(World’s Easiest) DIY Garden Stakes

How about a (super) quick DIY post on this lovely spring Friday?  I decided mid-way through planting our raised beds that they needed labels before I forgot what I planted where.  I jotted it down on a piece of paper, but that just wouldn’t do.  So Wheat scrounged up some scrap wood for me that he had saved from a recent survey of our property (I’m sure you’ve noticed that our fence looks really new…) and sawed each one in half for me.  Then, I pulled out my trusty chalkboard paint and proceeded with what may be the fastest DIY project I’ve ever done.



After they were sawed in half, I literally just brushed them off and dipped them in the chalkboard paint can.  That’s it.  I could have put forth more effort… but I’m sticking these into the dirt.  And I was tired after all that gardening.  So that’s that.  I did take the time to make sure the sides that were written on were the ones I laid down on the tarp.  As you can see, it’s my official spray painting tarp.  This particular chalkboard paint is Valspar from Home Depot (in the spray paint aisle), but you can check out all kind of chalkboard paint and accessories on Amazon if you’re not close to any sort of civilization.


So that’s basically it.  I let them dry for a few days, because I had to go back to work and stuff.

When I got a spare second one evening after work, I pulled out my trusty chalk pen and practiced my first grade cursive.


And then I stuck them in the ground in their respective rows.  Voila!



DSCN2296Also, meet Thumper, our newest garden resident!  I’ve got a thing for bunnies.  Harold has a thing against statues.  He sniffs his butt every. single. time he goes outside.  Just in case.

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