What Are The Different Types Of Real Estate And Agents?

Real estate is a property of a building on a specific piece of land. A person planning to get retail space in prague can consult the agents who provide such kind of service to the people. Therefore, a person should gather complete detail regarding the type of real estate and the agents to make a better selection.

Types Of The Real Estate

There is not just a single type of real estate available for people. There is a different option available for the people. So they can select the one that they think will be the best as per the requirement.

  • Residential


Residential is the type of real estate that includes the new construction or purchase and sale of a resale home. They are the best option for single-family homes. Various options are included in this type of real estate, like the townhouse, duplexes, and vacation homes.

  • Industrial

Industrial includes all the manufacturing buildings and the manufacturing areas. These are the warehouses used for research, production, storage, and product distribution.

  • Commercial

Commercial real estate is the place that includes the area where the business of the person is carried out. They generally include shopping centers, malls, hotels, and other places, which can be the source of earning for people.

  • Land

The land is the part of the real estate that includes the working farms and the ranches. It is the place that is the developed or the underdeveloped land on which the construction of building takes place.

These are the various types of real estate available for the people; the sale and purchase of the real estate will depend on the type of real estate the person has selected.

Different Types Of The Real Estate Agents

The variety is available in real estate, but even there are various types of real estate agents. The person selection regarding the real estate agent will depend on the purchase and sale of the real estate.

The seller agent

They are the people who mainly work with people working with the purchase and the selling of the business. They are even called the listing agent. They list their names under the name of the person. They are the people who are responsible for a variety of things:

  • Help in determining the selling price of the property.
  • Managing open house and the showings.
  • Providing proper guidance regarding the negotiation of the sale and purchase price.
  • Answering all the questions of the potential buyers.

The buyer’s agent

On the other hand, the buyer budget generally works with the people looking to buy real estate. They are the person who is responsible for purchasing the perfect property for the people who are searching for the property with good results. They are the people who will make a good amount of money from buying the property.

  • They help in getting an exact amount of the purchase piece of the property.
  • They get 3% of the amount that has been fixed between the two people.
  • They get the money from both the buyer and the seller.

These are some of the types of agents working for the betterment of society. They help the person get the property at a reasonable rate in retail space in prague.

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