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T. G. I. F.

Yes, I’m still alive.  I know I’ve been completely MIA this week.  It’s been a really, really long one.  I’ve just been too mentally and physically and emotionally exhausted to post.  I’ve done some cooking, but I have some exciting things up my figurative sleeves that I can’t wait to share with you when the time is right!

Anyway, I do have a few very random updates for y’all today.

Remember my birthday wish list?

Well, I got the Living proof No Frizz Styling Cream.  And it. is. ah-mazing.

Living Proof No Frizz Styling Cream | Oysters & Pearls Birthday Wish List

Like, insane.  All of a sudden, after 27 years, I have the hair I always wanted.  The bumble & bumble styling cream I had been using prior to blowdrying was good… but this stuff is unreal.  My hair is silky and soft and it’s true.  It stays clean for like 3 days.  If that grosses you out, I’m terribly sorry that I’m not sorry.  This is the stuff I needed when I was 12 and had frizzy hair that my straight-haired Mama didn’t know what to do with.  If you ever, ever, ever deal with frizz – and if you live in the South, you know you do – purchase this stuff.  It’s pricey, yes.  But trust me when I say that you need it.  Every girl in the South East region of the United States of America needs this.

Olivia Palermo hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

That’s basically the most important thing I needed to tell you about today.  I can’t say it enough how much I’m in love with this goo.

Other things I’m in love with at the moment are my new Citizens of Humanity Rocket High Rise Skinny Jeans.  I ended up going with these Citizens because after much debate, I realized out of the jeans I already had, I liked my Citizens better than my Joe’s.  The Joe’s stretch out, and Citizens do not.  I prefer that lack of stretchy-ness, although I appreciate the stretch during the holidays.  However, the high rise makes up for the lack of stretch.  Plus, I have a crazy-weird long torso, so the high rise jeans just look totally normal on me.  Which is perfect.

Also, PSA: Piperlime has 25% off all boots at the moment.  I’m LOVING my Lucky Teddye boots.  Yep, I got them too.  Basically I’ve almost purchased all the times on my birthday wish list.  Sometimes a girl’s got to splurge, right?

Okay, here’s another weird thing.  Wallace has recently decided that he LOVES our jacuzzi tub.  He doesn’t like to be in it when there is water running, naturally, but he now has started begging me to run a little bit of water, then turn it off so he can get in and drink it and hang out.  Over the weekend Harold needed a bath, and Wallace got jealous.  The pictures I snapped really crack me up.

20131114-204024.jpg 20131114-204017.jpg 20131114-204008.jpg 20131114-203959.jpg 20131114-203952.jpg 20131114-203945.jpg 20131114-203936.jpg

That is the look of one terrified puppy dog trying to make his escape and one very satisfied-looking cat.  And yes, I do keep my orchids in the bathroom, thank you very much.  They love it there.

To redeem Harold’s image, here’s an adorable picture of him sleeping.


And finally, I hate to end this post on a Debbie Downer note, but….


May Taqueria Los Sanches rest in peace.  It will go down in history as introducing me to truly delicious Mexican food and green jalapeño hot sauce.  I’m grateful for the vague instructions on how to make it, I’m grateful I learned that I love tacos al pastor, and I will miss this place greatly.  Please observe a moment of silence in memory of our favorite little taqueria.


I feel a little better now.  But still pretty sad.

What makes me feel better is tonight we are having dinner for Wheat’s brother’s birthday at their parents’ house, and then tomorrow is our cheese making class at Sweet Grass Dairy!!!!

Squee! Girl noises!  I’m SO excited.  While Wheat and I are making cheese, my parents are going to be at the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival in Thomasville.  It’s going to be a busy day!  After it’s all over, we are going to come back to Bainbridge and cook supper and have a fire.  It’s officially fire season!  I’ll be back next week with real posts to tell you all about it.  Promise.  So without further adieu, I bid you Happy Friday!  Y’all have a good one.

Until Next Time

Chicken Tacos & Jalapeno Hot Sauce

There is a new Mexican restaurant in town (no, I’m not cheesily referring to our own home) that serves the BEST, most legit Mexican food in all the land. It’s called Taqueria Los Sanches, in case you’re ever in Bainbridge. I have never been very excited about “Mexican” food, but this place is so good. They hand make all of their salsa, hot sauces, even their tortillas, I’m pretty sure. Their chicken tacos haunt me in my sleep, they’re so good. Flour (soft) tortilla, chicken, fresh onion and cilantro, and sliced avocado, with a squeeze of lime and a drizzle of their delicious homemade jalapeño hot sauce. I’ve definitely, unashamedly, instagrammed their tacos, as seen below.


As you probably have deduced, I LOVE HOT SAUCE. I love Crystal, I love the Rooster sauce, I love it all. Heck, I’ve even come to love Tabasco, and I’m dying to visit Avery Island. Thus, I have become obsessed with the “green hot sauce” at Taqueria Los Sanches. The sweet girl who works there was kind enough to tell me how they make it, and this is the story of how I attempted to recreate it.

Jalapeno Hot Sauce | Oysters & Pearls

Jalapeño Hot Sauce (adapted from Taqueria Los Sanches in Bainbridge, Georgia)


– as many jalapeños as you can get your hands on
– half a vidalia onion
– 2 tablespoons onion powder
– 2 tablespoons garlic powder
– 1 teaspoon vegetable oil

Boiling Jalapenos for Hot Sauce | Oysters & Pearls

Boil peppers whole (“tails removed”) for 15 minutes or so with the rest of the ingredients. Remove from heat and puree. I only had a food processor, which didn’t puree the seeds as well as theirs was, so I pressed the hot sauce through a fine mesh strainer with a ladle and a canning funnel. It made it much runnier than theirs, which will be perfect to transfer into old hot sauce bottles. It’s almost the exact same consistency as Crystal or Tabasco hot sauce. Also, since I strained the seeds out, it’s not nearly as hot as Taqueria Los Sanches’ version. Leave ’em in if you want! Side note: I really need an immersion blender. Or just any blender. Or both.

Jalapeno Hot Sauce  | Oysters & Pearls

I ended up with 3 and a quarter jars of hot sauce. Because I don’t have a ton of room in the fridge, like ever, I decided to go ahead and process these in a hot water bath simply to see if they would be shelf stable. The best practice , however, would be to keep them in the fridge, since this recipe does not contain vinegar.  Botulism is serious business!

Jalapeno Hot Sauce Recipe | Oysters & Pearls

Since we had all this hot sauce around, naturally it was taco night at the Kirbo house. I tried to recreate my favorite tacos from Taqueria Los Sanches as best as I could, but we really just made it a taco bar of sorts.

Chicken Taco Toppings | Oysters & Pearls

Tomatoes, onions minced with cilantro, and fresh avocado slices. The limes didn’t make it into the picture above, but they are an essential part of these tacos.

Chicken Tacos | Oysters & Pearls

So much Mexican goodness!!

Chicken Tacos with Avocado | Oysters & Pearls

Might I recommend some legit Los Sanches tacos for your 4th of July celebrations? They are so colorful and festive and fresh! They’d also be tasty with shrimp or fish.

Whatever you’re doing to celebrate this great nation of ours, be safe and remember, freedom isn’t free. Thank a soldier or a veteran this weekend!