Whole30, 10 Days In

I left off at lunch on June 1, I believe, so I’ll pick up at dinner.  Wheat and I traveled to Atlanta Monday after lunch for his work (I just tagged along and worked in the car).  When we arrived in downtown Atlanta, we struggled to find dinner somewhere.  We ended up eating at Fandangles, which was near our hotel.  I had sous vide salmon, balsamic pearl onions and asparagus, sauteed spinach and roasted potatoes.  Aside from a kitchen mixup messing up my order, which meant Wheat and I ate separately (long story, but they comped my meal), the food was good.  I know my food was cooked in butter, but I’ve decided at this point that due to traveling, butter is just going to have to be okay.

The next morning we woke up and found a coffee shop, and I had a hard boiled egg, grapes, walnuts, and a latte with almond milk.  It wasn’t my favorite latte ever, but once I got over the initial bitterness, it was decent, I suppose.

We grabbed a quick lunch off the Interstate at Mama Goldberg’s.  This turned out to be one of my favorite meals lately!  The salad was awesome, and they have just balsamic vinegar and oil, which was awesome.  You build your own salad, just like the sandwiches, so I had spring greens with ham, roast beef, and turkey, along with broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber, green olives, mandarin oranges, and banana peppers.  So random, but so good.

Whole30 Salad at Mama Goldberg's | Whole30 on the Road, Oysters & Pearls

I’m not even going to go there with the sulfites in the vinegars.  Don’t hate me, hardcore whole30’ers!

We snacked on raw almonds, cashews, and dried cherries in the car, along with some compliant Luna Bars.  Back home, we had smoked pork chops from Jones’ Meats, fresh green beans sauteed in ghee, squoodles sauteed in ghee with garlic, tomatoes and dried oregano.

At this point, I’m really missing my wine and various condiments, but feeling good otherwise.

Wednesday morning (June 3), I micro-scrambled two eggs and added leftover squoodles and tomatoes, along with a side of fresh blueberries and coffee with coconut oil.

Whole30 Breakfast Ideas | Oysters & Pearls

Snacked on raw nuts and blueberries for a morning snack, and lunch was sliced deli turkey wrapped up with wholly guacamole and sliced strips of yellow and orange bell peppers.  This was delish!  Plus an apple.

We hit the road again, this time for Storm Services’ Base Camp Exercise in Mississippi.  Here’s where things begin to get dicey and our wagon is really bumping along, threatening to throw us off.  We made a pit stop at a Starbucks at some point, where I got an iced latte with coconut milk.  Not half bad.  Still patting myself on the back here.  Then we got the saddest snack in the world: we split 10 grilled nuggets at Chick Fil A and I thought Wheat was going to cry.

Saddest Chick Fil A Stop Ever, Whole30 Style | Oysters & Pearls

Seriously, so sad.  But we did it!

But then… we kinda fell off the wagon.  We had catered buffet food at Base Camp (see www.stormsl.com for more info on that), and although we did the best we could, it wasn’t a super healthy meal.  Also, I broke down and had a couple glasses of wine… because I mean, I had to wear this.

Storm Services Base Camp Exercise Decades Party, the 90s | Oysters & PearlsIn honor of Storm Services turning 10 years old, they had a Decades Party the first night for all the team members.  We went as the 90s.  Clearly.  Kris Kross and Jessie Spano, reporting for duty.

See also: I felt turrible the next morning – I really think mainly from the food!  But also from the wine.  Oops.

Next morning I had earl gray tea in the hotel room, plus an omelette with veggies and bacon, along with black coffee.  Breakfasts aren’t bad at all on whole30!

For lunch, it was another catered affair to showcase all the options and new catering items from US Foods for the caterers at Storm Services.  Again, I did the best I could, having green beans, fajita chicken topped with guac and salsa, a slice of meatloaf, and a salad that already had shredded cheese mixed in.  For supper, it was greek salad (already had feta mixed in), baked chicken, green beans, and steamed veggies.  Not too shabby, except for the feta!  At this point, I recorded in my food journal, “Feeling just okay… bad that we cheated but also feel like I did the best I could given the situation.”  It was definitely healthier than I normally would have eaten!  I mean, I passed on yeast rolls.  YEAST ROLLS, PEOPLE.

Friday, June 5:  I started the day off with another round of earl grey tea, a veggie omelet, and black coffee.  Along with 2 Americanos from Torch Coffee at Base Camp and some fresh fruit.

Storm Services Base Camp, Torch Coffee | Whole30 on the Road, Oysters & Pearls

Storm Services Base Camp, Fruit Salad | Whole30 on the Road, Oysters & Pearls

For the catered lunch, I think I did pretty well, too: Brussels sprouts, roasted potatoes, squash, zucchini, and sweet potatoes, roasted carrots, and BBQ (except for the sauce, which was already on it).

Storm Services Base Camp, Lunch | Whole30 on the Road, Oysters & Pearls

I have to say, the Storm Services’ caterers outdid themselves on this one!  It was really, really good.  They also had these naturally flavored waters that were awesome.  I chose blackberry mint – I’m going to have to try to recreate that one at home, if I can stop myself from eating all the blackberries.

On our way home from Base Camp, we stopped at Panera Bread in Dothan for supper.  I got the Panera chicken cobb salad with avocado (requested no cheese) and used their dressing.  I probably get points deducted for the dressing, but oh well.  I DIDN’T EAT THE BREAD.

Whole30, Panera Bread Style | Whole30 on the Road, Oysters & PearlsSaturday, June 6: I had coffee with coconut oil, blackberries, blueberries, and beef jerky for random snacks throughout the morning.  For lunch, I had fresh sausage from Jones’ Meats that Wheat grilled along with the most refreshing summer Bainbridge Farmers’ Market smoothie of all time: frozen strawberries, a whole peach, blackberries, blueberries, coconut milk, chia, and flax.

Whole30 Fruit Smoothie, aka Summer in a Cup | Oysters & Pearls

For dinner, I was out on a bachelorette party, so again, I did the best I could at Harry’s in downtown Tallahassee.  I had green beans and stuffed baked shrimp, which looking back, probably wasn’t the best I could do.  BUT I DIDN’T EAT ANY BREAD AND THE BREAD BASKET WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.

Rebecca's Bachelorette Party | Oysters and Pearls

Whole30 (ish) at Harry's in Downtown Tallahassee | Oysters and Pearls

Oh, and I had vodka.  But I had it with club soda and lime, so that’s only 1 cheat instead of 2 like with wine.  I know, I know, I really need to stick with it to feel the full effect.  But come on, a bachelorette party?  I’m just going to be proud of myself for not eating the bread.  Although it probably would have made me feel better the next day.  Ouch.  Which brings me to

June 7: I ate pickles (so many pickles), blueberries that I picked at my parents’ house, and finally had supper of grilled fresh beeliner (a type of fish) that my dad, brother-in-law, nephew, cousins and uncle had caught without us at the beach that week, along with fresh new potatoes (and butter, so sue me) and squash and onions.  Let’s just say I paid for that cheat Saturday night in a bad way.

June 8: I had a breakfast of (yet again) 2 micro-scrambled eggs with a smidge of ghee, plus wholly guacamole and blueberries, as well as my usual coffee + coconut oil.  At this point, I’m starting to see how eggs can get old.

Whole30 Breakfast Ideas | Oysters & Pearls

For lunch al desko (aka lunch at work), I packed a spinach salad with a tiny farmers’ market cucumber, heirloom cherry tomatoes, fresh blueberries, dried oregano, s&p, blueberry balsamic vinegar and basil olive oil.  DIVINE!  I also had some deli turkey with guacamole and a hot green tea.

Whole30 Al Desko (What to Pack for Lunch on Whole30) | Oysters & Pearls

For dinner, Wheat grilled us a steak from Jones’ Meats and some okra we got at the farmers’ market, and I roasted some potatoes (recipe coming up next!) with a recipe I found in a Short Stacks cookbook we sell at Maiden South that just so happened to be whole30 compliant.  They were delicious!

Whole30 Dinner Ideas | Oysters & Pearls

On June 9, I yet again had 2 eggs scrambled with ghee and a topper of guac, plus a juliet tomato (from where all my ‘maters come from: Mountain Shadow Farm at the BFM) on my way out the door and coffee + coconut oil.  For lunch, I continued my spinach salad train and topped it with three types of heirloom tomatoes (see source above), another little cucumber, fresh blueberries, blueberry balsamic and plain olive oil, a peach, and a green tea.  Then later I drank even more green tea and was chugging water like there was no tomorrow.

For supper on day 9… oh it was glorious.  Another Hugh Jass salad, topped with three types of Mountain Shadow Farm heirloom tomatoes, leftover taters and okra, and a snapper steak from the aforementioned fishing trip we didn’t get to go on.  Fortunately, my father took pity on us for having to miss us and sent us home with a bag of snapper.  I seasoned it with Bad Byron’s Butt Rub (gluten and MSG free – I checked!), ghee, and Moroccan Preserved Lemons (we were out of fresh) and baked them at 350 for 45 minutes.  So simple and tasty!

Whole30 Dinner Ideas: Snapper with Bad Byron's Butt Rub | Oysters & Pearls

 Last night when I was prepping my lunch for today, I threw together this chia pudding (“recipe” from Pop Sugar Fitness) and nixed the honey… which in the future, I would definitely want to add back in.  It needed some sweet!  I also added blueberries, but that wasn’t quite enough.  I didn’t hate it enough to never eat it again, but I’m going to try it again tomorrow with almond butter or something swirled in to add some flavor.

Recipe/Ratio for Whole30 Chia Pudding:

– 1/4 cup chia seeds
– 1 cup coconut milk

Add chia and milk to a mason jar, add various whole30 approved toppings (cinnamon, almond butter, smashed banana, fruit puree, etc. etc.), give it a stir.  Cover and pop in fridge overnight.

Whole30 Chia Pudding Recipe | Oysters and Pearls

For lunch today, it was another salad!  Same as the past two, with slightly different ‘maters, plus two hard boiled eggs and some guacamole.

Whole30 Lunch Al Desko | Oysters and Pearls

So far, 10 days into Whole30, I’m feeling really great.  I feel less bloated, my skin seems clearer, my under eye circles are not as prominent, and my allergies seem to be bothering me less (aka I slept last night for the first time in ages breathing through my nose rather than my mouth… TMI?).  Wheat texted me yesterday at lunch and said, “As much as I don’t like our diet, I swear I’m thinking way sharper.”  <– that is a direct quote!  I agree though – I’m waking up easier in the mornings, and I feel much less foggy in the mornings and more alert.  I know these could just be from eating healthier and drinking a lot less wine, but whatever it is, so far, I like it.

Is anyone else on Whole30?  Any lunch and snack ideas? Because that’s where we are struggling the most.  HALP.

Until Next Time

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3 thoughts on “Whole30, 10 Days In

  1. Bonnie

    skip all the ‘diets/eating plans’…limit portions, some carbs and sugar and exercise…easy to live with lifestyle…don’t deny yourself anything…or you will crave.

    1. oystersandpearls Post author

      Normally that’s how I roll, Bonnie! All things in moderation, including moderation. ;) I did, however, feel like I needed a bit of a “reset,” if you will. Sometimes I think it’s good to re-assess what you’re eating and taking in and readjust as necessary. I obviously couldn’t keep this up forever, but it’s been very interesting to see how my body has reacted to it, which so far has been positive! I will likely be limiting gluten and dairy in my diet once this is over. Although I think I will always crave bread, even when I feel terrible after eating it! :)

  2. Rachel Machen

    About to jump on board with you. In my experience, the first 2.5 weeks are always the hardest with this diet. No cheating is a struggle during that time but it does get a lot easier!

    You should have told me you were looking for restaurants. Downtown ATL isn’t exactly known for its foodie scene but just minutes away (and without traffic–added bonus) are numerous little gems that you would love and will fit right in with the whole 30 plan. #nexttime !!!

    glad you shared all these meals…I’ll definitely be copying you on these :)
    Rachel Machen recently posted…Favorite Trader Joe’s ItemsMy Profile


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