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Pearls of Wisdom: Get Inspired (with Podcasts)

Anyone else obsessed with podcasts? I practically live in my car, and podcasts are such a source of inspiration for me. One of my recent favorite podcasts is called, “How I Built This.” 

NPR’s How I Built This
It is so inspiring to hear how successful entrepreneurs got their start and built their businesses. I especially loved this episode with Jim Koch, founder of Sam Adams Brewery. My favorite bit was when he started comparing life to mountain climbing (a theme throughout his life), and discussing the difference between “scary” and “dangerous.” He felt leaving his corporate job was “scary,” but not dangerous, that the truly dangerous thing to his soul was staying in that corporate job and not following his dreams. 

These podcasts are not only inspiring, they often have incredibly helpful tidbits for aspiring entrepreneurs, too. For those that never stop learning (oh hai there!) these podcasts are not just entertaining and inspiring, but are little learning opportunities you can squeeze into an already busy day. 

What are your favorite podcasts? Help me build my list.