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Friday Finds


But seriously.  TGIF.

It’s been another long week, amiright?

This Friday Finds isn’t nearly as cool as last week’s post, but it’ll do pig.  It’ll do.

Here’s what I’m obsessing over this week.

This entire outfit from Anthropologie.


I am obsessed with everything in this picture. Even her hair. I *will* have that fabulous red bag lady sweater at some point in the very near future, if I have anything to do with it.
And I do.

However, I don’t see myself purchasing very expensive jeans in the near future, so I made a substitution.

These deconstructed Gap jeans.

Gap Deconstructed Real Straight JeansGap Deconstructed Real Straight Jeans

I was in Tallahassee last weekend for a hair appointment, and hopped over to the mall and tried these on.  I got them in short length, because I’m short, but also so that I could wear them more like the ones in the Anthro picture above with my own bag lady sweaters (until I purchase that red one, of course).


Bag lady sweaters are the BEST.  Mary Kate and Ashley exemplify the perfect bag lady chic vibe I like to go for in the fall.


Right? Ultimate bag lady chic.

Another thing I’m loving lately is my new favorite Food Network Show, Heartland Table


She isn’t Southern, per se, but she appeals to a Southern viewer, which I find refreshing amongst the “Southern” Food Network crowd.  There are no airs about this gal.  No cane syrup-sweet accent she’s laying on too thick.  She uses a normal human amount of butter in her recipes.  She doesn’t break into uncomfortable song at the end of every episode. But she grows her own food, visits and talks with farmers, and is really laid back and almost suspiciously normal-acting in front of the camera.  Like, I could be friends with this girl.  I could be this girl.
Except, by no fault of my own, I would have a cane-syrup-thick accent.

Anyway, I love her show.  She makes pie dough from scratch, grows her own lettuce, and doesn’t  annoy the shiz out of me.  I highly suggest you check her show out!  I’ve got all of them DVR’d, if you want to come over and marathon it with me.

Bobbi Brown Makeup


I haven’t been loving my makeup for the past year or two.  I feel like my skin has changed a lot (#midtwenties), and I just couldn’t figure out what worked for me.  I saw this feature on Bobbi Brown on CBS Sunday Morning (my FAVE!) and loved her natural aesthetic.  Then I started seeing Katie Holmes around in her Bobbi Brown, and she’s looking better than she ever has, IMHO.  So Saturday after my hair appointment, I went and got a full makeover at the Bobbi Brown counter in Dillard’s.  It was awesome.  I wish I could have bought everything they used on me, but alas, I still have to save up for those J.Crew boots, Madewell boots, and red bag lady sweater from Anthro.  I did purchase the liquid foundation pictured above, as well as the undereye corrector and concealer.  I am LOVING it all.  If you’re interested in the CBS Sunday Morning feature on her, {click here}.  I love how she puts her philosophy: “All women are beautiful.  What beauty is to me, is not looking like a super model, not looking like a Barbie doll.  It’s about being comfortable in your own skin and knowing how to use makeup to make you look better and enhance who you are.”
Isn’t that what we all want out of our makeup?

Speaking of all things girlie, I’m also loving my borrowed curling iron from Charity.

Ion Titanium Pro Curling Iron

I am just now learning to use these girl tools, and I really didn’t know how to use a curling iron. But Charity let me borrow this curling iron, and after a quick text tutorial from Rachel, I am feeling fairly confident at actually doing things to my hair.  Thanks Charity and Rachel! As proof of my new-found hair potential, please enjoy this awkward bathroom selfie.


I can be quite the awkward turtle, I’m well aware.  I’ve just been blowing it out straight, which takes surprisingly little time, then run a flat iron through it, then a curling iron.  Or just the curling iron.  I don’t really know, I’ve only been doing it for a few days and I am really new at actually doing things to my hair.  Update: here’s one from this morning after using the curling iron – I’m getting better!

Any product or curling iron suggestions for me?

So that’s what I’m loving in my world right now.  What are you loving?

Happy Fall Friday!  Go forth and soak up all the glorious Fall weather we’re having!



Curly Hair, Don’t Care

I have curly hair. Ya know, in case you haven’t noticed. To be specific, I have fine curly hair. I was raised by a Mama who has had board straight hair her whole life, bless her. She didn’t have a clue what to do with all my hair! So she braided it. And in middle school and high school, as most (all?) girls with curly hair do, I attempted to straighten it. And I was uber jealous of the straight haired girls. And I absolutely hated my hair.

Fast forward ten years or so, I almost always love my curly hair. However, I feel like I just really got comfortable in my hair a couple years ago, mainly due to finally figuring out the products that work the best for me. It took YEARS to figure this out, and so much trial and error. I get a lot of questions in real life about what products I use on my hair, and I realized I would have loved to have read this exact post years ago. So here are my tried and true favorite hair products!

(1) Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque



I use this tub o’ gook on my hair right after I get out of the shower every. Single. Day. It’s been the best thing to happen to my hair…. Ever. It says its a mask, but I just use a quarter size dollop (or more, depending on how dry/damaged my hair is at the time) and leave it in. Don’t put it on your roots unless you are going to be rinsing it out – otherwise you will look like a total greaseball. It absorbs right into to your hair! It’s amazing. I also use the same brand and flavor shampoo and conditioner. And I regularly use this tub o’ goop on sunburns, dry skin…. It’s pretty much a cure all. Good stuff, for real. I get this from Walmart or Target. Online here.

(2) Umberto Beverly Hills Curl Enhancing Lotion


This is what I use on top of the “mask” on any given day. I always struggled with “for curly hair” products because they made my hair curlier. I didn’t want it curlier, I just didn’t want an Afro! Then I discovered this. It keeps my hair from frizzing and provides super light and touchable hold (i.e. no crunchy curls). I usually shower at night and use these two products on my wet hair, sleep on it, and wake up and fluff it up. Mainly because I’m a lazy bum and like to sleep in until the last possible second like I’m still in high school. Anyway, it’s the bomb.com. I get it from Target. They have changed their packaging since I bought this bottle, so don’t let that throw you. Online here.

(3). Bb Styling Creme


I really like the way this one makes my hair look in pictures, but I don’t love how it makes my hair feel. It doesn’t make it crunchy…. Just more tangly. I definitely can’t sleep on this product. I use this one if I’m showering and getting ready/dressed in the morning. It’s been a good one to have in my arsenal. I purchased at Target, but it looks like they no longer carry it. Online here.

(4) Organix extra strength Moroccan Argan Oil


Sometimes in the mornings I’ll use this cheap argan oil substitute to smooth over rogue baby hairs or what have you. It’s good for little fixes, but obviously provides zero hold, so it’s not something I would ever be able to use alone. But it’s decent as a third level of defense against the fro. I purchased it from Walmart.

(5) Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil


Finally, this is a 100% argan oil. I add a couple drops of this to my face lotion after I wash my face, and I often will add a few drops to the Shea Moisture mask for my hair. It is expensive though, and my hair eats it right up, so it’s best to add it to my “mask”/leave-in conditioner so as not to waste. However, it’s good stuff. Real good stuff. Best used in conjunction with other moisturizer. Unless you’re loaded. In which case, please send me some. You can get it at Sephora and Amazon for the same price.

I don’t have tons of pictures on here exemplifying my hair do, so I thought I would grace the blog with some awkward work bathroom selfies since I was having a decent hair day yesterday. You’re welcome.



So there ya go! That’s my hair routine. You know what they say… Hindsight is 20/20, If I knew then what I know now… Blah blah blah. If this helps one person know wth to do with their curly hair, this entire blog is probably worth it. I’ll be back to food and gardening and what have you now, as this is basically the entire extent of my beauty product knowledge.


Our Wedding

I’ve had a couple people request a wedding post, and another request to see our oyster cake topper.  I had put it off, but Lilly Pulitzer‘s recent passing reminded me of what I wore on my wedding day, and in light of our upcoming one year anniversary, AND in light of the fact that I’m traveling to Miami as you read this for my dear friend Jessica’s wedding… I decided that a wedding post was in order today!

Our wonderful photographer was Mary Beth Tyson.  She was a dream to work with, is ridiculously nice, and is an amazing photographer.  I HIGHLY recommend her!  All the pictures in this post are Mary Beth’s work.  You can view more of her work on her website/blog here.   Okay, here we go!

2002Harold, looking very dapper in his blue seersucker bowtie, from Ryan at Pecan Pie Puppies.  I also purchased my mom’s yorkie, Babe, a bowtie, and my sister’s poodle, Betsy, a hydrangea collar adornment.  They were all SO adorable, and Ryan was wonderful to work with.

2106The Bar set up.   It was a family and close friends only wedding (still approximately 80 people or so), but there was no shortage of booze or fun.2107The story with the boat: A childhood friend and I sanded, repainted, and sealed this old sailboat back in middle school, and it’s been a fixture at our lakehouse ever since.  It was perfect for a boatload of beer at the wedding.  I ordered our koozies from Koozie Revolution, and have ordered from them again since.   I love hydrangeas, and they were everywhere!  We recently (finally) planted this hydrangea from the boat in our yard, along with another one from the wedding.  They are doing so well, and will be a special reminder in our yard of our wedding day!2111I used my own collection of antique blue ball jars for aisle arrangements (on shephard’s hooks down the “aisle” in the sand).  I ordered the peach ribbon in bulk from Amazon, and the hydrangeas were from Bayside Florist in Port St. Joe.2155There was literally a waterspout down the beach a bit during the insane thunderstorm earlier on our wedding day.  I was freaking out, of course.  But just in time, the clouds parted and the sun came out and we had a gorgeous sunset!2191

My handsome daddy walking me down the aisle.

What I wore: I’ve always been a no muss, no fuss kinda gal, and couldn’t see myself wearing a big fancy dress… so I wore a white Lilly Pulitzer dress (no longer available).  Here is the Lilly white dress collection for this year, though.  J.Crew earrings (no longer available but similar from Kate Spade here).  I got my birdcage veil on Etsy from Bows N Berries.  I wore a very, very old pearl bracelet that was passed down to me from my grandmother (something old) and borrowed my sister’s sapphire ring (something blue and borrowed).  I didn’t wear them until after the ceremony, but I also wore these basketweave Lilly wedges.

2013My sister, Anna Jo, also did my hair and makeup!  She had just started back then, but she just graduated from Aveda hair school a couple weeks ago, and we’re very proud!  She also did my mom’s hair, and her own (duh).  She’s looking for a job in Jacksonville, Florida, if you’re looking for a stylist! ;)

2026My mom, Lisa, and Anna Jo also wore Lilly dresses.  It was only appropriate at a casual beach wedding!

2314 2318

2192My handsome groom and his dad, Bruce, and his brothers, Parks and Carlyle.2238It was (obviously) a very casual beach affair!2267Saying the vows!

2380So very happy :)

2415 2482Our caterer was the amazing Jessica at Gourmet by the Bay!  She made the BEST little mini fish tacos, grilled veggies, bruschetta, mini crabcakes, little chicken salad sliders… all of her food is unbelievably delicious.  She has a food truck that is often found serving to-die-for beignets and biscuits along the beach during the summer, and she is currently posted up in Blountstown, Florida (my semi-hometown and the location of her previous incarnation as Wisteria Cafe).  Like her on Facebook, and if you ever see her truck… STOP AND EAT IMMEDIATELY.2387The gorgeous sunset and our cake!  It was REALLY windy though, so we had to go ahead and lay the crystal toasting flutes down.  Our cake was by Rhonda Tull in Port St. Joe, and it was perfect!  I gave her a picture from Real Simple (haven’t tracked it down online but it was from a Real Simple Weddings last year) and topped it with my oyster shell topper (more on that next).  If you’re interested in Rhonda’s cakes, you can find more about her and see some of her other cakes on her MySpace Page and read reviews about her cakes here.

2390And finally, our rings on our oyster cake topper. Wheat and I connected at a local oyster bar (Reagan’s, for those familiar with St. Joe Beach/Mexico Beach).  We got married in front of my parents’ beach house.  We love oysters.  It was only appropriate.  I bought our handmade porcelain oyster shell cake topper from Holly Heaslip at The Bay Scallop Shop.  I am still in love with it a year later.  All of our jewelry is from Godwin’s Jewelry in Bainbridge, Georgia.  I cannot say enough good things about Godwin’s!


That about covers it all!  My wedding was a little different than most, and very small with a lot of DIY-ing and help from beloved family and friends.  I could never have done it without my amazing Mama, or our friend Howard, my aunt Lori, cousin Kristy, grandmother Tezzie, sister Anna Jo, and everyone else who helped make it happen.  It was a short engagement (i.e. 2 months!), and I wasn’t sure it could be done, but we did it!  And it was perfect.  We were surrounded by family and best friends, and had the most amazing and fun weekend ever before leaving far too early the next morning for the airport.  Perfect.



I’ll be MIA in MIA all weekend ;) celebrating Jessica and Evan’s nuptials, but I’ll be sure to fill you in on all the romantic and fun details next week.  I can hardly wait to be reunited with my college girlfriends and spend a weekend in the hot south Florida sunshine while celebrating one of our own.  Cheers to Jessica and Evan!