Weekend Update

Tuesday already?

I think maybe I will start taking Mondays off from blogging.  I just can’t seem to get my act together after the weekend in time anymore.

Anyway, after a very long day of travel Sunday, we made it back from South Carolina and the Beaver wedding. It was beautiful, just like the bride! Forgive me, but this weekend update is going to be filled with iPhone pictures, all of which you may have already seen on Instagram or Twitter.

The festivities began with the bridesmaids’ luncheon at the Aberdeen house in Camden. The flowers (along with everything else) were beyond gorgeous!





Since the bride and groom met at the Carolina Cup there in Camden, the theme of the weekend was Carolina Cup-inspired, so naturally we wore hats.


The luncheon included delicious crab cakes, broiled stuffed tomatoes, summer squash with bacon, and a grilled peach slice.  Oh, and lots of mimosas.  :)  It was all so good, and I adored the place settings.


Friday night was the rehearsal dinner, and it was amazing. The band was awesome, the food was TDF, and everyone had SUCH a great time.


Caesar salad, filet, lobster, baked macaroni and cheese, and asparagus. I’m for serious.

Somehow I managed to get a picture of the cake Friday night, but totally missed one of the cakes at the wedding. Oops.

Everyone loves funfetti!

We spent all day Saturday getting ready/recooperating. I did manage to snap a pic of our gorgeous bouquets when they arrived!

During the wedding itself, I was out of commission as the O&P photographer, and I was pretty busy during the wedding reception too, but I did manage to sneak a few pictures!

Well, Ashley snuck that one. Wheat and the guys (Evan, Gary, and Matt) had a good time sipping mint juleps during the ceremony and cocktail hour.  You can see behind them the Springdale Race Course, which is where the Carolina Cup takes place.  Sara and Chris got married right on the track, and guests sat in the grand stands.  It was perfect!

My first picture with the new Mrs. Beaver, right after the ceremony!


Wheat and I at the reception!

Jen, Courtney, and I between cutting rugs.

And that’s it! For the wedding anyway. We danced the night away and it was so much fun! Sunday we hit the road around 10:30 am. It was quite the hike, but we made multiple stops to try to make the best of it. My car’s gps took us a different way on the way home, and for some reason we ended up on I-95. At first we were upset because it was out of the way, but that sentiment quickly reversed (for me; groans ensued from the passenger side of the car) when I saw a billboard for a Le Creuset outlet store! I only have one LC, which is a smaller one, and I use it almost daily. I’ve been dying for a large Dutch oven, especially lately. It was fate!

I ended up bringing home a 5.5 quart signature in Marseille blue. It was originally $360, I believe, or round thereabouts. It was marked down to $234 at the outlet store, then an additional 35% off that price. I ended up scoring it for $164 total. It’s not the same color blue as my other LC (my other one is cobalt blue), but it’s beautiful and for that price… I’m okay with it! I can’t wait to get to cooking in my new one!

In case anyone is interested, and because my friend Rachel asked me, if you’re looking for a starter Le Creuset, I recommend the same one I started with: the 3 1/2 quart round wide French oven.

wide round french oven LC

It’s insanely versatile and I use it almost every single day.  It’s small enough to not cook much in it, or cook an entire meal just for one or two, roast a small chicken, etc., and it goes from the stove top to the oven with ease.  But it’s also large enough to cook a side dish for four or even more people, and it can handle more food than you might realize.  I highly recommend it!  I wish this post was sponsored by Le Creuset, so maybe I could get my LC fo free, but alas, this is just me and my two cents.

If you’re sold, {click here} for a list of Le Creuset outlet store locations.

I feel like I definitely just veered into Friday Finds territory.  Oh well.

Later on in the drive, we made the requisite pit stop at Stripling’s for some beef jerky and some stuffed pork back strap. However, we were so tired when we finally got home that we didn’t even cook them. Or eat anything, for that matter.


Also, I’d like to take this time to make a public service announcement.

I found some Tresemme Heat Protectant in my drawer while I was packing for the wedding last week.  Unlike (probably) all of you, I had never heard of poor Tori Locklear.  I packed the Tresemme, and used it in my hair while getting ready for the Bridesmaids’ Luncheon.  Out in the daylight, a couple girls asked me about my red “spots” in my hair, mostly around the ends.  Turns out, they weren’t red.  THEY WERE BURNT.  BURNT!  FRIED.
Saturday, Sara’s cousin Barri, who is a hair stylist and was in the wedding, said, “Oh my gosh, isn’t that what that girl on youtube used??”  Turns out, yup.  She used Tresemme, too.

So yeah.  As funny as that video is, and as much as I had to laugh at myself and my inadequacies and lack of wisdom in the beauty department, I am thanking the Heavens above that it only burned the ends of my hair and not at the roots!  As more confirmation, this Huff Post article cites the Tresemme product she used on her hair.
Moral of the story: Do not use this Tresemme Heat Protectant before flat ironing or using a curling iron.

All in all, despite my hair incident, it was an awesome and fun weekend celebrating Sara and Chris! We can’t wait to celebrate our friends Jim and Mandi this coming weekend!
However, I’m going to need some serious R&R before we do it all again.
Or maybe just lots of cuddles from these two, who were oh so happy to see us Sunday night!


I hope your weekends were just as full of excitement and merry-making! What were you up to?

Until Next Time

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