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Boozeday Tuesday: Honey Bee Cocktail Recipe

It’s cocktail time again!

Kenny Chesney Blue Chair Bay Premium Rum Blogtender Nation | Oysters & Pearls

While rum may conjure up images of pirates, coconuts, beaches, and daiquiris, I assure you, some rum drinks are meant for sipping fireside.  So when Blue Chair Bay Rum (the premium blended rum collection of Kenny Chesney for you country fans), asked me to do some glass clinks to celebrate the Fall season, I was more than game.

Fall Rum Drink Recipe with Honey | Oysters & Pearls

As my loyal readers know, Wheat and I have two bee hives in our little apiary.  We recently had our Fall honey harvest, so I’m fully stocked for the winter.  Rum + honey = a boozy libation that is Fall perfection.

Honey Bee Cocktail Recipe Using Kenny Chesney Blue Chair Bay White Rum | Oysters & Pearls

Honey Bee Cocktail Recipe Using Kenny Chesney Blue Chair Bay White Rum | Oysters & Pearls

Honey Bee Cocktail Recipe


– 1 ounce raw wildflower honey
– 1 ounce warm water
– 2 ounces Blue Chair Bay Premium White Rum
– 1 ounce lemon juice


Pour honey and warm water into a mason jar (or cocktail shaker) and shake until thoroughly mixed.  Add the remaining ingredients and a few cubes of ice and shake vigorously.  Pour into cup of choice, or drink straight from the mason jar.

Honey Bee Cocktail Recipe Using Kenny Chesney Blue Chair Bay White Rum | Oysters & Pearls

Honey Bee Cocktail Recipe Using Kenny Chesney Blue Chair Bay White Rum | Oysters & Pearls

Honey Bee Cocktail Recipe Using Kenny Chesney Blue Chair Bay White Rum | Oysters & Pearls

It wouldn’t be a proper ringing in of Fall if you didn’t have a cocktail too, now would it?
Luckily, Blue Chair Bay is giving a bottle of rum away to one of you as well!

To enter to win a bottle of Blue Chair Bay Premium Rum for your own Fall toddy, leave a comment below telling me your favorite rum drink!  The winner will be announced on Monday, November 10th.

Note: Must be a U.S. citizen AND over the age of 21 to enter.

And for more rum drink inspiration, head over to Blue Chair Bay Rum’s Facebook Page.

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This post was sponsored by Blue Chair Bay Rum®.  All opinions and product sentiments are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Oysters & Pearls possible!

Friday Favorites

I haven’t done a Friday Favorites (this title seems more appropriate than “Friday Finds” now) post in a while, but I’ve been mentally taking notes of some awesome stuff lately, especially over Christmas.  Let’s get started, shall we?

1. CND Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish 

CND Vinylux  Weekly Polish in Decadence CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Powder My Nose

My sister gave me these two polishes, Creative Nail Design Vinylux Nail Lacquer, Decadence
and Creative Nail Design Vinylux Nail Lacquer, Powder My Nose,
plus the Creative Nail Design Vinylux Nail Lacquer, Weekly Top Coat (<– affiliate links)
for Christmas.  I know I have preached about Seche Vite topcoat on here before, and I still think it’s amazing stuff, but so is this!  I really painted my nails a week ago, and they are just now starting to peel off.  That’s really saying something, as much as I cook/wash my hands/etc.  This is my new favorite beauty product.  For spring, I would love to get some brighter colors, too.

2. Pam Cooking Spray, Baking

Favorite Non-Stick Spray Pam for Baking  Oysters & Pearls

This is the best baking spray I’ve found (<– affiliate links).  Random thing to be a favorite, I know.  But seriously, it doesn’t leave nearly as much residue on your dishes, nothing will stick to it.  It really bugs me when baking spray leaves residue on my casserole dishes, and then it’s basically IMPOSSIBLE to get off of there.  This one doesn’t do that, and I <3 it.

3. Oysters as Fan Pulls

Oyster Ornament Fan Pull | Oysters & Pearls

Fair warning: this is a (fairly) shameless plug.

Remember how I made those pretty Oyster Ornaments?  Well, I kept a few for myself, and after I took them off the Christmas tree, I decided they made perfectly lovely fan pulls.  So removed the standard fan pull hardware that came with our fans and replaced them with oyster ornaments!  I still have a few left from before Christmas, and will be making some more here in a bit that I think are going to be really pretty, too.  You can order them over on the Shop page!

4. Madewell Pull-on Booties

Madewell Pull-on Boots | Oysters & Pearls

I will go ahead and preface this with a disclaimer.  I am not a fashion blogger.  My husband is not a fashion photographer.  However, I am attempting to make an exception today because there are some things I want to tell you about.  I love my tall boots, but sometimes they eat my jeans (can anyone else relate?) and it drives me crazy.  Sometimes I just want to not have to worry about hiking them up all the time, but I don’t want ballet flats or my booties with heels.  Times such as these call for booties like these.  They are sort of manly and ugly, made of fine leather that is going to require a significant amount of breaking in – but the kind that you can tell will be well worth it.  I love them.

5. Plum Classy Plaid Monogrammed Scarf

Plum Classy Monogrammed Scarf | Oysters & Pearls

Plum Classy Monogrammed Scarf (℅), Barbour and Liberty of London for J.Crew Beadnell Jacket (no longer available, but similar here), Gap distressed boyfriend jeans.

I’m always obsessed with my Barbour jacket, but I’m really loving this new scarf.  I mentioned it before, but wanted to share a picture.  I love that it’s a brown and black plaid.  And I didn’t manage to get the monogram in the picture (oops) but it’s a perfectly bright cream color.  I am a big fan of black + brown, so this fits the bill perfectly.

6. Dainty Necklaces

Dainty Handmade Smoky Topaz Necklace | Oysters & Pearls

No link for ya here.  Once upon a time, in a far away place (Tallahassee) I used to make jewelry and sell it (mainly on Etsy at Frankly, My Dear Jewelry)  I haven’t had time to make it for sale in years, but sometimes I make some for myself and for gifts and for fun.  Every now and then I think about getting back into making some for sale.  Ya know, because I have so much free time on my hands.  Anywho, I made this dainty little smoky topaz necklace for myself the other day, and a sweet little pale pink topaz one for Nancy for her birthday.  I am working on some other ideas I have floating around in my head, too.  I think dainty gemstone necklaces are going to come back hard and strong.  At least, they are for me!

7. Anthropologie Emile Sweater

Anthropologie Emile Sweater

I posted about this sweater before on a Friday Finds post.  I have been dying to have it ever since I first saw it in a magazine.  I tore it out and tacked it up on my bulletin board in my office (I should probably call it my “inspiration board” if I want to be a good blogger).  I have constantly and continually checked to see if it would go on sale, and IT FINALLY DID.  And it is already in my possession.  And it’s just as warm and snuggly and soft as I imagined.  It’s a warm winter sweater dream.

And on a personal, New Year’s resolution note, one of my resolutions is to be much more careful about what I purchase.  One of my favorite blogs, Feather Factor, recently did yet another post on her Wardrobe Resolutions.   She limits herself to 30 purchases per year.  Just 30!  She tracks them and the prices, and it keeps her accountable.  It also helps her keep track of what she purchases from year to year and if she is still wearing that item, makes sure she doesn’t purchase duplicates, etc.  Granted, she is purchasing Hermes and I’m shopping at J.Crew and Anthropologie, but it’s still a smart concept no matter your budget.  It also encourages you to really think about what you want and what you actually purchase, and she advocates a quality over quantity mentality when adding to your wardrobe.  I am going to attempt to do the same.  Thirty purchases for my wardrobe in 2014.  Saving up for high quality items that will last, rather than purchasing something just because I find it on sale.  I won’t lie, it’s going to be difficult.  I mean, I’ve already made two of those thirty purchases!  But hopefully making an excel spreadsheet and putting my goal out there for the world to see will hold me accountable, too.  Wish me luck!

And that, my friends, will be enough fashion blogging for me for a while, I do believe.  Wheat was giggling like a school girl taking those pictures for me in the parking lot at his office.  But if y’all enjoy this kind of post, I’ll try to work more of them in on occasion.

Enjoy your weekend.  Cheers!

Until Next Time

Bloggers’ Favorite Things Giveaway

Okay, so (hopefully!) you’ve all heard about the AMAZING Bloggers’ Favorite Things Giveaway by now. But to refresh your memory, a bunch of us bloggers got together and all picked out our favorite things in the whole wide world.  And we’re going to give one extremely lucky winner a whole bunch of our favorite things!

Bloggers' Favorite Things

So without further adieu… Here are some of MY very favorite things!

Bloggers' Favorite Things

My Barbour Beadnell jacket: I got mine last year from J.Crew (Barbour for J.Crew).  It has a Liberty of London purple and white lining and I absolutely adore it.  It’s perfect for quail hunting, fire sitting, and is perfectly SoWeGa chic. ;)  Mine is no longer available, but there is still a plain Barbour for J.Crew Beadnell available.  Tip: Barbour doesn’t exactly go on sale very often… but J.Crew does!  I called to find my size in a store, and they allowed me to use the 25% promotion they had going after Christmas last year…
Anything Plaid: Like most other bloggers out there, I’m obsessed with plaid this year.  I am LOVING my new brown plaid scarf that Tana at Plum Classy gifted me.  Cream monogram + brown plaid = one happy girl!
The Laundress Cashmere & Wool Shampoo: This stuff is the jam.  It’s a wee bit pricey, but I purchased a bottle back in undergrad (over 4 years ago!) and it’s still going strong and saves me a fortune in dry cleaning.  Just turn your cashmere and wool sweaters and such inside out, hand wash or wash in your machine on the delicate cycle, dry flat, and be amazed at the softness.  Plus, it has cedar oil in it to make it smell wintery and run off moths.   They even have a blog where they dole out advice on how to remove stains and launder even the most delicate of clothes.  Do yourself a favor many times over and get this now.  The Laundress even sells a wool & cashmere gift bag that would be such an amazing gift for anyone with a quality sweater collection.
Living Proof No Frizz Styling Creme: I realize that I’ve already talked about this stuff, but seriously.  It’s the best goo I’ve ever put in my hair.  Just read the reviews and buy it and live without frizz and regret.
Sassy Wine Stoppers: This jingle bell wine stopper is from C. Wonder, but take your pick.  Attached to a bottle of wine, this is the perfect hostess gift that a lush wino gal like me will always appreciate.
Essie Carry On Nail Polish: The perfect deep burgundy nail polish for when you want to be festive, but also a little emo.
Sid Mashburn Oyster Shell Belt Buckle:  I realize that this is a dude’s belt buckle.  But there is nothing stopping me from purchasing it for myself.  This is the perfect gift for the Southern gentle person in your life, be he a man, or a woman (I hope someone out there gets the Anchorman reference there).
Cast Iron Skillets: no explanation really necessary, right?  They cook your food, but better.  Buy them old, buy them new, read my post on cast iron care, and cook like a boss.
Citizen Rocket High Rise Skinny Jeans: The best jeans.  Ever.  Once you go mom jeans, you never go back.  Really – I gave the rest of mine to Goodwill (and my shorter-torso-ed madre).
The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen Cookbook: (<– affiliate link!)  This has been a really fun cookbook not only to read like a novel, but also to cook from.  They adapt a lot of recipes from the famous Charleston Receipts for modern day kitchens, while explaining a lot of the history behind the recipes, too.  Scuppernong Sangria, anyone?
J.Crew Nightshirt: Super comfortable.  Super appropriate, too.  Which comes in handy during all of this Christmas-Holiday-Family-in-town madness.  Too cold?  Add leggings.  Heck, belt it and call it an outfit and a day.
Michael Kors Watch:  I feel like this is THE Pinterest watch of Christmas 2013.  Everybody wants it.  You know you do, too.
Shearling-Lined Bean Boots:  I got these for Christmas a few years ago, and they are crazy comfortable and warm.  You can fold them down to show some fur and be cute, or you can lace these bad boys up and hike some mountains or sludge through some snow.  So very versatile.
Georgia Cutting Board: I pulled this from one of my favorite shops in Thomasville – Firefly.  But they are all over the Etsy-verse too.  You can buy these in any state-shape you’d like.  With a pretty cheese knife or spreader, it would make an awesome gift.  Or for those of you shopping for yourself… just pick your favorite state and we’ll move on.
You would think I was done… but no.  Polyvore wouldn’t let me clip in some of my favorite things from more, ahem, obscure websites.  So in addition to those above, here are some of my other favorites:
Extra Large Custom Tobacco Slat Cutting Board by Marc Ventry | Oysters & Pearls Tobacco Slat Cutting Board, Edge Detail | Oysters & Pearls
Remember my post on Marc and his amazing cutting boards? Well you guyssssss he got a website!!  So please go check it out.  His cutting boards are TDF and beautiful and wonderful and are one of my very favorite things ever.
UPDATE: Next Wednesday (December 11, 2013) is the last day to order anything from
Southern Restoration Furniture before Christmas.  Just in case anyone is using this as a gift guide. ;)
And not only is my cutting board one of my most favorite things, but so are Marc’s Nunya Beeswax products.  His chapstick is some of the best I’ve ever used, and his hand balm is awesome and perfect for tossing in your purse without worrying about spillage!  He makes them all with beeswax from his own bee hives.  Jack of all trades, he is.
Nunya Beeswax | Oysters & Pearls
And the lucky giveaway winner is also going to get two Nunya Beeswax chapsticks and two hand balms!!  Thanks, Marc!
I first discovered GBCC on Instagram, where all good things happen.  Based out of Birmingham, Carmen hand pours all of these candles herself.  They are beautiful, smell amazing, and they are in wine bottles.  Another perfect gift for the lushes in your life who also like their house to smell nice.
The Green Bottle Candle Company Holiday Pear Candle- Bloggers' Favorite Things Giveaway | Oysters & Pearls
Even better news?  The Green Bottle Candle Company has generously donated a Green Bottle Candle to the giveaway!  So the winner will not only get Rachel’s favorite Capri Blue candle, the winner will also get a Green Bottle Candle in Holiday Pear, too!  Thank you so much, Carmen!
Seriously, y’all, the fabulousness of this giveaway is slaying me.  I’m dead.
And so finally… I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m giving away?  What will the winner get from Oysters & Pearls???
Well, that would be a cast iron skillet, of course.
Bloggers' Favorite Things Giveaway - Win a Cast Iron Skillet! | Oysters & Pearls Win a Size 6 Cast Iron Skillet in the Bloggers' Favorite Things Giveaway! | Oysters & Pearls Win This Cast Iron Skillet in the Bloggers' Favorite Things Giveaway! | Oysters & Pearls
The winner will be receiving an antique 6 inch diameter cast iron skillet that was purchased for just such an occasion from the Antique Annex in Bainbridge, Georgia and seasoned by yours truly.  It’s in great shape and ready for cooking!  Oh, and future winner, just don’t forget to check out my post on how to care for cast iron once you get it!
All right.  If you want to win this skillet, the Green Bottle Candle Company Candle, lots of baking goodies, a Capri Blue Volcano candle, and much, much more…
Enter now.  Good luck and Happy Holidays!!

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