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THOM Magazine

I know I’m sharing this to the point of bragging, but I’m just so honored and grateful that Jessica Grace and I were included in the sixth issue of THOM Magazine.  A gorgeous publication put out by the Thomasville Center for the Arts, this issue features those who are building community in creative ways, and those who began their work with a creative collision of sorts with another like-minded individual.  That describes Gracie and I to a T – we met over coffee at The Bean Cafe one morning, and about 3 hours later we left with dreams of opening a shop in our heads.  A few months later, Maiden South was born.

Maiden South in THOM Magazine | oysters and pearls

If you’d like to read about all the other insanely talented folks featured in this issue of THOM, and would like to read our little article, too, stop by the shop this weekend (open today 10-6 and tomorrow 10-2).  We’ll have plenty of copies to share with ya.  They’re also available all over Thomasville, if you’re in the area.  Thank you to everyone who has supported our crazy little business venture over the past year and half or so.  We consider you a part of our tribe and are so grateful for your help in building our creative little community.


the maidens


One Book Thomas County



Happy Monday!  I just wanted to share another exciting literary event in our area with y’all: Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, is coming to Thomasville!

One Book Thomas County - The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin - oysters and pearls

I read The Happiness Project recently and can attest, it is one amazing book!  I’ve heard many refer to it as “life changing.”  Gretchen is relatable, real, and her tips she learned from her personal happiness project are easy to apply to your own life.  It’s worth a trip to The Bookshelf to pick up a copy for yourself!

I am so excited to attend Gretchen Rubin’s lecture Tuesday night – I hope you’ll join me!  Visit One Book’s Website for more event details and for ticket information, or stop by The Bookshelf and they will help you out while you get your copy. :)  See you tomorrow!

Until Next Time - oysters and pearls

My Life Through an iPhone

Just some scenes of life lately, through the lens of my iPhone’s camera.

A sneak peek of the workin-progress Sturdy Brothers Popup Shop in Downtown Thomasville for FLAUNT… more details to come on that Friday!

Sturdy Brothers Pop Up Shop Sneak Peek | Oysters & Pearls

Beautiful embroidery floss at Material Things here in downtown Bainbridge.

Embroidery Floss at Material Things in Bainbridge, Georgia | Oysters & Pearls

Some scenes from the maidens‘ recent pickin’ trip to Moultrie…

Mannequin at a Yard Sale | Oysters & Pearls Antique Coca-Cola Cooler | Oysters & Pearls Antique Coca-Cola Bottles | Oysters & Pearls

Kirbo Law Firm in Moultrie, Georgia | Oysters & Pearls Courthouse in Moultrie, Georgia | Oysters & Pearls

 Wheat and June are perplexed as to what us maidens are going to use all this junk for…Truck Full of Pickings | Oysters & Pearls

Some adorable (even as a Gator fan) UGA brownies that I came home to made by our resident Bainbridge High School art teacher, Rebecca.

Gameday Brownies | Oysters & Pearls

We went to visit Wheat’s aunt Martha over the long weekend, too.  She gave me a primer on antique Singer sewing machines and showed me her beautiful collection…Antique Singer Sewing Machine | Oysters & Pearls

…and I got to play with her little herd of friendly goats…Goats | Oysters & Pearls

This one is named Pearl. :)Pearl the Goat | Oysters & Pearls

And chickens, too!  The itch for me to have goats and chickens is getting far too strong for my HOA.Chicken | Oysters & Pearls

Cock-a-doodle-doo!  Rise and shine and enjoy your day, friends!

Until Next Time