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Weddings, Honey Bees, and Pumpkins, Oh My!

Good morning!  I hope everyone got their taxes filed on time and no one is running around like a chicken with their head cut off this morning. :)

Per usual, I’m posting my weekend recap a day late because we didn’t get home until late Sunday night.  It was a jam-packed weekend, but there were some relaxing times, too.

Friday when we picked up our CSA box at Harvest Moon, I also picked up some fresh okra to restock the pantry with my spicy pickled okra.  I went to the grocery store Saturday morning and  grabbed some jalapeño peppers and got to work.  The secret to non-slimy pickled okra is soaking the fresh okra in ice water for at least an hour before pickling!

I also had another little project going on Saturday, but that’s a subject of another post!  Saturday evening we celebrate the nuptials of our sweet friend Rebecca and her handsome groom, Chase!  The wedding was gorgeous, as was the stunning bride. :)

I especially loved the table full of macarons!

Not sure where they got them from around here, but they were delicious!  And have fully reinspired me to get the hang of making them.  I tried a couple of times, back before I was blogging, with the French method, and they were not quite successful.  I will be trying them again (when I get some free time) and will be using the Italian meringue method instead.  That’s neither here nor there, but I just thought you should know.  Don’t be surprised when they show up on O&P!

We had a blast, and wish Rebecca and Chase all the love and happiness in the world!

Sunday Wheat went turkey hunting again and I had a leisurely morning of coffee and watching CBS Sunday Morning before Church.  Afterwards, we hit up Zaxby’s on our way to Bristol.  We visited The Bee House to pick up some supplies, and checked on our little ladies.  They’ve been busy!  But first, lemme take a selfie.

Disclaimer: I hate this song.  But it does crack me up, and I fully support making fun of selfies, even as I post one of myself.

I have since retired bee suits, gloves, and long sleeves.  Wearing my Masters tee shirt for Masters Sunday, natch.  I still wear the veil, because it’s really distracting when the bees bump into your face.

They had built honeycomb across multiple frames that we had to break up, which spilled copious amounts of honey down into the bottom of the hive.  Felt bad, but we tasted it, and ’twas good.

They had this cleaned up in 30 minutes, at the most.  It’s pretty amazing how tidy they keep their hive.

We added another deep box on top to give them room, and a queen excluder between the boxes to keep Queen Beeyonce in the bottom box.  The ensures that the eggs/brood/larvae will stay in the bottom box, and the top box will remain straight up honey.  Hopefully they move upstairs and start filling it up with tupelo honey!

After the bees, Wheat helped me plant a whole bunch’a pumpkins in the field.  I planted Seminole pumpkins, white Cindarella pumpkins, sugar pumpkins, and some decorative gourds. We will see what happens!

And then, we watched the end of the final round of the Masters.  From our Bubba to the green jacket winner, we are so glad Bubba Watson won!

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

Until Next Time

Thanksgiving Quail Hunt

I took so many pictures that I couldn’t bear not share that I decided our quail hunt (let’s be real: mainly all our dogs) deserved its own post.  So Happy Friday!  I wish every weekend could be as full of friends, family, food, dogs, and fun (they couldn’t all start with “F”) as this Thanksgiving was!

Thomas Mill Branch | Oysters & Pearls Bubba the Lap French Brittany | Oysters & Pearls Old Jeep Wrangler | Oysters & Pearls Natalie's Browning Citori | Oysters & PearlsGoat Skulls | Oysters & PearlsBilly Goat Skull | Oysters & Pearls

Redneck Vase | Oysters & Pearls

We have a natural honey bee hive!  Anyone have any recommended reading for me?  I would love to move them (in the spring, I’m told) into a bee box and become a bee keeper, despite my dad’s and husband’s extended eye rolling at my bee keeping aspirations.Natural Bee Hive | Oysters & PearlsHoney Bees | Oysters & PearlsHoney Bee at Thomas Mill Branch | Oysters & Pearls

My dad prepping the beer-butt chicken, or “drunk chicken,” as Wheat calls it.  These two nekkid chicks went into the smoker, along with two racks of pork ribs, to cook all afternoon while we hunted.  Beer Butt - Drunk Chickens | Oysters & Pearls

She’s ready to go!Pick Me! Bird Dog Ready to Hunt | Oysters & Pearls Bird Dog Excitement | Oysters & Pearls

Sadly, Louie is too old to hunt now.  But he gets to ride with us anyway for this hunt.
Louie, 13 Year Old French Brittany | Oysters & Pearls

And sadly, as much as we want Bubba to hunt… he just won’t.  He’d rather be up on the Gator riding with us.But I Just Want to Ride Up Here With You | Oysters & Pearls

Buster, Truman’s beautiful new Springer Spaniel, does ride on the Gator with us.  He’s a great flusher and retriever, but still very much a puppy.  Makes me want one!
Buster, Spring Spaniel | Oysters & Pearls

Finally, we actually do some hunting.  I would have taken more pictures if I hadn’t actually hunted the entire time myself.  But you’re probably grateful for that!
Quail Hunting | Oysters & Pearls On Point | Oysters & Pearls Under the Power Lines | Oysters & PearlsGood Shot | Oysters & Pearls Good Boy | Oysters & Pearls They're Over Here! | Oysters & Pearls Spring Spaniel Flushing Quail | Oysters & Pearls

Sunset catches up with us, and we head back to the barn.Sunset in the Piney Woods | Oysters & PearlsThe Ride Home | Oysters & Pearls

A fire is built, birds are cleaned (20 in all; I proudly got 4 of those), and drunk chickens and ribs are pulled from the smoker.  And the sleepiest dogs seem to be the ones who didn’t even hunt. Put Your Feet Up | Oysters & Pearls Just a Buddy | Oysters & Pearls Smoked Ribs at the Barn | Oysters & Pearls Beer Butt Chicken, Drunk Chickens | Oysters & PearlsBed Thief | Oysters & Pearls They Didn't Even Hunt | Oysters & Pearls

I wish you all a relaxing and wonderful weekend.  Hopefully I’ll finish getting decorated for Christmas (bad blogger, I know!) and will share that with you next week.  Follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks, as usual.  I got a new name! You can now find me @oystersandpearls.  :)

Happy weekend!

Until Next Time

Weekend Recap

As you may have gathered if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, we had an awesome weekend!

Nothing especially pin-able today. I just wanted to update y’all on all the exciting/laid-back fun that happened.

Friday night we did the usual happy hour at the BCC, then Bruce and Nancy took us to Crave. It was a treat! And always a good time, both at Crave and with my in-laws. :)

And now, the most exciting news of all… WE GOT A BOAT!

Swamp Thing | Oysters & Pearls

This should be our 2013 Christmas card picture, no?

I kid. Kind of.

Anyway, my parents gave us a boat. An old, painted camouflage 13′ Boston Whaler with a 1983 Mercury 40 hp outboard. My dad spent a few weeks fixing it up, and then as a surprise, gave it to us. WE ARE PUMPED.

We love y’all, Doc & Usa!

We have dubbed it the Swamp Thing (note my prominent display of the Gator koozie… shhhh, don’t tell Wheat) and absolutely cannot wait to get on the Flint River in it. And Wheat is pretty stoked about the fact that it will double as his duck hunting boat (which may or may not have been my parents’ motivating factor to hand it over). I’m currently online shopping for a blaze orange swim suit to be more appropriate dressed on the thing. Embrace the camo, y’all.

Other than the boat, we did some other pretty exciting stuff.

We watched a katydid walk.

Katydid | Oysters & Pearls

It’s more entertaining than you might think.

But then again, we drank a beer in a camo boat that was sitting on a trailer under a carport. So we may not be the best judges of true entertainment.

Then, we rode to the lake to test out the Swamp Thing.

Riding | Oysters & Pearls

Millie and Bubba loaded up, so they went too.

Millie rides around in a truck like a boss.

Cruise | Oysters & Pearls

We hung out all day at the lake, and took the Swamp Thing on her maiden voyage at Lake Mystic. I was on the Swamp Thing (or the Swamp Ship – I call it both interchangeably), so I only got a picture of the other boat.

Booze Cruise at Lake Mystic | Oysters & Pearls

That is one rowdy crew, y’all.

Then my dad and I took the Swamp Thing on another tour de Lake Mystic with Harold, who was really bummed he missed out on the first trip.

Trip on the Swamp Ship | Oysters & Pearls

It was a gorgeous day on the water – FINALLY. We deserved a good sunburn and day outside after all this rain we’ve had this summer, amiright?

Lake Mystic, Florida | Oysters & Pearls

Then Sunday Wheat and I spent the morning picking (more) scuppernongs. They have since joined the rest of the ones I picked a couple weekends ago in the freezer for now. We only got 3.5 gallons this time.

Scuppernongs | Oysters & Pearls

I plan to get them all out of the freezer this coming weekend and turn them into jelly and some grape simple syrup. Thank goodness for freezers!

We also picked a 5-gallon bucket’s worth of sand pears. I will be figuring out what to do with them this week, as well.

Sand Pears  | Oysters & Pearls

I grew up eating them as-is, but I have my grandmother’s recipe for pear preserves that I’m thinking of trying. She also made tarts with them, so that’s on my brain, too. Do you have any tried-and-true sand pear recipes? Their texture is so different than a regular pear (more crisp and grainy), so I’m curious to see what folks do with them. Help me with my research, y’all!

Wheat helped Doc do a little work to the boat trailer while I worked on a church pew my parents gave us that needed a little (okay, maybe more than a little) TLC.

Doc & Wheat Working on the Boat Trailer | Oysters & Pearls

The pew is still sort of a work in progress, so I’ll show it later. I only got iPhone pictures, anyway, so it may just be an Instagram share.

I did manage to snap a couple pictures of a couple other dogs. Yes, there are more. My parents/we have a veritable herd.

Harlow | Oysters & Pearls

Harlow actually started off as my sister Anna Jo’s dog, but she fits right into the pack in Bristol. She is also our official snake guard. She sees them and will back you away from them while growling. She’s a good little jack-ahuahua.

Louie is the patriarch of the pack, and is really showing his age these days. It’s so, so hard to believe he is 13. When he points, if you don’t get there fast enough and he gets tired, he will literally lay down on point and wait for you. It’s so funny. Oh, and don’t mind his homemade haircut. Despite his age, he’s still one handsome and distinguished French Brit.

Louie | Oysters & Pearls

And that’s it! I guess maybe it doesn’t sound all the exciting to just anyone, or everyone, but it was the perfect weekend to me. Just had to share some snapshots from it with y’all.

What were you up to? And what do you do with your sand pears?