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Southern Makers: Sturdy Brothers

Ben and Spencer Young, the Sturdy Brothers | Oysters & Pearls

Photo credit: www.sturdybrothers.com


Spencer and Ben Young are the Sturdy Brothers. Both grew up in South Georgia, and Spencer relocated to Thomasville with his wife to open up Grassroots Coffee in the summer of 2009.  After college, Ben worked in a coffee shop in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The brothers both saw and felt the need for a sturdy, heavy-duty apron in their roles as baristas, so they started making their own.  Almost immediately, they sponsored the 2014 Big Eastern Barista Competition by donating their aprons as prizes.  They were a huge hit with the baristas and requests for more aprons began to roll in.

A Sturdy Brothers Waxed Canvas Apron Used to Wax Canvas | Oysters & Pearls


In order to get the funds to get their apron business off the ground, Spencer and Ben launched a Kickstarter campaign.  It was successful beyond their wildest dreams, and they hit the ground running with 226 backers from Thomasville and beyond, plus over $14,000 in the pockets.

Sturdy Brothers Leather Stamping Equipment | Oysters & Pearls Singer Sewing Machine at the Sturdy Brothers Workshop | Oysters & Pearls  Sturdy Brothers Leather Stamp | Oysters & Pearls


The thick, sturdy (for lack of a better word) canvas Ben and Spencer use for Sturdy Brothers products comes from Filson cuts.  They hand cut the high quality leather for straps and tags, then hand stamp those, too.

Waxing Canvas at the Sturdy Brothers Workshop | Oysters & Pearls Waxing Canvas at the Sturdy Brothers Workshop | Oysters & Pearls

They sew their heavy-duty bags and aprons, then wax them with beeswax, then dry them in a dryer. It’s a lengthy process with sweet-smelling, water-resistant results.

Hand Stamped Leather Tag, Sturdy Brothers | Oysters & Pearls Metal Punches at Sturdy Brothers' Workshop | Oysters & Pearls Ben, one half of the Sturdy Brothers | Oysters & Pearls

Their leather tags and handles and straps are all attached by hand using metal rivets.  Straps are reinforced with more leather on the backside of the canvas.

Adding a Sturdy Brothers Tag to a Waxed Canvas Apron | Oysters & Pearls

Finally, when they ship out a Sturdy Brothers apron, tote, or duffle, they wrap it up into brown paper packages tied up with string and hand-stamped cards and a thank you note!

Brown Paper Package from the Sturdy Brothers | Oysters & Pearls Sturdy Brothers Thank You Note | Oysters & Pearls Snow Tote for Natalie from the Sturdy Brothers | Oysters & Pearls

I was lucky enough to find this Snow Tote in my brown paper package, and sure enough, it’s become one of my favorite things.

Waxed Canvas Tote Bag by the Sturdy Brothers in Thomasville, Georgia | Oysters & Pearls French Ticking Waxed Canvas Tote Bag by the Sturdy Brothers in Thomasville, Georgia | Oysters & Pearls Snow Tote from the Sturdy Bros. | Oysters & Pearls


If you’re itching to get your hands on these awesome goods, you’re in luck.  The Kickstarter campaign is over and the Sturdy Brothers website is open for business!  Check their online shop for purchasing all their sturdy merch.


Or if you’re local, the Sturdy Brothers are participating in Thomasville Center for the Arts’ FLAUNT!  Their popup shop on Jackson Street will be opening TODAY and will continue to be open for an entire month!

The opening party is tonight, September 5th, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, and the popup shops will remain open until September 27th.  Purchase tickets to any of the events online at www.thomasvillearts.org.

Sturdy Brothers FLAUNT Pop Up Shop | Oysters & Pearls

In addition to being Ben’s workshop to create more Sturdy Brothers goods, he will have some additional items for sale for the month as well, including a handful of beautiful knives from O&P favorite Heartwood Forge!

Heartwood Forge Knives at Sturdy Brothers FLAUNT Pop Up Shop | Oysters & Pearls Goods at Sturdy Brothers FLAUNT Pop Up Shop | Oysters & Pearls Old Saw Flask at Sturdy Brothers FLAUNT Pop Up Shop | Oysters & Pearls Sturdy Brothers FLAUNT Pop Up Shop | Oysters & Pearls Sturdy Brothers FLAUNT Pop Up Workshop | Oysters & Pearls

Only a barista would have an espresso machine this awesome in their workshop.Sturdy Brothers FLAUNT Pop Up Shop | Oysters & Pearls    Sturdy Brothers FLAUNT Pop Up Workshop | Oysters & Pearls Sturdy Brothers FLAUNT Pop Up Shop | Oysters & Pearls

Be sure to stop by and visit all the amazing pop up shops in Thomasville this month.  It’s worth the trip for you out-of-towners!

And if you make it by to see Ben, be sure to tell him I sent ya!

For more Sturdy Brothers:



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My Life Through an iPhone

Just some scenes of life lately, through the lens of my iPhone’s camera.

A sneak peek of the workin-progress Sturdy Brothers Popup Shop in Downtown Thomasville for FLAUNT… more details to come on that Friday!

Sturdy Brothers Pop Up Shop Sneak Peek | Oysters & Pearls

Beautiful embroidery floss at Material Things here in downtown Bainbridge.

Embroidery Floss at Material Things in Bainbridge, Georgia | Oysters & Pearls

Some scenes from the maidens‘ recent pickin’ trip to Moultrie…

Mannequin at a Yard Sale | Oysters & Pearls Antique Coca-Cola Cooler | Oysters & Pearls Antique Coca-Cola Bottles | Oysters & Pearls

Kirbo Law Firm in Moultrie, Georgia | Oysters & Pearls Courthouse in Moultrie, Georgia | Oysters & Pearls

 Wheat and June are perplexed as to what us maidens are going to use all this junk for…Truck Full of Pickings | Oysters & Pearls

Some adorable (even as a Gator fan) UGA brownies that I came home to made by our resident Bainbridge High School art teacher, Rebecca.

Gameday Brownies | Oysters & Pearls

We went to visit Wheat’s aunt Martha over the long weekend, too.  She gave me a primer on antique Singer sewing machines and showed me her beautiful collection…Antique Singer Sewing Machine | Oysters & Pearls

…and I got to play with her little herd of friendly goats…Goats | Oysters & Pearls

This one is named Pearl. :)Pearl the Goat | Oysters & Pearls

And chickens, too!  The itch for me to have goats and chickens is getting far too strong for my HOA.Chicken | Oysters & Pearls

Cock-a-doodle-doo!  Rise and shine and enjoy your day, friends!

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Poppin’ Tags

In addition to working and a little restaurant hopping, while in South Carolina I got to explore two thrift shops – one in Laurens, South Carolina, and another in Spartanburg.  Let me show you my loot!


In Laurens, we made a quick pit stop at 2 Blondes Savvy Consignment, right downtown.  There I purchased a cute, summery wood-bead clutch, a vintage rhinestone necklace, and a I-hope-it’s-real-but-probably-isn’t Chanel scarf.  Any designer experts out there that can tell me if it’s real or not?  It feels like silk or a very good imitation silk, and based on my googling thus far, I think it may have been a “free with purchase” scarf, rather than the real deal.  I know the stitching around the edges is supposed to be tell-tale, as well as the fonts used… but I just am not very knowledgable about scarves or Chanel.  Help?


I absolutely adore vintage rhinestone jewelry, and I’m always on the look out for necklaces in good condition.  My mother in law gave me a beautiful one for Christmas a couple years ago (before she was my MIL) and I wear it all the time.  I am excited to have another one to layer with it! DSCN2480

I have been on the lookout for a summer clutch for upcoming weddings, parties, and just so I don’t have to take my big ole Speedy to the Club on Fridays (I hated me when I wrote that, too).  Anyway, I had been eyeing this Havana clutch from J.Crew, but ringing in at $6, this one fits the bill and the budget much better!DSCN2484


Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s fake and I wasted my $15, but I’m still holding out hope that maybe I got lucky.  Please leave your thoughts in the comments and either make me feel better about that $15 I’ll never get back, or (please) tell me that you think it’s real!  Ha.  Just don’t call me out in public for my faux Chanel.

At our last stop Tuesday after work in Spartanburg, we dashed into BeeHive Consignment downtown.  Here I scored a silk J.Crew paisley top, as well as this neon pink J.Crew popover!  I was really excited about both of these finds, and anticipate getting a lot of wear for the $27 total expenditure.  At least I know these aren’t fake.



Have you popped any tags lately?  Know anything about Chanel scarves?  Can you tell me if my $15 investment was worth it? (probably not)  Where are the good thrift shops?  Chime in with your two cents!

Also, you can still enter the Mini Dessert Maker Giveaway all weekend, and even all day Monday, April 1st!  Please enter, share with your friends, and have a wonderful and beautiful Easter weekend!  Hoping my antibiotics kick in so that I can fully enjoy it!