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Thomasville Companies in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards

Martha Stewart American Made Awards

Directly from the website:

American Made spotlights the maker, supports the local, and celebrates the handmade. The program is made up of people and communities that have turned their passion for quality craftsmanship and well-designed goods into a way of life.

For more than 20 years, Martha Stewart has celebrated this spirit of innovation in the pages of her magazines and on her television shows. Now, through American Made, Martha Stewart and the editors of Martha Stewart Living are spotlighting the next generation of great American makers: entrepreneurs, artisans, and small-business owners who are creating beautiful, inspiring, useful products; pioneering new industries; improving local communities; and changing the way we eat, shop, work, and live.

We believe we are in the midst of a shift in our culture where creative entrepreneurs are defining a new American economy. From Detroit to Des Moines, Spokane to St. Louis, people are choosing Main Street over mini-malls—supporting the local and the handmade. Our country’s makers are sparking this change by taking a leap, banking on their creativity and craftsmanship, and living their version of the American dream.

This is where you will meet, learn from, and be inspired by fellow makers from around the country. Welcome.

That sums it up nicely, and y’all know how I feel about American-made items.  I’m opening up an entire store based on that very affection.  But there are three awesome companies based right up the road (a road I travel many times per week) in our own Thomasville, Georgia that are in the running to win the Martha Stewart American Made Awards!  I thought I would do a little spotlight on them and encourage you all to go vote for them!  Let’s help SoWeGa gain a little national recognition from my home girl.

Dreaming Cow Creamery

Dreaming Cow Creamery Cows | Oysters & Pearls

Dreaming Cow Creamery‘s offices are located in Thomasville, but the gals (cows) are located on their farm in Pavo.  A sister company of famed Sweet Grass Dairy, Dreaming Cow Creamery makes New Zealand-style full fat yogurt that is out. of. this. world.  Wheat and I are obsessed with their yogurt and have been since I lived in Tallahassee.  It’s the bomb.com and my personal favorite-of-all-time yogurt.  Their cows are grass-fed year-round, and in the heat of the South Georgia summer spend their time under irrigation pivots.  They lead happy, happy lives, which much be why their yogurt tastes so darn good.

Vote for Dreaming Cow Creamery!

Dreaming Cow Creamery Cows Closeup | Oysters & Pearls

Blackberry Patch

Blackberry Patch Pepper Jelly | Oysters & Pearls

I’ve mentioned Blackberry Patch here before – they were at Due South’s Makers Market.  And they’re stuff is the jam.  (I know y’all love my puns…?)  Founded in 1988, Blackberry Patch makes all manner of fruity jarred goodness, including syrups, jams, jellies, and even salsas, using real fruits and family recipes.  They give back to the community, too!  Each year, a portion of the profits from Blackberry Patch goes to support four charities: Marion Medical Missions, providing clean water in developing nations; The Gideons, bringing the Word of God to millions each year, Habitat for Humanity, providing sustainable housing around the globe.

Vote for Blackberry Patch!

Blackberry Patch Syrups | Oysters & Pearls

Schermer Pecans

Schermer Pecans | Oysters & Pearls

You’ve seen Schermer Pecans here on O&P before, too – they sponsored the 2014 Southern C Summit!  A family-owned for 65 years and true Southwest Georgia-wide operation, Schermer Pecans‘ trees are just outside of Albany, Georgia, and their offices are in Thomasville.  Not just plain ole pecans, Schermer Pecans has candied pecans and tons of gift options, too.  Plus, y’all know I am a fan of anyone who is a fan of my beloved spaniels.

Vote for Schermer Pecans!

Schermer Pecans with Spaniels | Oysters & Pearls

All right, you’ve got the dirt on these three so… GO VOTE!  You can vote six times per day once you register, up until October 13th. It would be so great to see one of these win the Fan Favorite Award.  So be a doll and hop to it!

Martha Steward American Made Awards 2014 Nominees

Vote for Schermer Pecans
Vote for Blackberry Patch
Vote for Dreaming Cow Creamery

Until Next Time

Southern Makers: Knot + Bow Designs + Jewelry Giveaway

I met Karli Campbell Buxton of Knot + Bow Designs at Due South in Thomasville, Georgia.  I was instantly beguiled by the colorful, sparkling gemstones and high quality craftsmanship of her work.  And who could blame me?  I’m still lusting after a few of these pieces!

Knot + Bow Designs Nature-Inspired Necklaces | Oysters & Pearls

Karli loved clothes and accessories from a very young age, so when she got to Georgia Southern University, Fashion Merchandising was the only major that caught her eye and interest.  Knot + Bow Statement Rings | Oysters & Pearls Knot + Bow Rings | Oysters & Pearls

After graduating, she moved to New York City and worked under fashion designer Don O’Neill of Theia.  Despite loving the big city lights, Karli new that NYC wasn’t her forever home.  She moved back to Georgia with her experience, her husband, Daniel, and their lab, Georgia, and began designing jewelry.Knot + Bow Designs Statement Necklaces  | Oysters & Pearls

As evidenced by her work, Karli is inspired by raw stones and other natural elements.  Her current obsessions make their way into her designs each season.  Knot & Bow Designs at Due South Makers Market | Oysters & Pearls

A true Southern girl, she loves the hospitality of the South that drew her back to Georgia, old Southern homes, and interior design.  Good Southern cooking may have been part of the call back home, too.  Knot + Bow Designs by Karli | Oysters & Pearls Knot + Bow Designs Statement Necklaces | Oysters & Pearls

Karli started making jewelry on the side while working at a boutique in Macon.  She became so busy with selling jewelry that she couldn’t get her orders filled, and that’s when she knew it was time to take Knot + Bow Designs full-time.  Now, she has her designs in over 70 retail locations, from Georgia to California and everywhere in between.  Even with her success and growth, each piece of Knot + Bow Designs jewelry is still made by hand right there in Macon, Georgia by Karli herself.Knot + Bow Designs Earrings | Oysters & Pearls Knot + Bow Designs NecklacesIf these pictures don’t have you starry-eyed by now, I don’t know what will do it.  Luckily, Karli has graciously offered to give away a pair of earrings to one of my readers!  Now guys, don’t be shy – I know you know a lady who would love to win this jewelry giveaway, too!

Knot + Bow Designs Earring Giveaway on Oysters & Pearls Blog  Know and Bow Designs Giveaway | Oysters & Pearls

These earrings would be perfect for any Seminole fans out there… The coral and pyrite make quite the statement!  And the arrowheads aren’t just for Nole fans.  As you can tell by her other pieces, arrowheads are on trend for anyone and everyone this season.

Knot + Bow Designs Earrings | Oysters & Pearls Giveaway


Because there’s always a catch!  If you’d like to win this gorgeous pair of Knot + Bow earrings, just leave a comment below telling us how you would wear them, why you want them, or just that you think they’re real pretty.

Earn an extra entry by following both @oystersandpearls and @knotandbowdesigns on Instagram AND sharing the official giveaway photo below using the hashtag #oandpgiveaway.  You can enter by sharing the photo once per day.  Be sure to include the hashtag to be counted!  One winner will be randomly selected on Friday, July 18th.

#oandpgiveaway with knot and bow designs

If you just can’t wait to see if you win, shop online at Knot + Bow Designs!  You can also keep up with Karli on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Good luck!

Shop this post:
Knot & Bow Designs (online)

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Until Next Time

2014 Due South in Thomasville, Georgia

 As promised, here is how the rest of our evening went at Due South, which supports the Thomasville Center for the Arts.

Due South 2014 in Thomasville, Georgia | Oysters & Pearls

Thomasville Center for the Arts + Due South | Oysters & Pearls

J.B. Crumb Catering at Due South  | Oysters & Pearls

Cathead Vodka Supports Live Music at Due South | Oysters & Pearls

VIP Entrance at Due South | Oysters & Pearls

Due South VIP | Oysters & Pearls

All the restaurants in town were represented, but you know where my first stop was… The Plaza’s Oyster Bar.

The Plaza Restaurant and Oyster Bar and Southern Pines at Due South | Oysters & Pearls

Oysters from The Plaza at Due South | Oysters & Pearls

I also loaded up on cornbread with Bradley’s sausage and tomato jam, plus Sweet Grass Dairy Green Hill cheese and crackers from Blue Coop

Blue Coop at Due South with Bradley's Sausage Cornbread and Tomato Jam and Sweet Grass Dairy Green Hill Cheese | Oysters & Pearls

… fried okra (for the life of me I can’t remember who sponsored this table!?)…

Fried Okra at Due South | Oysters & Pearls

…shrimp and a strawberry-goat cheese concoction from Liam’s

Shrimp from Liam's at Due South | Oysters & Pearls

…and lots of other delicious eats from local favorites such as Fallin’s BBQMom & Dad’s, Chop House on the Bricks, and more.

Due South Eats | Oysters & Pearls

Due South Eats, Including Crab Cakes and Bruschetta from Mom & Dad's | Oysters & Pearls

Due South Eats | Oysters & Pearls

We had the most AMAZING cocktails from Liam’s and Cathead Vodka, and then sampled some beers from Tallahassee’s newest brewery, Grasslands Brewery!

Due South, Sponsored by Thomasville National Bank, in Thomasville, Georgia

Lemon Cocktail from Liam's with Cathead Vodka | Oysters & Pearls

GrassLands Brewing Company Tasting at Due South | Oysters & Pearls

Finally, we ventured back outside to enjoy Two Foot Level and Rosie Ledet and the Zydeco Playboys and a gorgeous sunset.

Jessica Grace at Due South | Oysters & Pearls

Hoopers at Due South | Oysters & Pearls

Due South 2014 | Oysters & Pearls

Due South 2014 in Thomasville, Georgia | Oysters & Pearls

Hooper at Due South | Oysters & Pearls

Texture - Old Coca-Cola Bottling Plant - Due South | Oysters & Pearls

Due South 2014 in Thomasville | Oysters & Pearls

Sunset at Due South 2014 | Oysters & Pearls


Rosie Ledet & The Zydeco Playboys at Due South 2014 | Oysters & Pearls

Zydeco Playboy at Due South 2014 | Oysters & Pearls

Zydeco Playboy at Due South 2014 | Oysters & Pearls

Rosie Ledet & The Zydeco Playboys at Due South 2014 | Oysters & Pearls

Rosie Ledet & The Zydeco Playboys at Due South 2014 | Oysters & Pearls

I can hardly wait for Due South 2015!

Until Next Time