you are oh so loved.

Until Next Time - oysters and pearls