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It’s time for your regularly scheduled weekly weekend recap.

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should), you are already well aware that Wheat and I were in Athens this weekend, but before we went, we had an impromptu little oyster roast Friday night.

Carolina Shuckers Queen Anne Oyster Knife

More on that Friday! We were actually supposed to go to Athens a couple of weeks ago, but Wheat worked the ice storm in Georgia and we ended up not going.  The reason we were going to was to see the unveiling of a portrait of Wheat’s grandfather in the UGA Law School, so we really wanted to make the trip up to see it in person.

 Wheat’s grandfather is on the left (also Bruce Wheat Kirbo – my Wheat is the third) and his brother Charles Kirbo is on the right.  Both men are/were outstanding citizens, excellent attorneys, and generous, caring people.  If you look closely, you can see a drawing of the Decatur County Courthouse hanging on the wall in Papa’s office, as well as a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Kirbo on their wedding day.

The first and the third Bruce Wheat!  :)

After I got a tour of UGA Law, I got a tour of the rest of Wheat’s old stomping grounds.  These mainly consisted of bars.  Not that I’m complaining.

 North Campus was really pretty.  I could have walked around and read all the historical markers, but there wasn’t time.  We had food to eat and drinks to drink.  We lunched at Ted’s Most Best.  It was delicious, but no pictures. :/  I do, however, highly recommend the salads!

We also did a little shopping!

 We made a pit stop at Onward Reserve, co-owned by Thomasville native, T.J. Callaway.  It is an awesome shop, geared primarily toward men, but with plenty of gifts and other items for the ladies.  As my loyal readers probably know by now, I’m not exactly the girliest of girls, so a ton of the items in the store were right up my alley.  I love the durability and functionality of menswear and all things geared towards men.  Traditional menswear is generally high-quality, simple, functional, and timeless – all things that I can get down with.  I added multiple items from Onward Reserve to my personal wish list, including a pair of Red’s Outfitters sunglasses (these or these?) and a Hudson Sutler weekender bag (even cuter colors in store, and oh so desperately needed).  Wheat and I both really loved that we got to drink a beer while we shopped, and the owners’ love of the cold ones was further reinforced with this collection on display.

 Love it.

After shopping, we had our own personal pub crawl, hitting all of Wheat’s favorite haunts. 1) The Melting Point – watched John Keane & Strawberry Flats rehearse over a Terrapin Golden Ale; 2) Had a Fat Tire beer on the rooftop of the Georgia Theater; 3) A couple of drinks and some cheese and pickled veggies at The Branded Butcher; 4) A delicious dinner at The Last Resort; 5) Fancy cocktails and live music at High Wire; 5) nightcap at the Blue Sky speakeasy.


Sunday morning we got up early, hit up Jittery Joe’s, and headed to Jefferson, Georgia (about 15 or 20 minutes north of downtown Athens) to visit Tallahassee native Will Manning at Heartwood Forge.

More on that to come, too!

It was a jam-packed, fun, exciting, relaxing, leisurely, wonderful weekend.  Sometimes it’s just really nice to get out of town and out of your routine.  I had a great time visiting all Wheat’s favorite spots, and Athens never disappoints for a good time – even for a Gator fan! ;)

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