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Baby Kirbo’s Gender Neutral Nursery Reveal

As promised (albeit a bit later than I promised), I’m sharing the pretty-much-finished, navy, gender neutral nursery for baby K!  I know I still have some time, but I wanted to be sure I worked on the nursery mostly during second trimester, when I still had energy and could move about the cabin easily. ;)

Everyone thinks, based on the nursery, that we are having a boy, but I think that navy is gender neutral.  I actually really wanted to paint our bedroom navy!  But the nursery got the special treatment instead.  (Paint color is Sherwin Williams Seaworthy.)  Here we go, with what is perhaps my favorite post I’ve ever written!

Baby Kirbo's Gender Neutral Navy Nursery | oysters and pearls

I tried to decorate everything using vintage and antique toys, both my own childhood toys and family heirlooms, and some found, along with lots of handmade items – either by me, by someone who loves me, or from Maiden South. There isn’t really a theme, but there are a lot of bunnies and sheep.  And really just animals in general.  What can I say – I was a wildlife ecology major in undergrad!  I love my critters.

Baby Kirbo's Gender Neutral Navy Nursery | oysters and pearls

The Alphabet wall hanging is from Maiden South, and it’s so perfect in here against the navy walls.  I love looking down the hall and seeing it.

Baby Kirbo's Gender Neutral Navy Nursery | oysters and pearls

The frame on the tiny table is from when we told Wheat’s parents and the world that we were expecting.  I’ll swap that out with a picture of baby K when the time comes!  The wooden car teether toy is from Maiden South, the others are antique cast iron toy cars I’ve collected. The antique little table was in my room as a child, as was the wooden box (I used to collect wooden boxes as a kid).  The antique toy phone I picked up while junking a couple months ago.

Baby Kirbo's Gender Neutral Navy Nursery | oysters and pearls

The little Radio Flyer wagon I picked up while junking in Sneads a while back, along with a Radio Flyer miniature scooter and wheel barrow (not pictured).  They’re not old, but they’re super cute and will make great toys!  I can already picture baby K “working in the yard” with Daddy. :) Baby’s library is slowing building up and will need a bigger basket soon!  The big Cherry Pack sheep is made right here in Bainbridge and is from Maiden South (we’re currently out!) and the other little sheep was mine as a baby.

Baby Kirbo's Gender Neutral Navy Nursery | oysters and pearls

Harold gets very upset that he can’t have those sheep as his own toys, and every chance he gets he sneaks into the nursery and steals the little sheep!

Baby Kirbo's Gender Neutral Navy Nursery | oysters and pearls

Going on around the room, this antique chair was the very first thing I bought for baby K when I found out I was pregnant (and then had wrapped my head around it!).  I found it at my favorite antique store here in Bainbridge, Antique Annex.  It’s just gorgeous! And is still just about my favorite thing in the entire room.

Baby Kirbo's Gender Neutral Navy Nursery | oysters and pearls

Above, I framed one of my favorite old hymns, Blessed Assurance, that (shhhhh) I pulled out of an old hymnal I found junking for the shop, and hung it next to three little paintings by friend and artist Hillery Richards from Thomasville.  She’s currently the Artist in Residence for the Thomasville Center for the Arts! I had gotten the Bobwhite Quail chick painting from her last year when I wrote a story on her for the Thomasville Townie, which was perfect since I worked at Tall Timbers with quail chicks the summer before I started law school.  I bought the other two once I knew I was pregnant, and gold-leafed the wooden frames Hillery sells them in.  I already had the dresser, so I just swapped the top two knobs with some brass bunny knobs from Anthropologie.

Hand Knits and Cross Stitch in Baby Kirbo's Gender Neutral Nursery | oysters and pearls

On top of the dresser is a vintage mirror I got in law school from the Other Side Vintage in Tallahassee, Wheat’s baby cross stitch, my baby needlepoint, and two tiny diaper covers/britches I knitted for baby K.  Oh, and one of my favorite ultrasound pictures, where baby is sucking his/her thumb. :)

Baby Kirbo's Gender Neutral Navy Nursery | oysters and pearls

The other wall hosts the changing table, which I bought used, some fancy gray baskets from the Dollar General, along with some more special items.

Baby Kirbo's Gender Neutral Navy Nursery | oysters and pearls

The white little coat rack is pretty special indeed: it was my grandfather’s when he was a little boy, then my dad’s, then mine, and now it’s in baby K’s room.  The hook that the Flax Sweater I knit is hanging from is from Anthropologie also (sold out apparently!), and has a little brass bunny sitting on the porcelain knob.

Baby Kirbo's Gender Neutral Navy Nursery | oysters and pearls

The vintage Sunbeam poster I found in my junking, then had framed here in town.  I adore that little Sunbeam girl!

Baby Kirbo's Gender Neutral Navy Nursery | oysters and pearls

The brass lamp is from Goodwill here years ago, with a new shade from Target, an antique cast iron milk cart and horse (can you tell I love antique cast iron toys?) and a little bee basket my mom gave me years ago that she found while junking that I spray painted gold.  The hand lettered “Storms don’t last forever” framed piece I bought in Jacksonville at a shop in San Marco called Rustic with my friend Courtney a couple of months ago.  Very appropriate for a nursery, I thought! ;)

Baby Kirbo's Gender Neutral Navy Nursery | oysters and pearls

The little set of drawers was Wheat’s grandfather’s, and then Wheat’s.  EDIT: apparently I made this up in my head. Wheat’s mom just informed us that she salvaged that set of drawers from the trash pile at McLane Grocery Company that she worked for years ago in Athens, Georgia. Not quite as romantic, but hilarious I made up a different story in my head.  

My old Velveteen rabbit that my favorite babysitter gave me is peeking out from the corner, sitting on a tiny chair I got at that same shop in San Marco.  I have an obsession with tiny chairs now.  Ask Wheat. Or Courtney.

Baby Kirbo's Gender Neutral Navy Nursery | oysters and pearls

The crib is a Jenny Lind style I got on Amazon, and the crib sheet is from Amazon, too.  I knit the blanket for myself out of Loopy Mango yarn from Fuzzy Goat as a birthday treat with birthday money a couple of years ago, and since it’s not washable, it will be moving out of the nursery shortly. ;) The little lamb hanging on to the crib rail was mine when I was a baby, too!  The wooden bunting is by Handy Dandy Production that we sold at Maiden South right when we first opened.  The antique floor lamp was in my room as a child, and the glider is from Haverty’s. Details on the sheep mobile are coming soon for you knitters!

Baby Kirbo's Gender Neutral Navy Nursery | oysters and pearls

The Velveteen Rabbit was one of my very favorite books growing up, and – it could be the hormones – but I cry every time I read this quote that I purchased on Etsy from Sappho and the Moon.  The blocks are from the dollar section at Target, the antique wooden dog toy was my dad’s when he was a little boy, then mine.  The stuffed bunny is a Jellycat from Firefly in Thomasville, and the carved stone little bunny was mine (I had an extensive rock and crystal collection as a kid – I collected SO many things, and I’m not ashamed of my inherent weirdness).

Baby K is so lucky to already have so many people who love him or her so much!  Not only did my Mama knit the baby this GORGEOUS crib blanket (pattern from the Stitch n Bitch Knitter’s Handbook, Malabrigo Rios yarn from Fuzzy Goat), she is also currently working on another cotton blanket for the carrier!  She’s pretty amazing.

Hand Knit Baby Blankets | oysters and pearls

Wheat’s equally amazing (and amazingly crafty!) Aunt Martha made this beautiful quilt for baby K too!  Martha is Wheat’s mom’s sister, and their mother was an avid quilter.  Wheat and I love that Martha carries on that tradition, and I’m so grateful she trusted me with such a special new heirloom!

Handmade Baby Quilt for Baby Kirbo | oysters and pearls

So to sum it all up, this is now my favorite room in the house. :) Everything in here is special and meaningful to me and to us, and it’s full of new and old heirlooms that make me really happy.  The morning light in this room is pretty magical, and I like to sit in the glider and hope for and pray over this soon-to-be baby that will be here in approximately seven short weeks!

Everyone else seems to really like this room, too.  Harold enjoys being in here, and Elah likes testing out all of her baby cousin’s things.

Baby Kirbo's Gender Neutral Navy Nursery | oysters and pearls


My heart is so overwhelmingly full when I look around this room, and I know it’s going to grow ten sizes bigger once this baby arrives.  We’re ready for you, baby!

 Baby Kirbo's Gender Neutral Navy Nursery | oysters and pearls


Until Next Time - oysters and pearls

Leap Day 2016

Another weekend gone, another Leap Day in the books!  Here’s a recap of our weekend – it flew by!

Thursday (which I totally count as a weekend… it makes them feel longer! Wheat and I met my sister and niece for lunch at Crave Eatery.  Nat Nat and E had some play time in the sun on the back porch.  Don’t mind the awkward, sun-in-my-eyes look I’ve got going on.

Elah and Nat Nat at Crave Eatery | oysters and pearls

I did double-duty and worked at the shop on Friday.  My mom was keeping my niece and brought her up for round 2 in Bainbridge!  I don’t know that they make them any cuter, but I’m telling baby K to get with the program.

Elah at Maiden South | oysters and pearls

We got this awesome quilt in from Needle and Grain, and my mom took this awesome picture.  It would be perfect for a baby’s room… but I’m not allowing myself to take it home.  Somebody else do it before I do!

Needle and Grain Quilt at Maiden South | oysters and pearls

Saturday I washed windows and then cleaned them from the inside, too.  It was a lot, and my OCD sort of took over and I ended up scrubbing down doors and such.  Much needed spring cleaning!  Then Sunday we made a pit stop at Home Depot after church for some plants.  I did some potting and Wheat and I both put out tons of pine straw.  Our yard looks so much better now!  Don’t mind the dead grass, weeds, and wilted looking pansies.  Hopefully with daily watering they perk up!

We finally picked a couple of camellias to go in front of our shed – an area that has been an eye sore since we built the shed.  I love them!

Camellia Sasanqua | oysters and pearls

Camellias Planted in front of Shed | oysters and pearls

I spruced up all our pots on the patio, which was also desperately needed. Love these deep purple pansies, even if they look a little bedraggled here.

Potted Pansies and Chives | oysters and pearlsPotted Pansies | oysters and pearlsPotted Pansies and Agapanthus | oysters and pearls

I also got rid of our patio furniture.  It had cushions, which has meant that since we got Juin, it has become her outdoor bedding.  We couldn’t use it ourselves because it stayed dirty, and I was tired to cleaning it just for her to dirty it up again.  BE GONE!  So now I’ll be on the hunt for metal furniture with ZERO CUSHIONS.

Furniture Free Back Patio  | oysters and pearls

And then whilst watching the Oscars last night, I finished up this little pair of adorable tiny britches for baby K!  They still need washing and blocking – does anyone get weird gaps when knitting on double pointed needles?  I’m hoping those even out when I wash and block them.  Tips?

Tiny Britches for Baby Kirbo | oysters and pearls

I cannot believe in 2 short months, I will have a baby to wear them!  In the meantime, they’re such a quick knit and so darn cute, I’ll be knitting another pair of them. :)

I plan on sharing the baby’s nursery next week if I can finish up a couple of last minute projects… but until then, here’s my Sunday morning happy view.

Sneak Peek at Baby Kirbo's Navy Nursery | oysters and pearls

Details to come!

Until Next Time - oysters and pearls