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Baby K: One Last Bumpdate

It’s truly difficult for me to believe we will be meeting this baby this week!  I’m so grateful to everyone who has showered Wheat, Baby K and me with so much love over the past few months.  We cannot wait to meet this little person we made, and we can’t wait to introduce him or her to everyone!

Baby Kirbo's Bee Baby Shower | oysters and pearls

That being said, I’ll be MIA for a while, but I look forward to getting back on my feet and sharing our new life as a family of three in the near future.  Between everything we’ve got going on, 2 crazy dogs and a cat, plus this sweet baby, it’s sure to be chaos around these parts for a while!   Until I’m back on the blog, follow along with this new adventure on Instagram (@oystersandpearls), Twitter (@oystersnpearls), or Snapchat (@nataliekirbo) for updates on how life in the Kirbo casa is going!

Once again, thanks for all the love, friends!

Until Next Time - oysters and pearls

What I’m Knitting Now: Tin Can Knits Flax Sweater

Well technically I’m not knitting the Tin Can Knits Flax anymore… because I’m finished!

I was going to give myself a year… A YEAR (!) to finish this Flax sweater in Sweet Georgia super wash worsted (color is English Ivy).  Yarn was purchased from – where else? – Fuzzy Goat in Thomasville.  I chose the 1 to 2 years size in the Flax because I figured 1) that would give me plenty of time to knit it and 2) it would give baby K plenty of growing room.

I cast on the first full day of our #bacation in the mountains a few weeks ago.  I figured it would be a great sweater to teach myself how to knit a sweater, since the Tin Can Knits Simple Collection comes along with lots of blog posts on how-to’s on all the steps of the sweater, and there are TONS of projects already out there to take a look at on Ravelry.  I was correct in that having all these resources made it MUCH easier to knit my first little sweater!

Cast on Tin Can Knits Flax Sweater for Baby Kirbo FRESH Wood Fired Pizza in Black Mountain, North Carolina | oysters and pearls

I casually knitted a bit each morning and each night, along with some solid car knitting, and once the shoulders were complete (it’s a top down in the round pattern), it was just steady stockinette stitching, and it went SO quickly!

Tin Can Knits Flax Sweater for Baby Kirbo - Progress | oysters and pearls

I learned a bit of garment construction with this little sweater, and the basics of a top down sweater, and it turned out so cute I can barely stand it!

Tin Can Knits Flax Sweater in Sweet Georgia English Ivy, and Maisie Daze Fleecery Alpaca Yarn from Cairo, Georgia - Vacation Knitting | oysters and pearls

I seriously keep picking it up going, “I TURNED YARN INTO THISSSSS!!!!!”  I feel like a knitting super hero.  If sweater knitting is always this satisfying, consider me a sweater knitting soon-to-be addict.  It may or may not help that it’s so little and adorable.  I cannot believe in a few short weeks (12, give or take!) there will be a real live bebe living in my house and able to wear this sweater.  Well, not immediately, but you get the gist.

Now I’m wrapping up some more little projects – a Rivoletto cowl with Maisie Daze Fleecery alpaca yarn from Cairo, Georgia (available at Fuzzy Goat!), some tiny pants for baby K (aka precious adorable knit diaper covers), and another little side project I just blocked, and then I’ve decided I’m going to start working on a sweater for myself!  It will be my summer project and hopefully I’ll finish it up in time for next Fall.  It took me ages to figure out which one I wanted to knit for myself, and I thought about knitting a Flax for my own self, but decided that would be boring.  Plus it looks a bit frumpy on the mom in the pictures on Ravelry.  Then I was leaning toward the Lila, thanks to this My First Sweater post over on Fringe Association, which is another top-down sweater with worsted weight yarn.  The perk of this one is that I’d get to learn short rows – I always try to learn at least one new thing with each new project – so that was cool.


However, I always stress about knitting something too warm and then not being able to every really wear it here… so although I still really, really love the Lila, and I hope to knit it for myself later on down the road, I decided to pass when I ran across this post from @thecraftsessions on Instagram.

James Sweater by @thecraftsessions on Instagram | oysters and pearls

Now I am SO excited to knit this James sweater up.  It’s sport weight, so it should drape beautifully and be a bit cooler for our warmer winters down here (or be perfect for layering when it’s colder than cool).  Doesn’t the picture just make you want to knit the James?  And go to the beach?

James by Amy Miller | oysters and pearls

So that’s what’s next up in my queue.  I can barely wait to pick out the yarn!  I have a feeling with bebe K well on the way, this one might actually take me a year.  What are you knitting?

Until Next Time - oysters and pearls

Maiden South Makings

I thought I’d give y’all a little update about our little shop that could today, seeing as I’ll be spending my long Labor Day weekend working very hard to make sure that it can. ;)

I wasn’t joking when I said that Jessica and I have been building our inventory for Maiden South, both literally and figuratively.  We have lots of wonderful orders rolling in, but we are spending every second of our free time making inventory as well.  You see, we love to support makers so much because we are both makers ourselves.

Jessica has been crazy busy doing most of our buying, as well as sewing up a storm, making jewelry, and working on lots of amazing paper goods.  I have been busying myself with making stained glass Christmas ornaments, some cheeky embroidery hoop art, and lots of hand stamped jewelry!

Photography is Fun Ruler | Oysters & Pearls Stained Glass Bits and Bobs for Maiden South | Oysters & Pearls The Makings of Stained Glass Christmas Ornaments for Maiden South | Oysters & Pearls

June is becoming quite the little shop dog with me. :)

June the Shop Dog | Oysters & Pearls

And yes, I wear crocs in the shop.  Not pretty, but they sure make standing on your feet for hours on end much more bearable.  Also, June thinks they’re swell.

Treat Yo Self Cheeky Embroidery Hoop Art for Maiden South | Oysters & Pearls Hand Stamped 229 Area Code Necklace for Maiden South | Oysters & Pearls

Follow Jessica, Oysters & Pearls, and Maiden South on Instagram for more sneak peeks at what we are working on for Maiden South!

As far as the shop itself is concerned, our renovation is coming along.  The plaster is all down, the brick is exposed, the floor is cleaned up, and the little shop that could is slowly transforming into a shop that really can!

Maiden South Renovation | Oysters & Pearls

We are so excited about this little venture, and we hope that you are too.  Follow along with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest and greatest on Maiden South, and sign up for email updates on our website to get alerts on our grand opening!

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Happy Labor Day Weekend, friends!

Until Next Time