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Leap Day 2016

Another weekend gone, another Leap Day in the books!  Here’s a recap of our weekend – it flew by!

Thursday (which I totally count as a weekend… it makes them feel longer! Wheat and I met my sister and niece for lunch at Crave Eatery.  Nat Nat and E had some play time in the sun on the back porch.  Don’t mind the awkward, sun-in-my-eyes look I’ve got going on.

Elah and Nat Nat at Crave Eatery | oysters and pearls

I did double-duty and worked at the shop on Friday.  My mom was keeping my niece and brought her up for round 2 in Bainbridge!  I don’t know that they make them any cuter, but I’m telling baby K to get with the program.

Elah at Maiden South | oysters and pearls

We got this awesome quilt in from Needle and Grain, and my mom took this awesome picture.  It would be perfect for a baby’s room… but I’m not allowing myself to take it home.  Somebody else do it before I do!

Needle and Grain Quilt at Maiden South | oysters and pearls

Saturday I washed windows and then cleaned them from the inside, too.  It was a lot, and my OCD sort of took over and I ended up scrubbing down doors and such.  Much needed spring cleaning!  Then Sunday we made a pit stop at Home Depot after church for some plants.  I did some potting and Wheat and I both put out tons of pine straw.  Our yard looks so much better now!  Don’t mind the dead grass, weeds, and wilted looking pansies.  Hopefully with daily watering they perk up!

We finally picked a couple of camellias to go in front of our shed – an area that has been an eye sore since we built the shed.  I love them!

Camellia Sasanqua | oysters and pearls

Camellias Planted in front of Shed | oysters and pearls

I spruced up all our pots on the patio, which was also desperately needed. Love these deep purple pansies, even if they look a little bedraggled here.

Potted Pansies and Chives | oysters and pearlsPotted Pansies | oysters and pearlsPotted Pansies and Agapanthus | oysters and pearls

I also got rid of our patio furniture.  It had cushions, which has meant that since we got Juin, it has become her outdoor bedding.  We couldn’t use it ourselves because it stayed dirty, and I was tired to cleaning it just for her to dirty it up again.  BE GONE!  So now I’ll be on the hunt for metal furniture with ZERO CUSHIONS.

Furniture Free Back Patio  | oysters and pearls

And then whilst watching the Oscars last night, I finished up this little pair of adorable tiny britches for baby K!  They still need washing and blocking – does anyone get weird gaps when knitting on double pointed needles?  I’m hoping those even out when I wash and block them.  Tips?

Tiny Britches for Baby Kirbo | oysters and pearls

I cannot believe in 2 short months, I will have a baby to wear them!  In the meantime, they’re such a quick knit and so darn cute, I’ll be knitting another pair of them. :)

I plan on sharing the baby’s nursery next week if I can finish up a couple of last minute projects… but until then, here’s my Sunday morning happy view.

Sneak Peek at Baby Kirbo's Navy Nursery | oysters and pearls

Details to come!

Until Next Time - oysters and pearls

Bainbridge Art & Wine Walk

Happy Good Friday to all!

Last night was the Downtown Bainbridge Art & Wine Walk, and while I didn’t snap nearly enough pictures, I wanted to share a few of them with you. We had so much fun exploring our local businesses downtown!

Art & Wine Walkers in Downtown Bainbridge

Snapping Pictures in 401 Broad

Atelier at 401 Broad in Downtown Bainbridge

The View from Atelier at 401 Broad in Downtown Bainbridge

Art by Local Artists Ashley Long and Vicki Bailey in Artsy on the Square in Downtown Bainbridge

Local Artist Ashley Long and Jessica Grace of The Refinery in front of Ashley’s Mural in the Yard at Crave Eatery in Downtown Bainbridge

The Refinery now has candles on each and every table at Crave Eatery – Thanks, Lori!

Good Morning from Bainbridge on Instagram, @goodmorningbainbridge

Pretty awesome, right?

– No pictures, but the Museum downtown is awesome.  I could spend days in there.

– Meeting new friends along the way.  There were 19 stops, and we didn’t make them all, but we had a lot of fun trying!  A good time was had by all, and I would be willing to bet that there are a few headaches around town this morning if you made all 19 stops. ;)

This year’s A&WW was so much more fun than last year’s.  I can only hope it will keep on getting better!  Thanks to Downtown for participating and to everyone who came out!

I’ll be baking all day (I have the day off!) so at least I won’t be wishing I was outside.  It’s supposed to pour all day!  Please cross your collective fingers that it quits before the party we are hosting tomorrow evening to honor my BIL and his fiancé!!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Until Next Time

The Yard at Crave Eatery is Open!

A quick post today to let you locals know that the Yard at Crave Eatery is open! We got a little sneak peek last night, and it is awesome. Lori and her team have worked really hard to turn what once was a couple of parking spots into a relaxing, casual outdoor dining area with loads of charm.  They turned their own leftover wine bottles into lighting, planted all the borders and beds full of herbs for the kitchen, and they’ve really turned into a place full of style and ambiance.  They’ve even got an order in for candles from The Refinery for all the tables.  I love that Lori is committed to getting creative with repurposing materials and shopping locally to support the women of Still Waters.

I, for one, can’t wait to do some happy houring out in the Yard!




The wall mural was painted by local artist Ashley Long, who you can visit over at Artsy on the Square.

So, you should sit in the Yard today for lunch – it’s going to be a gorgeous Spring day!  And just in case you haven’t yet been to Crave, here are some of my ‘grams from the past to tempt your tastebuds.  As you may deduce, the nutty chicken salad salad is one of my absolute favorites.  Be sure to like Crave on Facebook and/or follow Crave on Twitter for a heads up on the daily lunch and dinner specials.

As a side note, for those of you with Instagram or Twitter, try searching the #bainbridgega hashtag- it’s a neat way to see what people in town are up to!

And as another side note and recent news to me, BAINBRIDGE HAS AN APP.  You can search “bainbridge georgia” in the iTunes App Store and download it for free.  It needs a little work IMHO (being able to share events on your own social media straight from the app would be ideal), but it’s pretty great overall!  It’s an easy way to find out what’s going on, where to eat and drink, where to shop, and generally explore Bainbridge.  It would be especially great for those visiting!

That’s my two cents for today, and I apologize it doesn’t affect anyone but SoWeGans, but I am just so ridiculously excited about outdoor dining downtown at one of my favorite restaurants that I had to share!

Until Next Time