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Merry Christmas from the Kirbos!

oysters and pearls Christmas Card by Alicia Osborne, Tallahassee Wedding and Engagement Photography

Perfect photo by sweet friend Alicia Osborne Photography.  See the rest of our shoot here.

Knit cowl (that I finished up as we were pulling into the Christmas tree farm to meet Alicia): pattern: Cole Cowlette; Yarn: Anzula’s For Better Or Worsted in Candied Apple via Fuzzy Goat.  Perfect plain pico dress from Bella’s Boutique in Bainbridge.  #shoplocal this Holiday, y’all. ;)

Tiny Miracles

I know I’m not posting as regularly (or regularly at all, rather), and I’m phoning it in in a lot of other areas of my life currently, too (oh hai, Maiden South!) but I am currently in a complete and utter state of awe at what tiny miracles babies are. Watching Adella Grace growing and learning is amazing. Friday, she was incredibly fussy, and the Wonder Weeks app (a wonderful way to know you’re not a horrible mom and your baby is crying and needy because she’s simply growing – I HIGHLY recommend and wish I had known about it before the throes of the 6 week growth spurt!)  told me to expect it due to a developmental leap. 

From the Wonder Weeks:

After having made this leap, a baby doesn’t experience the world as a single entity anymore; the world is like a bowl of soup where everything blends together. The baby begins to differentiate regular patterns. For example, she discovers her hands. She looks surprised and turns them around. Many of the baby’s automatic reflexes disappear, and Adella Grace begins to do things purposefully. All the movements she makes still look very stiff to the outside world as if she is a puppet on a string.

 I laid her in her crib after an hour or so of hollering, gave her a paci (and poured myself a glass of wine – it was 5:30 pm on a Friday after all) and sat in the rocker next to her crib to watch her. Well wouldn’t ya know – she started putting her pacifier back in her mouth herself! 

So excuse me while I’m MIA from so many things. If you need me, I’m probably here rocking my baby, staring at her in utter amazement. And probably having a glass of wine while I’m at it. Feel free to join me! 

Baby K: One Last Bumpdate

It’s truly difficult for me to believe we will be meeting this baby this week!  I’m so grateful to everyone who has showered Wheat, Baby K and me with so much love over the past few months.  We cannot wait to meet this little person we made, and we can’t wait to introduce him or her to everyone!

Baby Kirbo's Bee Baby Shower | oysters and pearls

That being said, I’ll be MIA for a while, but I look forward to getting back on my feet and sharing our new life as a family of three in the near future.  Between everything we’ve got going on, 2 crazy dogs and a cat, plus this sweet baby, it’s sure to be chaos around these parts for a while!   Until I’m back on the blog, follow along with this new adventure on Instagram (@oystersandpearls), Twitter (@oystersnpearls), or Snapchat (@nataliekirbo) for updates on how life in the Kirbo casa is going!

Once again, thanks for all the love, friends!

Until Next Time - oysters and pearls