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Elah’s First Birthday

Today is Pi Day, which not only is an excellent excuse to eat pie, it’s also the date that Wheat proposed to me in my living room, and it’s also the date that the sweetest, cutest niece ever arrived into this world. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this morning than by sharing way too many pictures from her first birthday party  yesterday afternoon. I’ll circle back around to our unbelievably amazing baby shower tomorrow!

She celebrated her first birthday in a dress that I wore, then her mama wore, and now she is wearing! That baby girl sure is pretty in blue.


She also has the Bristol raised eyebrow down pat.

Sister did a great job of party planning, and the weather was perfect for an afternoon outside. Lots of friends and family came to celebrate and we had a great time!


Elah was really getting into her presents, too. Favorites included musical cards, stuffed animals, and books! She racked up on some cute summer clothes, too. If baby K is a girl, she just got some amazing hand-me-downs for next summer. ;)

Then it was time to strip down, bib up, and eat some cake! Although true to the name, she enjoyed smashing her cake more than eating it.


Happy first birthday, sweet Elah! I am so, so lucky to be your aunt Nay Nay, and I love you so!

Until Next Time - oysters and pearls

Happy Birthday, Sweet Wheat!

He doesn’t have a facebook page or a twitter account (although he does have Instagram!), so if you see him around today, tell Wheat HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Wheat & Juin 2015 | oysters and pearls

I hope that your day is full of golf, football, Juin, fall weather, and all the sweets – I even promise not to make any sweet tooth comments!  Love you!!

And in case anyone is interested in some really great guy gifts, Wheat was thrilled with his this morning. :)  He got a new pair of briar britches from Kevin’s for his upcoming pheasant hunting trip to North Dakota (not pictured) already, but today he awoke to a Yeti cooler cup (also from Kevin’s), a shotgun shell carrier from Sturdy Brothers (not for sale online, but they’ll have them at Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival again this year!), a Sturdy Brothers Sturdy Square (a pocket square or handkerchief), and a Bixby beard comb I also picked up at our Maiden South pop up at Sturdy Brothers last week. I may or may not hope this encourages him to grow his beard again…


Not (completely) pictured is the blaze orange hat Wheat requested for his North Dakota trip.  I’m still working on it!  But Harold is obviously a huge help when it comes to hand knitted gifts.

Just in case any knitters are interested, the yarn is a superwash worsted by Sweet Georgia (colorway: Dutch) that I purchased at (where else?) Fuzzy Goat. For those of you not near Thomasville, you can find it online directly from Sweet Georgia Yarns here.  The pattern is the same one I knitted for my dad last year (and for Wheat last year using Spud & Chloe Sweater in Penguin).  You can find the pattern in my Ravelry projects here – and find & friend me on Ravelry @ oystersandpurls!

Happy Birthday, sweet Wheat!!!
Until Next Time - oysters and pearls



Wheat with Trout on Yellowstone River | Oysters & Pearls

I know so many things are all about me and my hobbies and interests and jobs these days, so thank you for being the most patient person alive and putting up with all of my shenanigans.  You are the very best, sweet Wheat, and I love ya!!

For everyone else, please enjoy this ridonculous medley of pictures of my husband.

Wheat at Upper Falls, YNP | Oysters & Pearls Wheat on Observation Point Trail, Yellowstone National Park | Oysters & Pearls Wheat at Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park | Oysters & Pearls Wheat and a Fly Fisherman | Oysters & Pearls Wheat and Juin the French Brittany, At Six Weeks Old | Oysters & Pearls Wheat and a Scamp | Oysters & Pearls Natalie and Wheat - Sweetwater 2014 | Oysters & Pearls Wheat Climbs the Tree | Oysters & Pearls Wheat & Natalie, 2014 French Brittany Field Trials | Oysters & Pearls Wheat, Quail Hunting | Oysters & Pearls Wheat & Cloud Eggnog, Christmas 2013 Natalie & Wheat in Central Park, Thanksgiving 2013  | Oysters & Pearls Wheat and Century Tower | Oysters & Pearls Wheat & Harold | Oysters & Pearls st joe beach wheat

You’re welcome, world.

Until Next Time