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Baked Buffalo Shrimp

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had an awesome weekend.  Today I’m exactly a week behind myself in blog world.  I don’t think I’ll ever get close to catching up.  So today, I bring you last Monday’s awesome, delicious, very, very good meal.

It all started when last weekend at the beach we purchased some fresh shrimp, fully intending to make Baked Shrimp and Grits while we were there.  Alas, we ran out of time, and came home with a pound of shrimp.  I was feeling fairly lazy Monday night, and wasn’t up to the task of throwing together shrimp and grits.  I remembered seeing this pin on Pinterest (where all great ideas start) but really just wasn’t feeling Italian seasoning on shrimp.  Is it just me, or does that sound kind of odd? Anyway, I modified it and it resulted in some of the most delicious shrimp I’ve EVER had.  You’re welcome, world.

Baked Buffalo Shrimp | Oysters & Pearls

Baked Buffalo Shrimp


– 1 pound whole fresh shrimp
– 1 stick unsalted butter, melted
– 2 large lemons
Cavender’s Greek Seasoning
– Crystal hot sauce (or your preferred brand)
– salt & pepper
– half a loaf of fresh Italian bread (optional, but highly recommended)


Cover a baking sheet in foil and preheat your oven to 350 degrees.  Slice the lemons up into fairly thick slices and line the baking sheet with them.  Spread the shrimp out on top of the lemons, sprinkle liberally with Cavender’s, salt and pepper, drizzle with the melted butter, and then douse fairly liberally with hot sauce.  Bake the shrimp for 10 minutes, then stick half of a loaf of fresh Italian bread in the oven next to the pan and bake for 5 more minutes.  The bread will come out perfectly crusty, and is an encouraged method of mopping up delicious sauce.

Pinterest Shrimp | Oysters & Pearls

Shrimp, pre-baking, to give you an idea of the amount of hot sauce I added.

Baked Buffalo Shrimp with Lemon | Oysters & Pearls

The best part of these shrimp was how deliciously hot and soft the baked lemons became.  I did a lot of dipping directly into the centers of the lemon slices.  My mouth is now watering as I type this.

Southern Summer Supper | Oysters & Pearls

We had the perfectly southern summer meal to go along with the shrimp.  Fresh stewed okra from Harvest Moon, fresh squash and onions, and bell peppers and tomatoes marinated overnight in Italian seasoning, oil, and vinegar.

Side note: we grew two of those squash!  In other garden news, did you catch my garden update on Saturday?

I kept exclaiming during this meal that I was so sad we didn’t invite somebody over to share all this amazing food… but then I ate all the shrimp.  Oopsies.  But this would be awesome to double/triple/quadruple (or more) to serve a large group.  You could serve it low country boil style and just have pans of shrimp and cutting boards full of crusty bread out on a newspaper-lined picnic table.  I think that’d be pretty great.

Baked Buffalo Shrimp Supper | Oysters & Pearls

Seriously, go buy shrimp right now (or as quickly as you possibly can) and make these shrimp: the easiest and tastiest shrimp in all the land (or sea).


Mayonnaise Corn

I know the title of this post doesn’t sound all that appetizing, but bear with me for a bit.  I promise, this is a good one!

One day after work last week, Wheat and I set off to his family farm for happy hour.  Sometimes it’s nice to just get away from the house and ride around – check on the pond, see if there are any ducks, see what has been planted (or hasn’t, in this trip’s case).

 farm and corn 5Harold really likes to ride around with the windows down, so these trips to the farm are sheer joy inducing for him.

 farm and corn 3 farm and corn 4 farm and corn 6 farm and corn 7

After the sun set, we headed back to the house for a quick and easy and almost completely grilled supper.  Yes, we grilled hotdogs.  I see you getting all judge-y over there.  Yes, I can bake elaborate cakes and dinners, but sometimes a hotdog just hits the spot.  Hebrew Nationals for the win.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with “how to cook a hotdog”, but one of my absolute favorite side dishes in the summer is mayonnaise corn.  It sounds gross, I get it.  But it is the most delicious way to cook corn there is, and quite possibly the easiest.

farm and corn 8

 Mayonnaise Corn

Shuck enough fresh sweet corn for your crowd.  Tear off an equal amount of sheets of tinfoil – large enough to completely wrap each ear of corn up individually, and place each ear on its piece of tin foil.  Place a dollop of mayonnaise on each ear, then season with smoked salt (or regular salt), pimenton (or paprika), and some ground red pepper or cayenne pepper for some heat.  Or, season them however you’d like!  That’s just my go-to combination.  Give each ear a good rub down, wrap them up, and cook them on the grill alongside whatever else it is you’re grilling.  If the meat is done, the corn probably is too.  Sometimes, if there isn’t room on the grill, I’ll bake them at 350 or 375 for 30 minutes or so (depending on how long it takes whatever we are cooking).

farm and corn 9

Super simple!  And DELICIOUS.  Just trust me and make this corn this summer.  You can thank me later.

Mayonaise Corn

You’ll never look at corn the same way again!


Pineapple Sage and Chive Chicken

Last week we had some chicken thighs to cook, and I had not even thought about how I was going to cook them until supper time came around.  I made a crunch time decision and decided to utilize some of my herb garden, and this delicious recipe is the result.  I don’t have any good pictures of the finished dish because it got dark, but it was delicious!  I did Instagram a picture of it that I posted here, but it just doesn’t do it justice.

pinapple sage chive chicken 1

Pineapple Sage and Chive Chicken


– 4 chicken thighs or breasts

– one small bunch of fresh pineapple sage (or regular sage) leaves, washed and dried

– one small bunch of fresh chives

– 2 Tablespoons American Spoon whole seed mustard

– 1/2 cup white wine vinegar

– 1/2 vegetable oil

– salt and pepper to taste

pineapple sage and chive chicken 3


Chiffonade the sage leaves (aka bunch them up and slice them up thinly – here’s a tutorial that is helpful), and mince up the chives.  In a bowl, mix the chopped herbs with the mustard seeds, oil, vinegar, and salt and pepper.  Place washed and dried chicken in a casserole dish, and pour the marinade over them.  Cover and refrigerate for at least a couple hours, or overnight if you wish (it will be tastier!).  Bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes, uncovered.

Note: I get my pickled mustards seeds from Sweetgrass Dairy in Thomasville, Georgia (along with cheese, Georgia olive oil, and lots of other foodie goods!).  If you aren’t local, you can order it direct from American Spoon here.  It delicious on sandwiches, hot dogs, in salad dressings – you name it!  I’m addicted. If you don’t have any, you could use any dijon-type mustard in its place.

pineapple sage and chive chicken 4It is a really colorful and healthy dish!  And the longer it marinates, the longer the fresh herbs have time to flavor the chicken.

pineapple sage and chive chicken 5We enjoyed the chicken with roasted broccoli, which we are quickly becoming addicted to.  Just seasoned with some garlic salt, pepper, and a little ground red pepper for some kick.

pineapple sage chicken and broccoliIt was a delicious, healthy, and very pretty meal!  I was pleased at how the chicken turned out, and I do hope you’ll try it!  You could really substitute just about any herbs for the pineapple sage and the chives – so just use what you’ve got!

pineapple sage and chive chicken 2Thanks for following along!