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Pearls of Wisdom: Get Inspired (with Podcasts)

Anyone else obsessed with podcasts? I practically live in my car, and podcasts are such a source of inspiration for me. One of my recent favorite podcasts is called, “How I Built This.” 

NPR’s How I Built This
It is so inspiring to hear how successful entrepreneurs got their start and built their businesses. I especially loved this episode with Jim Koch, founder of Sam Adams Brewery. My favorite bit was when he started comparing life to mountain climbing (a theme throughout his life), and discussing the difference between “scary” and “dangerous.” He felt leaving his corporate job was “scary,” but not dangerous, that the truly dangerous thing to his soul was staying in that corporate job and not following his dreams. 

These podcasts are not only inspiring, they often have incredibly helpful tidbits for aspiring entrepreneurs, too. For those that never stop learning (oh hai there!) these podcasts are not just entertaining and inspiring, but are little learning opportunities you can squeeze into an already busy day. 

What are your favorite podcasts? Help me build my list. 

Pearls of Wisdom: Liz Gilbert

Tuesday afternoon/evening, I took myself on a date.


I left work a little early, took myself to Tallahassee, did a little window shopping (and bought not a single thing… does this mean I’m growing up?), went to dinner, and then to a show.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Gilbert, most especially her latest book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.   As it happens, Liz Gilbert came to Tallahassee as part of the (what used to be Seven Days of…) Opening Nights at FSU.  


She spoke at Ruby Diamond Auditorium Tuesday night, and I went all by my lonesome, and it was wonderful.  I’m so grateful to have taken an entire afternoon and night to be with myself.  It could be quite a while before I get that chance again, as le bebe is set to arrive the first week of May!

Liz Gilbert - Women Who Wait | oysters and pearls

In addition to being one grateful introvert for time spent alone and unhurried, I was so grateful to have been able to hear Liz Gilbert speak.  She speaks just as she writes, and she is inspiring, motivating, witty, entertaining, down to earth, and so, so funny.   I was furiously jotting down notes when I remembered to do so, and I came away with two favorite quips from Liz.  I couldn’t decide which one I liked best for this graphic, so I made both.

Liz Gilbert on Authenticity


And if you ever get the chance to see Liz in person, don’t miss it!

liz gilbert, big magic oysters and pearls

Until Next Time | oysters and pearls

Pearls of Wisdom: When I Grow Up

Friday Inspiration: When I Grow Up

We’ve had this little card stuck on the mirror at Maiden South – in our original space – practically since the day we opened up.  It rings true for Jess (the artist formerly known and sometimes currently known as Gracie) and I both… I think sometimes the creative mind can be positively overwhelmed with all the things we want to do!  And often, we think we can do them all.  And sometimes, we can come close. ;)

I am fortunate enough to be able to do most of the things I want to do, when I want to do them. I have an incredibly supportive husband and parents and sister and in-laws and friends.  Because I feel secure in my personal life, I feel more able to take risks elsewhere (ya know, like open up a shop in a tiny town).  I’m so grateful that I have always felt able to try new things, learn new things, and do new things, and I’m constantly adding things to my list of what I want to do and be when I grow up.  At 29 years old and expecting a baby, I know I should probably feel grown up already, but I don’t wanna grow up!  And I want to show this baby that as long as you can be self-sufficient, you can do your best to try and do and be all the things you want to do when you grow up… often without actually growing up. I hope that you are doing the many things you want to do when you grow up this weekend!

As an aside, I’m also overwhelmed with all the things to be excited about in my life at this moment.  I’m happier at home, at work, at the shop, and otherwise I think than I have ever been.  I have my college best friends coming into town this weekend (we’ll miss you MK!) to celebrate and shower baby K with all our friends here, and that on top of everything else has my heart feeling like it’s about to explode.  Saying prayers for safe travels for all my besties and prayers of thanks for sheer joy this weekend!

Until Next Time - oysters and pearls