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T. G. I. F.

Yes, I’m still alive.  I know I’ve been completely MIA this week.  It’s been a really, really long one.  I’ve just been too mentally and physically and emotionally exhausted to post.  I’ve done some cooking, but I have some exciting things up my figurative sleeves that I can’t wait to share with you when the time is right!

Anyway, I do have a few very random updates for y’all today.

Remember my birthday wish list?

Well, I got the Living proof No Frizz Styling Cream.  And it. is. ah-mazing.

Living Proof No Frizz Styling Cream | Oysters & Pearls Birthday Wish List

Like, insane.  All of a sudden, after 27 years, I have the hair I always wanted.  The bumble & bumble styling cream I had been using prior to blowdrying was good… but this stuff is unreal.  My hair is silky and soft and it’s true.  It stays clean for like 3 days.  If that grosses you out, I’m terribly sorry that I’m not sorry.  This is the stuff I needed when I was 12 and had frizzy hair that my straight-haired Mama didn’t know what to do with.  If you ever, ever, ever deal with frizz – and if you live in the South, you know you do – purchase this stuff.  It’s pricey, yes.  But trust me when I say that you need it.  Every girl in the South East region of the United States of America needs this.

Olivia Palermo hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

That’s basically the most important thing I needed to tell you about today.  I can’t say it enough how much I’m in love with this goo.

Other things I’m in love with at the moment are my new Citizens of Humanity Rocket High Rise Skinny Jeans.  I ended up going with these Citizens because after much debate, I realized out of the jeans I already had, I liked my Citizens better than my Joe’s.  The Joe’s stretch out, and Citizens do not.  I prefer that lack of stretchy-ness, although I appreciate the stretch during the holidays.  However, the high rise makes up for the lack of stretch.  Plus, I have a crazy-weird long torso, so the high rise jeans just look totally normal on me.  Which is perfect.

Also, PSA: Piperlime has 25% off all boots at the moment.  I’m LOVING my Lucky Teddye boots.  Yep, I got them too.  Basically I’ve almost purchased all the times on my birthday wish list.  Sometimes a girl’s got to splurge, right?

Okay, here’s another weird thing.  Wallace has recently decided that he LOVES our jacuzzi tub.  He doesn’t like to be in it when there is water running, naturally, but he now has started begging me to run a little bit of water, then turn it off so he can get in and drink it and hang out.  Over the weekend Harold needed a bath, and Wallace got jealous.  The pictures I snapped really crack me up.

20131114-204024.jpg 20131114-204017.jpg 20131114-204008.jpg 20131114-203959.jpg 20131114-203952.jpg 20131114-203945.jpg 20131114-203936.jpg

That is the look of one terrified puppy dog trying to make his escape and one very satisfied-looking cat.  And yes, I do keep my orchids in the bathroom, thank you very much.  They love it there.

To redeem Harold’s image, here’s an adorable picture of him sleeping.


And finally, I hate to end this post on a Debbie Downer note, but….


May Taqueria Los Sanches rest in peace.  It will go down in history as introducing me to truly delicious Mexican food and green jalapeño hot sauce.  I’m grateful for the vague instructions on how to make it, I’m grateful I learned that I love tacos al pastor, and I will miss this place greatly.  Please observe a moment of silence in memory of our favorite little taqueria.


I feel a little better now.  But still pretty sad.

What makes me feel better is tonight we are having dinner for Wheat’s brother’s birthday at their parents’ house, and then tomorrow is our cheese making class at Sweet Grass Dairy!!!!

Squee! Girl noises!  I’m SO excited.  While Wheat and I are making cheese, my parents are going to be at the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival in Thomasville.  It’s going to be a busy day!  After it’s all over, we are going to come back to Bainbridge and cook supper and have a fire.  It’s officially fire season!  I’ll be back next week with real posts to tell you all about it.  Promise.  So without further adieu, I bid you Happy Friday!  Y’all have a good one.

Until Next Time

Birthday Wish List

Happy Birthday to Me!  And Happy All Saints Day to the rest of you. :)

I hope y’all are enjoying your candy hangovers.  Or hangovers, generally.  Ahhhh, I remember college.

But today, I’m not hungover at all, I’m enjoying my coffee, and I turn 27 years young.  And what better time to imaginarily indulge myself on this blog than birthday?

So today is a list of things I’ve gotten, things I know I’m getting, things I want to get, and things that I want but will never, ever actually obtain.  At least, I doubt it will be any time in the realistic future.  But a girl can dream.

Let’s start with a Friday Find that I’ve already gotten.

BaByliss Pro Curling Iron


After I finally returned my friend Charity’s curling iron to her, I asked my hair stylist sister what kind of curling iron I should purchase for myself.  She recommended either a BaByliss or a Sam Villa iron.  I found this BaByliss one on Amazon (<– affiliate link!) for a very reasonable price of $30, and I couldn’t be more pleased.  It is much smoother running through your hair, and gets hot without feeling like you’re burning your hair.  And it really does make your hair shinier!  I also love that all the buttons/knobs/etc. are out of the way so I don’t accidentally mash them while I’m curling my hair.  I highly recommend it now, too!

Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Making Class

Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Making Class | Oysters & Pearls Birthday Wish List

I am so excited that Wheat got us seats in a cheese making class at Sweet Grass Dairy for my birthday!  I have always wanted to go to one, but the seats fill up SO quickly.  You learn all about the cheese making process, right there on the farm!  Then you make your own wheel of cheese and they keep it and age it for you, then ship it right to your doorstep!  Afterwards, the class includes a cheese and wine tasting.  It’s not going to be for a couple weeks, but I anticipate that the Saturday of the class will be the PERFECT day!  I can barely contain my excitement!  Squeeee!!  Girl noises!!!

Now for the list of things I don’t have, but would very much like to have.

Pandora Oyster & Pearl Charm

Pandora Oyster and Pearl Charm | Oysters & Pearls Birthday Wish List

I don’t figure I really need to explain this one, right?  I have a brown leather Pandora bracelet that I never filled up that I think this charm would be just perfect on. Please and thank you!

Living Proof No Frizz Styling Creme

Living Proof No Frizz Styling Cream | Oysters & Pearls Birthday Wish List

How many items do you ever see that have ratings of all 4 or 5 stars out of 5 stars ?  Like, nothing below that.  According to reviews, this stuff is LIFE CHANGING.  And apparently it keeps your hair cleaner for longer?  I’m ready to test the magic.  Consider it in my shopping bag.  I needed some more goo anyway.

J Brand 2311 Maria High Rise Jeans

J Brand 2311 Maria High Rise Jeans | Oysters & Pearls Birthday Wish List

Now that I’m officially an old lady, I’m all about some high rise jeans. And I want these.  I have slowly come to the realization that, while Gap jeans and the like are great, the pairs that I never really get rid of when cleaning out my closet, and continue to wear, year after year, are the ones I dropped some serious bones on.  The splurges I have made on nice jeans have paid off in cost per wear.  This is a pair I’d like to drop some bones on.  Ya know, if I really had any.  Until then, I’ll online window shop.

Gap Striped Side-Zip Dress

Gap Striped Side-Zip Dress | Oysters & Pearls Birthday Wish List

I love loose shift dresses that you can dress up or down, depending on whether you are at work or at play.  This one seems to walk that line well.  It would be adorable with a black blazer and black pointy toe flats (I LOVE my Madewell black suede Skimmers like whoa – I also want them in every color).  But it would be equally adorable with black booties and tights, or tall brown boots, or my Minnetonka moccasins… or whatever shoes you want to put on.

And speaking of shoes…

Lucky Brand Teddye Booties

Lucky Brand Teddye Booties | Oysters & Pearls Birthday Wish List

I love Lucky Brand boots.  I have a pair of tall light tan Lucky boots that I have just about worn out.  They are super durable – I have even worn them quail hunting through briars – but still super cute.  They have a decent amount of heel, but are still crazy comfortable.  I am obsessed with the amount of cushioning Lucky Brand puts in the soles of their shoes.  So I have a black pair of Lucky Brand suede booties, too.  And now, I’d like to add these to my collection.  They are very reasonably priced, based on the durability and comfort they offer.  I’m a huge supporter of Lucky Brand boots!  I’m currently waiting on a coupon or sale at Piperlime to snag these beauts. Or some birthday cash.  Or both.

And if some birthday fairy happens to be reading this, I’d also love a camel-colored cashmere scarf.  I mean, while I’m dreaming, right?

Until all these items are in my possession (ha!), I will be indulging in copious amounts of seafood this weekend at the beach.  I plan to eat at least 2 to 3 dozen of this blogs namesake bivalves before Sunday rolls around.  After all, it is my birthday!

Y’all have a great weekend!  And join us at the Apalachicola Seafood Festival, if you’re around!

Until Next Time